Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Please Extend Help to Davao Oriental

As an aftermath of the latest storm to hit the Philippines, people are dying because of lack of medicines. Landslides wiped out drug stores, doctors clinics and hospitals and the sick are left helpless. Doctors and medical personnel still attend to the sick but the severe lack of medicines, food and clean water makes the situation dire.

Television footages show people stopping vehicles headed for the area hoping that it contains food for them.

I am hoping that this appeal will reach people who will send materials to the helpless people of Davao Oriental, Philippines.

Please course your donations ABS-CBN.

Thank you very much!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


In this year’s company Christmas party, a lot of employees are planning to do a mini concert by organizing musical bands. I am thinking of making it a band and DJ competition and give away guitars, drum sets and Pioneer DJ Equipments as prices for winning bands and DJ’s. Perhaps, I should buy the prices and make the announcement already. That way, the bands and DJ’s would seriously start practicing and our company will have a grand party.

Aquino Gains Allies

It seems that Aquino was able to score some points for the Philippines yesterday. As an aftermath of China's attempts to bully the Philippines by announcing its move to draw a map on their passports that show disputed territories as part of their territory, five ASEAN countries are now set to join the Philippines in its claim for ownership of certain territories.

I don't know of anyone who likes bullies. China should have realized that too.

Launch Codes?

I wonder if President Noynoy Aquino’s military aides Got Briefcases similar Barrack Obama’s aides. I am talking not only about the one that contains the emergency launch codes that will launch nuclear weapons but also elegant briefcases that contains the president’s personal effects and working documents. I try to look for military men carrying briefcases whenever the president appears on television but I can’t seem to spot any.

Philippine Foreign Policies

The string of fiascoes that hit the Aquino administration involved mostly bad handling of international diplomatic issues. This started with the unfortunate killing of half a bus load of Hong Kong tourists, Aquino's unintended snob of Hong Kong's Chief Executive and the series of mishandling of the governments actions involving the Scarborough Shoals.

It points to a glaring lack of collective experience in handling sensitive foreign affairs issues as well as the current administrations clumsy if not rookie and "On the job training" approach in running the government. Mr President, please take good care of this country. You have done many good things but you must have realized by now that a single mistake can undo all the good things that you have done.


Friday, November 2, 2012


I do not know the brand of Santana’s instrument but I think, the quality of ibanez guitar would make the cut. Last year, I dined in a Spanish resto and I thought that the in house musician’s guitar looked a bit old. It turned out that the design was really intended to make the instrument like that. No wonder the sound was topnotch despite what seemed to be an old look.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


In Zamboanga de Sur, the New People's Army is reported to have set fire to a farm with 10,000 chickens in it. This is after the owner reportedly refused to pay a monthly sum to the rebels. While extortion and other cases may be tackled in this site, I would like to start with the unethical way of killing the animals. The chickens were set ablaze and I grimace at the though of violent deaths of those animals.

I therefore propose that the bandits responsible be hunted and set ablaze one by one in the same manner that the chickens were subjected to.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Gut Gluck!

I wonder if the newly appointed Chief Justice of the Philippines Lourdes Sereno had already warmed up to her work bench. She was a junior compared to her co justices of the high court and admitted such during the selection process. The president however, chose her and she accepted the post. This led to a lot of justices boycotting her public appearances in silent protest. The thing is, she needs all the help that she can get because the high court is loaded with problems.

Give Peace A Chance

Monday, October 1, 2012

Grace Under Pressure!

I was enjoying my ride in my roll about scooter when a realization hit me. Some people are so good that they can roll with just about any punch that other people throws their way. A public servant that I kept on reading about remained quiet despite a black propaganda campaign waged against him by a well financed group and he only spoke after he left his post. He was maligned 99% of the time his name was mentioned in the news but he kept his cool.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

PH was better during Martial Law?

Do not crucify the son for the sins of the father.

But when the son aligns himself with head of states like Iran's Achmadenajad and Japan's Shinz┼Ź Abe, we move forward and leave the son along the dust bins of history.

