Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve just realized that this blog is more than 3 years old and if I hosted this myself, I would have spent a lot of money by now. It’s a good thing that blogger is here and gave me this free space in the net for free. However, not everyone can follow my blueprint. People with websites or blogs intended for commercial use should use managed hosting services in order for them to have personal control of the site. Blogger has always been nice but it would be asking too much form them if they will host people’s site and make money from it while being a free loader to blogger’s generosity.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Oil in Pinas

In a regulatory filing, Nido Petroleum explained that based on the final results of the detailed geochemical analysis conducted earlier this year, the traces of liquid hydrocarbons detected in the cores have been derived from mature oil- and gas-prone source rocks similar to the nearby Malampaya field.

The liquid hydrocarbons were also found to be of a similar composition to those which are interpreted to have generated the hydrocarbons discovered in the shallower waters of the Northwest Palawan continental region.

More from the source..

So, it seems that we will be having more access to petroleum. I wonder, when will the country be self sufficient and avoid throwing lots of foreign currency just to buy oil from foreign suppliers. I hope that it will be very very soon.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Habits

This Christmas, I intend to start getting healthy by eating the right foods, doing exercises regularly and taking msm supplement whenever needed. We are not getting any younger and the health effects of ageing will start o hit us very soon. There is no turning back the clock but perhaps, we can do something about our future. Live right and live longer, ..happier!

Dr. Shulze

I use psyllium husk as my daily supplement for colon cleansing and I feel good about it. However, I am not really sure how effective it is in cleansing my colons. I heard that there is such thing as a Dr. Schulze program that is effective in cleansing colons and I would like to read more about it. Perhaps, I will even schedule a doctor’s appointment for it.

Take Care of Him!

With her making sure that the President continuously looks good, I wonder if she also tells him to get adult acne treatment creams, injections or anything else. I’ve noticed that he’s looking very presidential nowadays but I am not sure if stress is getting into his skin. The president has plenty of things to worry about and the least the people around him can do is make sure that he has no personal problems.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tracking People and Equipment

Looking at the website of Garmin GPS, I am reminded of our trucks that are fitted with one. I hope all the public utility and government vehicles are also equipped with GPS trackers. Passengers can be tracked, more missing persons can be found and the government will save a lot of gas money from people who use government property for personal gain. Oh, yeah! It will also catch cops who make illegal left, right and U turns.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Retirement Haven?

In an article that I read just now, Chang Mai, Thailand is listed as one of the top retirement destinations in the world because of the adventures that the place follow and its affordability. The Philippines is very near Thailand and we have similar places like Tagaytay, Bagiuo, Ilocos and Palawan that can very well compete with Chang Mai in terms of all the nice things written about it.

I hope that the DOT seriously does something in order for our country to be elevated as a nice place to visit, invest in and retire.

Article Source--> Yahoo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diet and Energy

During the last bout of the great Pacman, there were talks about possible attempts to let his great opponent take Ephedra. I’m not sure if the allegations were accurate but what I heard is, ephedra diet pills are quite popular for the burst of energy that it can provide. Well, if the doctor says it is good for me, I might take it. I’ll ask him later..

My Boss!

I am not sure if my president, P-Noy, has been reading weight loss supplement reviews and following the recommendations. One thing is sure though, he seems to be looking better. He used to have a huge belly but now, it seems to have been reduced significantly. I hope that the weight loss is a positive thing. It can be a result of too much stress and unhealthy lifestyle as well.

God Save The King!

What Men Want

This Christmas, it will be quite a joy for any man to be in the receiving end of high tech gifts for men. While women fancies jewelry, clothing and many other costly items, males settle for simple but sometimes expensive gadgets. These are normally items that tickle their “James Bond” dreams, as if it will make them more appealing to women. Ha!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Petite & Fashinable

I thought my daughter would have problems looking for petite clothing. She was growing taller and taller every year but it seems that she is hardly gaining any weight. The sound same was her mom’s story during her teenage years but this time, my daughter has found a way to continue looking fashionable. There’s the internet that has a vast list of just about anything that man needs and there is this site that she likes best.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MISsed LANG's...

Beautiful ladies in fine evening dresses, refined movements, quiet banter & happy diplomatic atmosphere.. it was after all a state dinner. One single lady however, had her fingers in her hi tech phone. She was single and available but quite disappointed. In jest, she twittered; “Wine Sucks!”, Oh no.. She was also quoted to have posted something like; “there are no good looking men in this country”. 

Whatever the president did to bolster foreign relations and better friendship between the people of both countries was covered by the fiasco. What a waste of time and money.

Fast Cars in a Poor Country

It is quite surprising to find out that there are a lot of expensive cars in this poor country. Luxury car business seems to be so good that I can make money selling Ferrari parts.

