Thursday, November 22, 2012


In this year’s company Christmas party, a lot of employees are planning to do a mini concert by organizing musical bands. I am thinking of making it a band and DJ competition and give away guitars, drum sets and Pioneer DJ Equipments as prices for winning bands and DJ’s. Perhaps, I should buy the prices and make the announcement already. That way, the bands and DJ’s would seriously start practicing and our company will have a grand party.

Aquino Gains Allies

It seems that Aquino was able to score some points for the Philippines yesterday. As an aftermath of China's attempts to bully the Philippines by announcing its move to draw a map on their passports that show disputed territories as part of their territory, five ASEAN countries are now set to join the Philippines in its claim for ownership of certain territories.

I don't know of anyone who likes bullies. China should have realized that too.

Launch Codes?

I wonder if President Noynoy Aquino’s military aides Got Briefcases similar Barrack Obama’s aides. I am talking not only about the one that contains the emergency launch codes that will launch nuclear weapons but also elegant briefcases that contains the president’s personal effects and working documents. I try to look for military men carrying briefcases whenever the president appears on television but I can’t seem to spot any.

Philippine Foreign Policies

The string of fiascoes that hit the Aquino administration involved mostly bad handling of international diplomatic issues. This started with the unfortunate killing of half a bus load of Hong Kong tourists, Aquino's unintended snob of Hong Kong's Chief Executive and the series of mishandling of the governments actions involving the Scarborough Shoals.

It points to a glaring lack of collective experience in handling sensitive foreign affairs issues as well as the current administrations clumsy if not rookie and "On the job training" approach in running the government. Mr President, please take good care of this country. You have done many good things but you must have realized by now that a single mistake can undo all the good things that you have done.


Friday, November 2, 2012


I do not know the brand of Santana’s instrument but I think, the quality of ibanez guitar would make the cut. Last year, I dined in a Spanish resto and I thought that the in house musician’s guitar looked a bit old. It turned out that the design was really intended to make the instrument like that. No wonder the sound was topnotch despite what seemed to be an old look.


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