Achmadenajad publicly denies that the Holocaust happened while Abe proclaims that the comfort women and killings in the Philippines were mere propaganda concocted by enemies of Japan.

Bongbong Marcos has from time to time did the same thing about Martial Law. He cannot deny it now because of lot of people who were present at that time are still here but from time to time, he would try to justify it. The Philippines was better under Martial law? Is that why a US court  ordered that money from the Marcos estate be distributed to some 10,000 victims of human rights abuses under the Marcos watch?

Bongbong, if you are like your father, you probably deserve to be forgotten like that Iranian and Japanese mentioned above.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Privacy Vs. Peace & Order and National Security

At the Philippine Daily Inquirer today, one headline says:

"Cops may tap Skype conversations, e-mails under new cybercrime law"

It says that under the recently signed "Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012", it only requires a court order, cops may be able to tap into everyone's online activities.

I believe that in instances where privacy gets into conflict with crime prevention and protection of national security, the individual has to take a back seat. However, the danger of this law being abused by people out to harm others remain very high. At the Manila Police District for instance, a radio reports that a good number of cases are filed against cops every month. 

I therefore propose that a special court be created specifically to handle cyber crime. That way, only a select few will be able to decide this matters. People will also be able to closely scrutinize their decisions.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rock N' Roll!!

I didn’t know that rock stars, most specifically drummers, had roc n soc throne height adjustment problem. All I knew is that they had a small wooden stool and an expensive drum set in a small space where they beat the drums in heavy metal rhythms and get paid a lot.

Oh yeah, there’s the groupies too! Little do I know that there is a lot of science that goes with rock music.

Irresponsible Use of the Press

For the past few weeks, my disgust for Karen Davila’s below par approach to journalism which is reinforced by her bald partner had risen to great heights. This disgust also includes Gerry Baja and Anthony Taberna, who sounds like paid mercenaries to my ear. Davila often comes to work unprepared and start blabbering into the microphone. This is always reinforced by that bald fatso and very unfortunately, their sermons reach millions of innocent listeners. Taberna and Baja on the other hand, tried to squeeze juice from that old and very retired catholic bishop Oscar Cruz in order to implicate USEC Rico Puno to all the illegalities that plague the Philippine society. Even if Oscar Cruz said almost nothing, Taberna and Baja used his silence to further drown Puno in a sea of malicious speculations. The very old and retired Oscar Cruz, of course, also tried to insinuate something against Puno. At the senate hearing however, Bishop Cruz,in so many words, admitted that he didn’t have a single evidence and only had something like hearsay. Jesus Christ, destroy a man based on hearsay? Davila, Kalbo, Taberna, Baja and BISHOP OSCAR CRUZ, You rank very lowly in my book. Bishop Cruz, I commend you to hell. Since you will probably die before me, I will see you when I get there and I will tell you this; “All those Godly pronouncements, and still I find you here!”

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wipe Your Hard Drives

Being a person concerned with privacy, I try to wipe my hard drive of sensitive business files that I no longer need. People who doesn’t need to should not be able to access it. I just remembered Hayden after reading about a similar video scandal in Taiwan. The two guys had very personal and somewhat naughty videos in their laptops that somehow landed in the hands of people that they do not want to have anything to do with those files.

The result is history. Dr. Hayden is no longer authorized to practice medicine and there will probably be a jail term for the Taiwanese dude.

Street Parking Attendants in Makati?

I don’t understand why the City of Makati, with billions of surpluses annually, still collects parking street fees. If one will count the number of pay parking collectors in every street, compared to the number of vehicles parked, I don’t think the income makes a substantial contribution to the city’s income. I also think that the ticket attendant are mostly useless and doesn’t do any service to the city beyond the fee collections…. To be continued.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sotto, A Victim? ...Puhlease!

The senator must be in his element when he said it.

That is, he was being a comedian!

First, he belittles blogs and denies copying from it.
"As headlined by the Inquirer:It’s just a blog and has no copyright, says Sotto"
“Why would I quote from a blogger? She is just a blogger,” Sotto said.
 And now that the internet world has rained him with cyber punches, he claims to be a victim of cyber bullying.