I once read a foreigner’s letter to a newspaper editor wherein he observed that there seem to be more Mercedes Benz sedans in Manila compared to New York but there seemed to be more beggars in the Philippine capital compared to Calcutta, India.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wealth Distribution in the Philippines

It has been said time and time again that most of the world's wealth are in the hands of a few. In the Philippines, the latest news report puts 47.1% of the country's total deposits in the National Capital Region (NCR). Checking the website of the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB), I noticed that as of 2007, the NCR is inhabited by only 13% of the country's population.

It is not a wonder then that people continue to flock to the overpopulated Metro Manila. It is in this area where money is. There is not much to go around in the provinces at this point and it is but logical for people to go where the food is more abundant. 

The country's provinces largely remain untapped and this is something that the government should look at.

Here are some pertinent info from the NSCB website.

Area  2007 (Aug 1)  % distribution
Philippines  88,574,614 100.00%
National Capital Region  11,553,427 13.04%
Cordillera Administrative Region  1,520,743 1.72%
Ilocos Region  4,545,906 5.13%
Cagayan Valley  3,051,487 3.45%
Central Luzon  9,720,982 10.97%
Southern Tagalog     
IVA- Calabarzon  11,743,110 13.26%
IVB - Mimaropa  2,559,791 2.89%
Bicol Region  5,109,798 5.77%
Western Visayas  6,843,643 7.73%
Central Visayas  6,398,628 7.22%
Eastern Visayas  3,912,936 4.42%
Western Mindanao  3,230,094 3.65%
Northern Mindanao  3,952,437 4.46%
Southern Mindanao   4,156,653 4.69%
Central Mindanao  3,829,081 4.32%
ARMM  4,120,795 4.65%
Caraga 1/  2,293,480 2.59%
Filipinos in Philippine Embassies/Consulates and Missions Abroad  2,279 0.00%

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presidential Wrinkles

P-Noy has a beautiful fashion consultant who also doubles as his stylist. In order to make the President look very cool, even in the face of the daily challenges of his job, he should be administered a daily dose of wrinkle remover. Oh yeah, a wrinkle remover!

Heck! I am not even a company president and yet, I am affected by stress and wrinkles. A bachelor president should be carrying a lot more pressure and will probably grow more wrinkles than most of us if he is not careful with his looks.

Long Live The King!

President P-Noy, being a bachelor should be reminded to take his vitamins every day. He has no wife who will do that to him so his long time and very loyal personal maid should do that. P-Noy is not getting any younger and at 50 years old, is not at all young. Therefore, he should take care of himself so as not to let stress affect him. The Filipinos need a good hearted and honest president. I still believe that he his honesty rating is higher than all those who came after Marcos, with the exception of his mom. May he live long and healthy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Regular Present To Expectant Dads

I don’t really know when or where the tradition started but it my place, it had become customary to light cigars whenever there’s child born. I therefore bring a pack of Swisher Sweets to the hospital and hand it over to expectant dads. A long time ago, the tradition applied only to male firstborns then it was modified to include even female firstborns. Now, people simply lights cigars whenever a child is born.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I didn’t know what kinect is until I read about then Senator Noynoy and his fascination for computer games. I now read a bit about the games and found out that it is a controller free gaming experience originally introduced as “Kinect for XBoX 360”. Now it is known simply as Kinect. Anyway, President Noy had become as an unofficial endorser of these games since he was featured as an avid user of the gadgets. I hope it’s not a bad thing for today’s kids.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Business Stress

If you are a corporate executive caught in a tight spot and forced to issue refunds so large, you will probably not need fat burners for men, the way most overweight people do. The pressure alone will be so huge that weight lose will come naturally. It’s a very unhealthy way of doing so, if I may add.

Phone service provider Verizon is to issue $90 Million worth of refund after complaints came out that subscribers are being overcharged.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Political analysis as a part time job

While listening to radio coverage of the ongoing congressional committee hearings, I will probably be lying in a nice clinic and getting some blackhead removal treatments. After that, I will be in the coffee shop with my friends who sideline as political analysts and chat with them for an hour or two. By the way, have I mentioned that their main jobs are in the haircutting and jeepney driving industry? Political analysis is just their part time job.

Special Supplements

Have you ever tried specific vitamins for men? Apparently the needs of men differ a bit from that of women and therefore, special vitamin formulas have to be formulated for men and women. That’s a new revelation as far as I am concerned and I am very curious and interested to look into this. I will probably be spending money in buying those supplements so I hope, it will work. Wish me luck!

Weightloss Info

Having mentioned Puno’s seemingly being weight a few times, may I inform everyone about a website called People looking for related information may check that site and who knows, they might find very useful information. Losing weight is a big part of being healthy for most people and the journey towards a healthier and slimmer body is never easy. That’s the reason why overweight people need the support of everybody and the internet search engines.