Please, Mr. Senator.. We are "Just bloggers". We don't have armed security 24/7. We don't have millions of dollars in government funds to back us up. As you said, we are "Just bloggers".

You know, Senator Sotto, you also said;
“Kilala ninyo kung saan ako nanggaling kung ano ang pinanggalingan ko, kung anong klaseng pagkatao ko. Itong mga naninira sa akin hindi ninyo kilala…eh bakit kayo maniniwala sa kanila,” Sotto said.
Directly  translated, he said; "You know where I come from and what kind of a person I am. These people trying to destroy my character, you don't know them. So, why will you believe them?

Well, Mr Senator Sotto, we forgive you now that you mentioned that.  We know where you come from and what you are.

Where do you come from?  TITO VIC & JOEY!
What kind of a person are you? A COMEDIAN!
And if you'll ask the person that you plagiarized, she would say that you are a "LYING THIEF"

By the way, we bloggers know how to use attribution. The borrowed lines here are all linked back to the source.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Facial Mask?

Plagiarists who refuse to acknowledge their mistake/s are like people walking around in a mud mask. One big difference though, is that mud masks are designed to cleanse the face and not to hide it. Mud packs are beautiful to most people but when worn by undeserving and crocodile faced people, can literally becomes dirty and wet soil. People of the world, please wear mud masks the way it is intended, to cleanse and purify facial skin.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Different Rules For Government Officials?

I don’t know what is happening with the sense of self of our high officials. In school, students are taught that copying the work of others is a big NO. Kids are penalized for copying the test answers of their classmates and in high school and even college; heavy penalties (expulsion even) are meted to those who copy without attribution, the work of others.

In the world of grownups, one of the country’s top businessmen had to resign his post in the board of a prestigious school after it was found out that his assistant plagiarized the work of another person. Overseas, heavy sanctions were imposed upon people who committed the same offenses.

But in our government,

  • A Supreme Court justice was found to have committed plagiarism but instead of being contrite, the group of lawyers who denounced him was made to explain why they should not be penalized by the high court. 
  • A senator was found to have plagiarized a blogger from overseas and instead of making a quick apology; he belittled the blogger and denied having committed the offense. And when it had become difficult to deny the plagiarism, he stressed that he will not apologize because it was hi staff who did it. 

Do the rules change for people in government? Do unacceptable behaviors become acceptable?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Connoisseur

I have a friend who has a fascination for probably anything connected with music. Needless to say, he has fine sets of sound systems, a kick ass speaker sitting on top of top of the line speaker stands

He spent a lot of money for all those electronic items and really takes pride in it. The problem is, he resides in Markina. His house was submerged in deep waters and he must be very sad, as I type this post. That’s life but as a friend, I will probably gift him a beautiful set of amplifiers as an advanced Christmas gift.

An Analysis of the Philippines (Part 3)

To continue this series of posts regarding the Philippine Economy, another factor that fueling the growth is the sudden expansion of the country’s Business Processing Industry. 

If the country’s internet providers will improve their services and lower the service costs being charged the consumers, Philippine talent will continue to be tapped by the rest of the world and that will mean increased employment and more disposable income. Of course, it will mean greater domestic consumption that will create additional employment for the country’s labor force.

Just like Multi-tasking

To be able to maintain my huge pool, I will need to get myself a reasonably priced and dependable robotic pool cleaner. Cleaning the pool is not my main task in this world and I need to be able to save time to be able to do other tasks like making money for my family. It’s a good thing that a lot of things are mechanized now and that enables people to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period.

An Analysis of the Philippines (Part 2)

As I posted in the first part of my analysis of the Philippines, the country is headed for greatness now, more than any other time. 

The country’s GDP is increasing at a good rate in the midst of declines of other big economies. It is also very worthwhile noting that a good percentage of the Philippine GDP is fueled by domestic spending. It means that consumption is high and it is fueling the growth of the economy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Like Huge Discounts

A lot of discount perfume, discount cologne can be found in Quiapo or Divisora, mostly by peddlers on the streets. I don't buy those even if they have brand names showing. I'm pretty sure that the quality would be poor. Even if I bathe in cologne, the smell would disappear after a few minutes. Or the chemicals in the cologne could react to my skin and give me a rash or worse. I prefer getting the real deal than get anything that's imitation.

On the other hand, I am a fan of discounted colognes. The kind  that I always buy are branded kinds but being sold by reputable merchants at a huge discount.

An Analysis Of Philippines (Part 1)

The Philippines is bound for greatness if its leaders will continue with the good work and exercise caution in handling local and international issues. GDP is high but it remains dependent on Chinese products. The Philippines has also been a recipient of Chinese loans. In this time when the country’s economy seems to have started benefitting from sound economic policies, it is not good for it to be derailed because of careless pronouncements against China about certain territories.

Click --> Part 2 for the continuation.

Shipping Items

I found myself looking for wooden boxes and steel strapping because I wanted to send to the US some native wooden furniture and native sculptures. An American friend who visited the Philippines recently saw some really nice wooden furniture and sculptures in Laguna. He bought a lot of pieces but left them with me since he couldn't bring them with him and he didn't have the time to have them shipped door to door. The Internet helped me locate the materials I needed. Problem solved.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


My mother's late uncle had a safe where he stored all kinds of memorabilia, from old photographs to love letters from his past sweethearts. I saw a few dog tags and strange looking coins in his safe, they did not look like money. I did a bit of research and I found out they were challenge coins custom made for the group of service men who came to the Philippines. He worked closely with some of these men. I think the dog tags and the challenge coins were from his American

Highland Hideout

I accompanied a rich friend of mine to Baguio. He is having a mansion built there and wanted a fireplace in the living room. He ordered a fireplace insert straight from the US to have it installed in the fireplace of his mansion. He his mansion is being built on a big lot and had lots of trees planted in the compound. It was very peaceful and quiet inside his property. A good place to disappear for a few days to relax.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Corona's Corona: The First & Only Impeached Official of the Philippines

After so many things were said. I am relieved that Renato Corona was impeached. I do not rejoice in his misery, if ever he is. The guy is temporarily down but most certainly, he is not out.

I do not condemn the man. I condemn his skillful manipulation of the Philippines. Together with his bosses, the former president. I saw from the beginning, an attempt to install thousands of road blocks for the new president of the country so that reforms and most especially prosecution of the Gloria Arroyo cases will not prosper.

People say stop kicking the man because he is already down. I do not subscribe to that. The man is not really down. He is still very much alive and can even kick the country further down. We need to continue this struggle to cleanse this country of corruption. Corona is only one obstacle. 

There are many more.

Salus Populi est Suprema Lex

Best Summer

Last summer, I went to a very nice beach resort in Batangas that was really nice. The theme was tropical Philippines but there were some Bali inspired decorations and architecture. I stayed at a small bungalow that had it's own private pool. It also had the best outdoor gazebo I've seen, it was directly facing the ocean. There were curtains around it for a bit of privacy specially when having a full body massage. Opening the curtains would give you a fantastic view of the beach. 

 The place was pricey but it was worth it. Best summer vacation I've had in years.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's Parteeeh!

My friend is offering brand new Gemini DJ mixers for sale. For the musically inclined who experienced the greatness of the international DJ’s who came some years ago, this brand is a good deal. Gemini is a legendary product that rocked the world of clubbing and gigs and being in possession of one is like having a good Montblanc pen or a Patek timepiece.

Remembering St. Patrick

There’s a sign in an Irish Pub saying; “Everyone’s Irish on March 17th”. For those who don’t know, March 17 is a day of festivities called for St. Patty's day in honor of the national Irish patron St. Patrick. 

Such a festivity is celebrated on the same date by the Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox and the Anglican Communion. The day is celebrated with lots of music, parades but most importantly, the wearing of green clothing.