Puno and Robredo

I have written several times in this blog that the most effective weight loss diet pills are intrigues in government service. In the Philippines now, I have this theory that enemies of the President are trying to isolate him by kicking out of the government his closest friends. They started with Jesse Robredo and now, it’s Puno. I know that Jesse Robredo is corruption's biggest obstacle but they are probably afraid of making Puno very powerful because he is such a a good shot. 


Puno and Jueteng 2

Oh yeah, USEC Puno must not have that much need for best diet pills in order to lose weight. The political intrigues should be more than enough for him. Anyway, the Jueteng witnesses claim that they pay him P5 Million every month and P2 Million/month if the business isn’t that good. I find the statement funny because it came out when Puno was just two months old in his post. Get it?

Rico and Jueteng?

Whenever I think of weight loss supplements, I used to remember the guy who played the character “Jaws” in a James Bond movie. I think, it was in Moonraker. Nowadays, the name that enters my mind is the embattled USEC Rico Puno OF DILG. I agree with people when they say that government people are on the take when it comes to Jueteng. But somehow, I find the witness accusations against Puno a bit unbelievable. I will explain it in my next posts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relaxation Idea

Enjoying my all cigars, I read the newspapers to enjoy the Saturday morning. However, I realized that the way to enjoy a quiet day does not at all require newspaper reading. News is mostly about chaos in all parts of the world and having to read it is not at all a good relaxation idea. So tomorrow, my plan is to drink coffee, work on my facebook account and enjoy a fine cigar.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

LANI MERCADO and her Wang Wang!!!

In the beginning, they respect the boundaries.

Then, very slowly, they thread the fine lines that separate the good and evil.

Finding very little opposition, they take a little step beyond.

Before long, mankind had gone back to the dogs!

That's precisely what a neophyte congresswoman and wife of Senator Bong Revilla did. Lani Mercado's convoy started with short bursts of undeniable siren to bully her way in the roads.

They claim that it sounded like ordinary horns.

Do they think that the people are stupid? A siren is a f&(*k*n siren!

Even little kids would recognize a police siren in any form or volume!

But these politicians... My God!

Walang Wangwang, Walang blinker!!!!

LANI MERCADO???? Susmaryosep kayo!

Read the story HERE.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upcoming Holloween Costumes

Halloween costumes will very soon be a hot item in the stores and I wonder what type of costume will be popular this year. Will it be masks that look like the distorted faces of politicians that people dislike or will it be entirely different? In the U.S., they have masks that spoof every American president and people think its fun. I don’t know if that will be cool for the general public in the Philippines.

Rico's School

I have read in the papers that DILG USEC Rico E. Puno is a graduate of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. I remember that campus for the beautiful mosaic tiles that adorns the guard house in the school’s main entrance. I think that such d├ęcor has been there for several decades but up this time, it still looks very new. Go Rico Puno! I know that you are a good man and that DILG is an easy post for you. Rid it of the corrupt employees who have lorded the government for years. Shoot ‘em all! :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Contractor

As I drove through the South Luzon Toll way, I was greeted by the sight of portable toilets that lined the middle lane. It turned out that the Skyway contractor, DMCI was awarded the contract to build the Alabang extension and that was probably a smart government decision. DMCI’s construction sites are well kept and sanitary, from my point of view. This is in sharp contrast to the construction sites of a lot of other companies that gives me the impression of being very dirty and of poor quality. Good work, Sid Consunji!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Manila hostage taker's last interview

The disgruntled ex cop who held Hongkong residents hostage and killed a number of them, was interviewed moments before he shot the first victim. In fact, the first shots were even heard over the radio and the hostage taker claimed to have fired on two hostages. Here is the part

EX CAPT. ROLANDO MENDOZA: Basura to sakin, di ito ang kailangan ko. Ang kailangan ko ay desisyon nila, reversing or not reversing. Yun lang yung thank you for the effort of the mayor and the vice mayor, di ko kailangan yang sulat ng yan sir.

MICHAEL ROGAS (interviewer):: Ano po ang plano nyo ngayon, ano po ang gusto nyo?

MENDOZA: Walang nilalaman yan eh, walang ibig sabihin nun, wala walang ibig sabihin nyan sir. Ang sinasabi nya lang paiimbistiga nya, eh kung ganun din wala din mangyayari dyan, wala sir. Wala sa kin ang papel na yan kapag yung sinabi nya yan dismiss na talaga, walang mangyayari dyan sir.

MICHAEL: Kapitan, ano po ang plano nyo ngayon?

MENDOZA: Ito, sasampulan ko to sir, tabi, magsialis kayo... di ko kailangan yan sir, walang sinasabi yan ...ikaw abogado ka... walang nilalaman yan

Here's another portion of the interview, this is when he allegedly fired fired the first shots.