We need zoning laws

The real estate industry here in the Philippines never slowed down. I still see a lot of high rise condos being built everywhere, even in Quezon City. 

I saw a jib crane being lifted by a big crane on top of a condo that's being constructed. That made me think, maybe someday people in Metro Manila would all be living in buildings. 

There wouldn't be houses and lots available for living anymore with close to 20% of the population now occupying the capital. The way things are going, the percentage might just go up within the next few years.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Philippines will not import rice on 2013

This came out of today's issue of the Business Mirror. Never mind that the front page also featured the newspaper owners fight against the president of the condominium where he is currently staying. I met one of his sons, a few times, and I got the impression that they are a cent family.

Anyway, those who profited from the government's decades long importation run will be dipping into a dry well next year. The government is supposed to have increased production of the farmers by completing a lot of irrigation facilities. I hope that they continue doing that with the increasing temperature nowadays, I expect some decline in individual farmer production if they do not apply remedies to the intense heat. I remember listening to this guy who saved money in Manila and sent it to his parents so they can plant sugarcane. The intense heat dried what his father planted.

Oh my..

Monday, May 7, 2012

X'Mas ends late in the Philippines

Five months after Christmas, I was finally able to remove the led Christmas lights attached to my window sill. I really did not want to remove them as I like to see the lights twinkle at night. My nights are bright and festive that way. It’s like having Christmas during summer. I had to tell myself that I removing the LED lights would have me look forward to putting them up again before Christmas.

Reads Like Manila

There was a fire at a bar in Busan, South Korea recently. 9 People died due to inhalation of toxic smoke. Those who survived the tragedy said they couldn't find the exit. South Korea is known to be a conservative country. People abide strictly to their laws. 

I am thinking that the bar would have some for of commercial liability insurance quote to cover it's losses. However, lives were still lost because the customers couldn't find the exit. It makes me wonder why exits were not clearly marked. Business owners should start looking around for a commercial liability insurance quote from reputable insurance companies should something like this happen. It's one thing to lose your business over some tragedy but it's another thing to lose lives over your negligence.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tedious Process

I once met a nurse who took up reviews at the kaplan gre. It was the most popular review company at that time and I think, it still comfortably rests up there. Anyway, this lady told me about having to go to Saipan for some tests and in the province for another. Well, she is a successful nurse in the US now. I just hope that other people who want to go through her path need not go through all the troubles that she went to.

Monday, April 23, 2012

92.3 M Pinoys

A couple of weeks ago, an issue of Business World reports that the Philippine population is now 92.3 million with 12.61 million located in Calabarzon and 11.86 in Metro Manila. The rest are scattered in the provinces. While this growth is quite significant, it has actually slowed compared to the previous growth rate of 2.34%. Today's annual growth rate is 1.9%.

Is this good or bad for the economy?

Keep the A/C running really cold!

Mall restaurants having outdoor ceiling fans is a good thing. However, restaurants located inside the malls having electric fans running are kind of a bad dream. You see, malls are supposed to be well air-conditioned because it is an enclosed space. A lot of people are inhaling and exhaling at the same time and good ventilation is very necessary for hygienic purposes. At the Ayala Trinoma yesterday but it was kinda warm inside and I feel that something is wrong with the A/C or the operators are trying to save on electric bills.

Repairing Leather

If you want to know how to repair leather car seats, the internet is probably the best source of information for you. In my several years of existence in this planet, I have only encountered a few people who are knowledgeable about proper leather care and repair. I believe that the same is the experience of most people. Leather specialists have their own websites and getting into them is the best way that a person can do to find good results. So other than asking your grandpa or your next door neighbor, internet research is one good thing that one can do.

I prefer a country run like hell by Filipinos

Looking at a display of wall coat rack at CoatRacks.com reminds me of Manolo Quezon and the nice suits that he wears. Of course, it helps a lot that he has breeding, having descended from royalty. His Grand dad and namesake, Manuel L. Quezon was a president of the Philippines who I remember in my history books as the one who famously said; “"I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Messy Parties

This Semana Santa, I will probably spend a day installing a outdoor pavilions in my mom’s and sister’s house. These Pavillions have become a trademark of our family. We like weekend lunches and outdoor pavilions serve as a good venue with the number of kids in our family rising every year. Outdoor Pavillions accommodate a good number of people and it also saves the main house from becoming overly messy during parties.