MENDOZA: Ayan, ayan. ’Pag umalis ’yang mobile na ’yan na kasama ang kapatid ko, babarilin ko ’yung nasa unahan.
MICHAEL: Sandali po.
MENDOZA: Babarilin ko na ’to lahat-lahat.
MICHAEL: Captain, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
(Nagpaputok ng baril, iyakan at sigawan)
MENDOZA: ’Yan ang sinasabi ko, kanina pa e.
MICHAEL: Kasamang Erwin, ’yun bang mga pulis, narinig ba nila ’yun?
ERWIN: Putang ina, itong mga operatiba rito e, kanina ko pa sinabi...
MICHAEL: Captain, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
(Walang sumasagot)
MICHAEL: Erwin, Erwin... Lapitan ano, anong ginagawa ngayon ng mga pulis?
ERWIN : Nagskrambulan na dito.
MICHAEL: Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza... Hindi na po hawak Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza ang telepono.
(Kinakausap ang mga reporter... Rod Vega at Silvestre Labay...)
MICHAEL: Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
MENDOZA: ’Wag n’yo ng palapitin dito… Paalisin na… Bakit n’yo hinuhuli wala naman kasalanan ’yan ako lang me kasalanan dito pagka hindi me binaril na ako dito dalawa ’pag hindi dadagdagan ko pa ito.
MICHAEL: Sandali po, sandali po, huminahon po tayo… ’Yun pong sinsabi n’yo binaril ano po ang ano nila

‘I’ll finish them off’
MENDOZA: Binaril ko ang dalawang Chinese pagka hindi nila binago ang sitwasyon pati maliit dito sa loob uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Sandali po ha, hinahon lang muna tayo Kapitan Mendoza.
MENDOZA: Uubusin ko ito ’pag ’di sila tumigil kakatakbo d’yan sa gilid... Uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Ah opo, kinakausap na po namin ang PNP para sa ganoon ay ’di na po matuloy ’yan... Ah OK, Kapitan Mendoza.
MENDOZA: Ah pakawalan nila ang kapatid ko… Bakit nila inaano, ako ang me ginagawa dito... Bakit sila ang hinuhuli samantalang ako ang gumagawa dito ng kasalanan ako ang hulihin nila.
MICHAEL: Opo... Kapitan Mendoza...
(Binaba na ang phone)
MICHAEL: Sandali po, sandali po huminahon po tayo…’Yung pong sinasabi n’yo binaril ano po ang ano nila.
MENDOZA: Binaril ko ang dalawang Chinese pagka hindi nila binago ang sitwasyon pati maliit dito sa loob uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Sandali po ha, hinahon lang muna tayo Kapitan, Captain Rolando Mendoza
MENDOZA: Uubusin ko ito ’pag ’di sila tumigil kakatakbo d’yan sa gilid... Uubusin ko ’to.

The full interview is in this link

Friday, August 27, 2010

To early for you to gang up on Robredo

Father Panlilio, Grace Padaca, Robredo... If one will be judged by the company he keeps...

Jesse Robredo is a good man. He performed very well as a mayor in Naga for so many terms. The people of Naga is one of the most critical people in the country. It is after all, a city with very good schools.  For sure, they know that Robredo has been in office for such a long time. However, the guy who does not operate a private army (at least, the people doesn't see any) has never failed to work wonders that they have not seen any viable alternative to him.

Should there be a group trying to gang up on a guy that is barely one month old in his job, it must be a group that has been operating at the DILG. These people must have felt threatened with their new boss that they are trying to get him out.
Leave Jesse Robredo alone, at least until he had time to show what he can. Do not throw roadblocks upon road blocks at him. Start caring for the country, at least for a change. 

Go Jessie Robredo! Clean up the local governments.

I like the idea of taking out the SK. That thing has done nothing but politicize and corrupt our youth.

Link: Who is Jesse Robredo?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Notes: Hostage Taking In Manila

A lot of us in the Philippines are aware of a hostage taking incident involving a dismissed police captain (Rolando Mendoza) and a bus load of tourists from Hongkong. What most of us probably missed are the following items narrated by Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno:
  1. Their negotiations with the hostage taker was very peaceful with the ex cop being very polite and cooperative. In fact, the hostage taker released hostages after Moreno asked him to (as a sign of goodwill).
  2. The cop’s brother (Gregorio Mendoza) was eventually arrested when it turned out when the cops realized that he was actually conspiring with the hostage taker and even derailed the negotiations. Moreno even narrated that Gregorio at one point, even told his brother not to give in until his pistol (which was earlier confiscated) is returned by the police.
  3. That the police decided to move Gregorio (also a cop) to the police headquarters in order to remove him from the scene because he was observed to have been doing strange things when within reach of the media. He wasn’t handcuffed nor restrained but he ran away towards the media and became hysterical. It was at this point when the hostage taker, who was monitoring the news, started shooting the hostages.
If Moreno's statements are accurate, it seems that the chief agitator is the brother.