Taguig Student

All these nice ps3 controllers remind me of that High School student in Taguig who did very well in school. The guy likes his PS3 a lot and playing probably served as an inspiration for him to excel. How I wish kids nowadays will learn to fully enjoy PS3’s and use the product to inspire them to succeed in school as well as in life.

Segway Tour of Intramuros

Is it possible to tow my kid’s City Select double stroller using a Segway? In the old city of Intramuros, a hotel is offering a tour of the historical city through segways. I think the tour concept is a very good idea. A lot of tourists are retired individuals and taking them on a tiring walk will take away the enjoyment of the trip.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Other Purposes

I want to have stainless steel pendants. It looks elegant enough to be used to adorn my body and there’s another usage which I hesitate to disclose until now. Steel pendants are very durable and in times of emergency, a trained warrior can use it as a self defense weapon. Cool? Yes, sir! In able hands, just about anything can become a weapon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back Support Dont Go Well With Skinny Jeans

They should manufacture a stroller travel system for adults. It looks a lot cooler than wheelchairs and it gives more style to the classy folks who know how to travel in style. 

The news clips of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo being rolled in a wheel chair while wearing a serious neck brace and what looked like a back support but on skinny leather pants is something ironical, in my humble opinion. 

I would like to say thought that despite my political and fashion sense, Gloria looked very uncomfortable in that wheelchair. A former president should be wheeled in a classier set of wheels.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Very Special Gift

I am thinking about personalized gift ideas for various types of people that I encounter every year. The task can be daunting so if there is a website that will give me good ideas, it will be much appreciated. 

 In relation to the current impeachment trial, a gift, especially if it brings a lot of monetary value to the recipient is a bribe when the recipient is a government official or an employee in a client company. So if Philippine Airlines has a lot of cases in the courts, it will not be proper for the chief justice to receive a platinum card as a VIP flier of the company. And despite supposed leaks and whatever, it is very unethical and in my strong opinion, criminal to accept millions of pesos worth of discounts from real estate developers.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I agree with Sereno

As I wrote earlier. The Philippine law protecting foreign currency deposits is a bad law.

RA 6426 is a bad law.

What I didn't elaborate due to time constraints is well articulated in Sereno's dissenting opinion on the Supreme Court issued TRO.

It is true that too much secrecy will only tend to protect those with bad thoughts. Very good guys will have a good reason to overly protect their savings accounts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Overly Secretive Rules Protecting Foreign Currency Deposits

In the United States, a lot of Americans avoided paying taxes on their income and savings hy hiding it in foreign banks. a lot of them hid their money in Switzerland and a few other countries with laws that heavily protects depositors. The thing is, bank secrecy not only protects the common people but also the unscrupulous sections of this planet. Corrupt politicians, drug lords and other crooks are able to safeguard their not so hard earned incomes through banks hiding under secretive bank laws.

Just recently, Switzerland relaxed it's bank secrecy laws and a number of Americans are now negotiating their fines for misdeclaring their incomes. Their Swiss accounts have now been exposed and their cheating days have ended. In the Philippines, there is still an old age minded bank secrecy law that protects the exposure of foreign currency deposits. it will be no surprise thefore, if the country's corrupt politicians and other criminals start converting their peso loot to foreign currencies.