I will post a narrative, as I recall it, tomorrow.<--This topic had me very exhausted. I will post an update, only if it is still needed.


As if it's their personal money that they spent in putting up the projects, congressmen are very insistent in spending government money in advertising their names in the government projects that were made possible through the people's money- their pork barrels.

As for me, I would only advertise my name provided that it's not the governments money spent in the advertisement and that the money to finance the project did not come from my own pork barrel . Otherwise, what is there to brag about?

Read this: Solons insist on putting pictures and names on gov’t projects, Says it is for ‘transparency’

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Justice for Ninoy, Justice for everyone!

How about giving President Noy Aquino or “P-Noy” an elegant briefcases to carry around. They guy has plenty of papers to read and sign everyday and there’s nothing better than a nice bag to make him look more businessman line and statesmanlike. Anyway, his family commemorated yesterday the late Ninoy’s murder that happened a couple of decades ago. In that incident, security forces that were supposed to have protected him were convicted of murder but most of them are either of of jail already or has died. When will the public learn the real story? I really don’t know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For Vengeance is ours

Lex Taliones, the law of equal reciprocity, states that punishment equivalent to the offense should be rendered. For every eye that one blinds, an equivalent eye should be taken from the offender. For recruiters who sell the poor unemployed to slavery, sex trade and other forms of abuse, equivalent harm should be rendered by the courts. 

I therefore urge that agencies that knowingly and/or repeatedly send our workers in harm’s way be charged with crimes that are classified as heinous.

As for those who actually abuse our women, let Islamic law deal with them. Gather enough evidence and send them to Saudi courts.

‘Recruiter sexually abused Filipina workers’ -

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh No!!!

While looking for suppliers of the new xerox phaser 8560, my mobile phone rang. It was my wifey and asked if I can take her out to a movie last night. I told her that it will be difficult to do it that night but we can go out later. Then came the real purpose of her call. She saw a nice and huge LCD TV that is on sale. Oh no!!! I had to pay for it…

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Competent Emergency Services

For the past few years, some of the people I know have had a travel emergency. A friend’s dad was out of town and had a heart attack. Another case was a friend who met a bad accident while in a skiing holiday. In both cases, the emergency was well handled because the patients were able to avail of competent service providers. I hope that such services become freely available everywhere. A lot of lives will be saved when that happens.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gut Gluck Almendras!

I was listening to a radio interview of Rene Almendras and it seems that he will need some wrinkle creams. The well mannered private sector executive is tasked with maintaining energy efficiency and in this country troubled by plenty of blackouts, there isn’t much energy to start with. Anyway, I hope that the guy succeeds. He will be investing a lot of personal time in the government and I hope that his honesty and dedication will be enough to sustain and make him successful.

My Dreamed Product

In my visits to the local health supplements store, I have never failed to see bottles of Hydroxycut. I looked at one bottle once and found out that it’s a good supplement for people wanting to lose weight. I belong to that category so I am now seated in my desk browsing for good hydroxy-cut reviews and hopefully, I will be able to get enough feedback that will make me buy the product. I hope that this is the miracle product that I am looking for.

Some of Science's Wonders

Nowadays, we have plenty of procedures which would five years ago, pass as the best acne treatmentever. However, there are new advances that would make life even better for those of us who are affected by acne from time to time. I was told that some people have wrinkles and not get infected by acnes. I am not sure if that’s correct but for those of us who are affected by acne, its nice to look for better remedies from time to time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eye bags and Hard Work

In previous posts, I wrote about the eye bags and the refissa treatment that come out after a long election campaign. Now that the elections are over, let’s talk about the possibilities of eye bags coming out again after grueling work weeks. Politicians are always busy and that’s a fact. A lot of them may have amassed wealth but it doesn’t mean that they were relaxing the entire time. Work is something that’s natural for them whether they like it or not.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walang Wangwang...

I ran into a car with blinkers blaring and since it isn’t an official vehicle and had no escort, I surmise that it’s just a guy who needs to get into a powder room fast. He should get some hemorrhoids treatment before the cops flag him down for doing an illegal act. Seriously, that’s the only thing I can think of in order to stop myself from getting mad at his arrogance.

Monday, June 28, 2010

May the Wind be with you, P-NOY!!!

Congratulations P-NOY!!!

I had my ideal president in mind and sad to say, I didn’t find that in any of those who filed their candidacies. However, that is not surprising for I know that I had set the bar quite high. Despite that, I chose you. I only had a few reasons for choosing you. You had good parents and being the eldest child, you were quite exposed to them. I haven’t heard you steal anything from anyone and I hope you won’t.