Republic Act 6426, the "Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines" is a bad law. it tends to protect the criminal more than the decent man.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering the sick girl

I remember when the former president GMA was wheeled to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport wearing a complicated neck brace and what looked like a hospital gown. I thought all along that it’s all she was wearing or perhaps, she had scrub pants on. What really floored me are press revelations later on that she was actually wearing tight leather pants. If she had serious spine problems like she claimed, she would not have been able to wear those tights. I guess, she was planning to discard her neck and back support once in flight and arrive in her destination in style!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Supreme Court TRO is 2nd Envelope All Over Again

The Supreme Court ruling to issue a TRO on the opening of Corona's deposits is nothing less of the 2nd envelope issue during the impeachment trial of Joseph Estrada. In a desire to prevent the opening of possibly incriminating documents, the SC is preventing the impeachment court from finding out the truth.

Corona, I thought there's nothing to hide?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very Hot

I don’t know how I’ll get my linear bearing because of today’s hottest issues.

The Supreme Court is now under siege and I do not think that it’s undeserved. I’ve always hated plagiarism having been taught in school that it is a sin far worse than murder. However, our Supreme Court protected its own justice who was caught doing precisely that. To make matters worse, they threatened to sanction the lawyers who publicly complained.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Lousy Prosecutors?

My friend Jovi Tupaz, who's a realtor, will probably be better in court arguments compared to the lawyer and house prosecutor Niel Tupas.

However, what he lacks in eloquence, he is able to a bit compensate through end results. The skillful maneuvering of defense lawyer Serafin Cuevas made the procedure lengthy and made the prosecution lawyers look like grade schoolers. But still, the public now knows that Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona has continuously purchased prime real estate through the past couple of decades through installment payments that lasted for only a few months for every purchase. Let's see how Corona will defend this. Does he have enough money to finance those purchases?

Regarding the company where he allegedly borrowed some of the money from, the incorporators are wondering how they could have approved the loan and how did Corona ever paid for it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Case Comment

I don’t know if one can download from YouTube video clips of the impeachment trial. If it is possible, a lot of people must be feasting upon what seems the incompetence of the prosecutors. Impeachment is a numbers game because it is a political exercise. However, I suspect that the prosecution and its lack of skills in handling such case will make it difficult for the judges to vote for them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tech Deals

An ad about laptops sale reminds me of Ricky Carandang, a well respected journalist appointed as a communications or press secretary of P-Noy. The guy got major flack for buying a few pieces of laptops that a congresswoman deemed very scandalous. Geesh! She should have made a fuzz with her congresswoman seatmate who among others is involved in massive illegal profiteering in at least two telecom deals valued at billions of pesos.

Anyway, life goes on for both after a short house hearing. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wrong! .. from the beginning

Chief Justice Renato Corona is desperate to hang on to his corona (crown). Through his people at the courts, he is calling for judicial independence and a rejection of the President's alleged intrusion in the judiciary. 

To begin with, Corona already knew that midnight appointments are very wrong and unconstitutional. Two Presidents ago, Fidel Ramos tried to appoint him during the election ban and the Supreme Court and the Judicial Bar Council rejected it. During the Gloria Arroyo's reign, they did it again and this time, with more force, they were able to get through. 

Macula, ab initio.. Wrong from the beginning!

That is what defines the Corona court.

People were against Corona's appointment for good reason. They knew that he was appointed there to prevent any legal action against Gloria Arroyo.

Corona confirmed the people's fears when instead of proclaiming that his court will be fair to everyone, he declared that he will be independent (of Malacanang).

His declaration was tantamount to saying that he will be against Malacanang.

He deserves this impeachment.

The judicial system is not being destroyed by Noynoy Aquino.

It was Gloria Arroyo and Corona who started its decline.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corona's Corona

I've wanted to write a long position paper on this issue but I just don't have the time. Besides, why will I waste so much time in this issue. The poor people can profit much better if I do my work well and help the economy provide more employment. Therefore, I will write my position on installment, in short posts.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Round Trip Ticket

At the airport, I passed by an old gentleman who got a free round trip ticket because the airline company broke his carry bag. Despite the airline’s act to appease him, the old man was still irritated stating that no free ticket can compensate for the travel inconvenience because he now has to carry around a broken bag. I was tempted to but in and tell him to buy a good samsonite briefcase next time but I kept my peace. There’s no use to rub in his nose the fact that he is carrying an inferior brand.


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