I also haven’t heard you killing anybody and I hope you won’t kill anyone for a bad reason. I do hope though, that the bad eggs in this society will be eliminated by our courts, swiftly.

Good Luck, President Noy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A new laptop

As I type today’s post, I a dream of a new Asus that will serve as the replacement of this thingie that has served me well for two years. Though this device is very useful to this day, I am aware of the fact that laptops have the lifespan of only two years. I made some queries and the most common recommendation that I get is an ASUS.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Admiring Mar

No amount of phentremine will rival the slimming effects of a grueling election campaign. However, the pain of losing a close fight may be too much for a person who was leading all the surveys until crunch time. That will probably cause most people to lose more. Senator Roxas, as we all understand is hurting from the election upset. He was beaten by somebody who was not even figuring in the surveys as late as a few months ago. Despite that, I admire his indomitable spirit for until now, we still see him with his running mate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Own Financial Scams

Last night, I was talking about investment scams when I remembered a high profile scheme that shocked the banking community. It involved sexy costumes worn by very proportionate women, seduction and other things that you will naturally think of and more than a billion pesos. To think that the scam was supposedly perpetrated by only a handful of suspects and more than a decade ago, the amount was really huge.
To be continued.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yep, let's ask them to stay away

Rather than make them run in political exercises, I would rather that they just exercise their fats away, go on a diet or take the best diet pills for women. Women are too nice and and pure to be exposed and corrupted by the stinking political system that most countries seem to have. I’d rather that women lead away from the congress where nothing good seems to come out most of the time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPDATE: Cebu Black Suede Scandal

Remember the incident at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital (2008). There's this drunk guy who picked and brought home a man for sex. He remembered insulting the Cebuano Deuce Bigalow for being "Not so big below" and fell asleep. In the Morning, he already had a canister in his rectum.
He had that "Thingie" removed in the hospital and went home. After a few days, he was surprised to see videos of the operation accented by laughing hospital employees that jampacked the operating room.
Just now, television news reports an Ombudsman report recommending 6 months of suspension for each hospital employee involved in the scandal. The victim, interviewed and shown behind dark glasses, was very discontented with the ruling.

For the original stories and photos, please click here and here.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Noy's GF

Presumptive President elect Noynoy Aquino’s girlfriend was featured in a magazine interview this weekend. In the article, she proclaimed that she needed no weight loss supplements to be able to lose weight. All she did was join the hectic campaign, hers and Noynoy’s and that was it- she lost weight. For the rest of us probably, we need plenty of exercise, diet and perhaps, more pills.

Diet Pill Reviews

One of the bloggers that I visit from time to time once wrote that she doesn’t believe that diet pills work. That writer will therefore be happy to find out that is here. The site features various brands and types of diet pills that are being offered in the market today. The effective ones will be identified and the not so good brands and types will probably be exposed. Review sites are mostly good for as long as the reviewers are truthful and knowledgeable.

We need more homes

There are no used motorhomes yet that are being marketed in this country. Brand new ones, yes, it’s starting to come out. Just tonight, the televisions reported outgoing Vice President Noli de Castro’s pronouncement that the agency that he leads – PAG IBIG Fund, has turned over a million housing units to the people since the year 2001. The fact remains, however, that the rising population has overtaken the government’s efforts to provide housing to most people.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aircon = Exercise

The summer heat that people in this country is experiencing is so bad that I am forced to use my air conditioning every night. That also means that I have to pay more attention to my exercise equipment. I noticed that whenever I use the house aircon for a few months at a time, my body weight increases. It is probably a result of my body not losing anything to perspiration and I absorb most fluids. I am now ten pounds heavier than before.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Call Center Campaign Strategy

People thought that it was simply the masses admiration that propelled Erap to Victory.
After the polls, it was revealed that he had the most modern nerve center that occupied the entire Byron EDSA hotel.

Now, they are revealing it, as well. Noynoy had a call center group that aided his campaign to victory.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haggard and Zombie Looking People

For those involved in the recent electoral campaign, I am sure that the combination of stress, physical exhaustion and lack of sleep contributed greatly to quick weight loss. In my estimates, a 20 lbs decrease is nothing but normal if one is to make a survey of all of those that were involved in the campaign. But though weight loss may have been attained by everyone, I doubt if those people now looks better compared to their appearances before the campaign.

Campaign's Over

For those who spent the past two months in the midst of the grueling election campaign, it’s time to get some wrinkle and adult acne treatment. Election campaigns are stressful to one’s physique, mental health as well as financial well being. And the bad news is, most of the people involved in it losses. In an election, there are many contenders but only one winner.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Election Look

With the elections coming to a close, a surmise that a lot of candidates and active political supporters are in dire need of the best eye wrinkle cream. All those sleepless nights spent going door to door and attending political rallies must have caused a lot of wrinkles to a lot of people’s faces. Since it is important that candidates and their campaigners always look good, they should do everything to prevent and remedy those dark wrinkles.

Review SItes

With lots of people being overweight by several thousand tons, a lot of people have thrown and are prepared to throw a lot more money in order to find the right weight loss formula. It is a good thing that there are sites that provide good feedback. There is a web site for instance, that does lipofuze reviews. People who are interested in this formula can visit the site and read feedback and make intelligent decisions from the added knowledge.

Back from Vacation

I can’t believe that even at this age, I am in need of the best acne treatment from time to time. I recently went on a holiday and just got back. To my horror, I realized that other than the added weight, I also developed acne and other irritants to my otherwise beautiful face.—Naks! Anyway, I should get treatment for this asap.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It will not be long and I will be receiving baby shower invitations. First, a friend sent me his wedding invite. This was followed by the actual ceremony and lavish reception. The beautiful honeymoon must have followed because now, the newly minted bride is heavy with a child. I hope that the baby grows always healthy and free from the corruption that we witnessed growing up.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Season

Why can't they just write diet pill reviews or anything practical at home.

During this election season, a lot of media activities happen. As politicians jockey for prime spots in the radio and television networks, commercials and radio and TV appearances become prime spots. I will not be surprised if some even resort to hardcore if not light bribery just to be able to get their faces and views aired. I know of a former neighbor who became a very active radio commentator during an election season.

Get A Job

Instead of engaging in piracy, why can’t people just surf the net for employment, like the jobs philadelphia being advertised in an employment website. Piracy and other forms of shenanigans simply does not pay. Some crooks profit from illegal activities for years and sometimes, for decades even. But like Pablo Escobar of the Cali Cartel and other crime bosses, justice caught up with them and it wasn’t a nice ending for them at all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

Politicians should get themselves term life insurance policies that will cover them campaign periods, recount and tenure. With so much violence being present all around, news politicians dying especially around the election periods are nothing new. Mind you, ninety percent of the passages were caused by violence. Assassinations are commonplace especially in warlord infested provinces and most probably, this situation will continue for several more years.

Friday, April 2, 2010

High Blood Moments

One high blood moment for me last week was a news report about a rape that took place on board a bus while on a RORO vessel. My blood pressure was so high upon reading the report that I couldn't work out on my treadmill.

The conductor asked the passengers to disembark when the bus was on board the RORO but restrained the female passenger who was identified as a domestic helper. The driver and the conductor took turns in the repeated assault. The victim pretended that nothing wrong happened so as to prevent further harm and this assured the suspects. She then texted her employers who alerted the police. The suspects were arrested upon reaching the bus terminal.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

National Hangers

With so many people in the group, I will not be surprised if some of them try to be useful by acting as human door hangers.

National hero Manny Pacquiao is said to go around like Puff Daddy these days. His entourage during the fight with Clotto revealed that a lot of people are actually paid a few thousand dollars just by hanging with him. Mannee the Pacman-- Paquiaaaoo!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Electronic Smoke

Hey Pinoy smokers, have you heard about the e cigarette? This one is designed to make smokers enjoy the process, sans the smoke, ashes and foul smell. There is no fire needed to operate these things. I also heard about a similar thingie that aids in making people quit. I am not very sure though if it works. If this guys can make something sans the tar and and addictive substance, it will be great. People will still stick those sticks into their mouths but there will be no ill effects.

Portable Surveillance

These days, graft and corruption in government offices are a bit more intricate because the ready availability of digital cameras. Digital surveillance had become a lot easier for most people because of these low cost devices that make a lot of things easier for a lot of people. Just the other day, I even spotted an MMDA operative using one, while monitoring road traffic. I hope they go a step further by intensifying the use of more mounted surveillance cameras.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Insure Thyself

People of all countries should seriously consider availing themselves of whole life insurance policies. There is nothing like a fund, separate from your own savings account, that will take care of you in the event of emergencies. In my country, especially, road accidents are quite huge in number compared to other places and people should always be ready. Hospital bills cost a lot.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recalls & Recalls

With Toyota’s massive recall due to sticky pedals, bad floor mats and etc, car car insurance companies covering Toyotas should be very relieved. With the possibility of body bags piling up because of sudden accelerations, insurance claims from all risk policies can easily run into billions of dollars. It’s not only Toyota that had made recalls. Most major brands have done so over the years and before those recalls, insurance companies have bled unjustly.

Another Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday and I am feeling a bit lazy that I realized that it’s a good time to visit my barber for a quick trim and a massage. Watching movies is another one in my agenda but I have just watched “From Paris with Love” two nights ago and enjoyed it for its raw humor and excessive violence. Hahaha! We rarely see humor and violence mixed together nowadays.

He also seemed to be balding

I wonder how he looks like nowadays but when he was arrested, he had a receding hairline, in addition to his acne marked face. Other than, acne prevention, we should probably be aware of lifestyle changes that help in hair loss prevention. Of course, there are severe balding problems for a number of people but there are people who lose hair because of bad hair care.

Noriega, still in a U.S. Jail

For a number of times, I think, I wrote about “Pineapple face”. Well, the guy is close to serving one of his sentences but his CIA moniker will probably remain. That’s the reason why we should be very careful with our kids. We should make sure that as they grow, they are constantly made aware of the existing remedies for acne that keep them safe from lifelong scars. Guten tag!

Bad Comments

A few pages ago, I wrote a short blog post entitled “fat politicians”. The thing is, the post already received 78 comments as of this writing and 98 percent of it is written in Japanese. I am no walking Glucomannan who can write with real authority in this issue so I do not think, my post should merit that many comments, in any language. However, I seriously think that those comments are 100% junk and deserves not to see print. How I wish blogger has a “select all” and “delete all comments” button .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vanity for the rich

Most people, when they have risen from relative poverty to somewhat comfortable success, tends to indulge in worldly pleasures. For most people, the order of the day would be the procurement of expensive gadgets, automobiles, luxury homes and vacations. After that, they tend to try to look good by buying clothes and later on try to correct imperfections in their physical attributes. There’s this leading presidential candidate who is being rumored to be taking botox treatment. If it is for me, I would go for acne scar removal followed by plenty of detox and natural slimming treatments. WHoha! We are vain, aren’t we all?

Let the Market Dictate

What do we care about the politicians running for public office? It’s been a few decades and I am yet to experience a president as consistent as Corazon Aquino. I therefore profess that we all continue to work for our own individual benefits while not running afoul with the law. Think of owning prime property like what can be seen at the Portland real estate website. DO not do anything foolish and/or stupid and you will be just fine. For the meantime, let the politicians beat each other on their way to perdition.


Last night, I watched an episode of reality TV inspired investigative show Imbestigador. Last night’s show was about a candidate who tries to lure people to campaign and vote for him by dangling promises of land and money. I hope that promise is true and it comes with a house and lot complete with a huge, top of the line led tv. Since I bought a 40 incher in my living room, I have increased my viewing time by a couple of hours each day and I love it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imagine a Campaign Headquarters

With the presidential elections coming to a close, candidates should stack up on air filter. So many people will be coming to ask for financial help in their headquarters and for sure, the air around would be a bit.. not so good. During election campaigns, spending is at an all time high in this country and a lot of people actually make money.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippine Presidentiables and Political Figures and their use of God

"Even the devil can use the scriptures for his purpose"

We've all been told that. Aren't our politicians aware that we know?

A relative not so long ago said; "Eddie Villanueva is joining the race and claims that he has spoken with God himself."

I am not so sure but I think, his competitor, Mike Vilarde has also said something similar in the past.

The relative continued,"Even Manny Pacquiao has been quoted as saying that he also spoke with God"

"My Golly, Ako na lang yata ang hindi kunakausap ng diyos! Lahat sila kinausap na!

It seems that I am the only one that God had not spoken with.

Personal Finance

While sipping coffee in one of the best coffee shops in town, I thought of surfing the web for good and affordable personal budget software. I need something like that in order for me to properly plan, implement and monitor my plan to become financially very viable within ten years. That should therefore mean being much disciplined in my expenses and being very faithful to the plan in the software.

Her Again

She also needs to regularly get some exposed skin care. She likes to show a lot of skin in her website and she seems to enjoy meeting the press, appearing on television and getting publicity for her work. She also likes to promote herself, even claiming very recently on TV that she has above average IQ. Whether it’s true or false, she better keep herself looking youthful and beautiful. Her legal problems are not at all light and she needs more than her IQ to keep herself out of jail.

Looking Young

I hope Marlene is taking anti aging face face creams or anything to take decades from her looks. It’s not that she looks old but with a grown up son, it is not difficult to determine that she’s hardly young. She likes being photographed and shown on video while wearing sexy garments and as the saying goes; “We all must age with grace”.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marlene Aguilar

Marlene Aguilar has overly dramatic videos of her publicly addressing her missing son, asking him to come out. Just by the setting of the video, it more looked like the Grammy awards than a press conference. I also remember her once claiming that the son is probably in Hawaii. My golly, she could have also declared that he was enjoying one of the disney world vacations and it would not have sounded any more hilarious. The NBI perhaps, took their cue from such unusual theatrics and intensified their search for the hiding Jason Ivler and paid more attention to the family residence. Yesterday, they finally caught him after a gun fight, in a secret room in the family residence. It turned out that he was there all along.


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