Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Election Look

With the elections coming to a close, a surmise that a lot of candidates and active political supporters are in dire need of the best eye wrinkle cream. All those sleepless nights spent going door to door and attending political rallies must have caused a lot of wrinkles to a lot of people’s faces. Since it is important that candidates and their campaigners always look good, they should do everything to prevent and remedy those dark wrinkles.

Review SItes

With lots of people being overweight by several thousand tons, a lot of people have thrown and are prepared to throw a lot more money in order to find the right weight loss formula. It is a good thing that there are sites that provide good feedback. There is a web site for instance, that does lipofuze reviews. People who are interested in this formula can visit the site and read feedback and make intelligent decisions from the added knowledge.

Back from Vacation

I can’t believe that even at this age, I am in need of the best acne treatment from time to time. I recently went on a holiday and just got back. To my horror, I realized that other than the added weight, I also developed acne and other irritants to my otherwise beautiful face.—Naks! Anyway, I should get treatment for this asap.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It will not be long and I will be receiving baby shower invitations. First, a friend sent me his wedding invite. This was followed by the actual ceremony and lavish reception. The beautiful honeymoon must have followed because now, the newly minted bride is heavy with a child. I hope that the baby grows always healthy and free from the corruption that we witnessed growing up.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy Season

Why can't they just write diet pill reviews or anything practical at home.

During this election season, a lot of media activities happen. As politicians jockey for prime spots in the radio and television networks, commercials and radio and TV appearances become prime spots. I will not be surprised if some even resort to hardcore if not light bribery just to be able to get their faces and views aired. I know of a former neighbor who became a very active radio commentator during an election season.

Get A Job

Instead of engaging in piracy, why can’t people just surf the net for employment, like the jobs philadelphia being advertised in an employment website. Piracy and other forms of shenanigans simply does not pay. Some crooks profit from illegal activities for years and sometimes, for decades even. But like Pablo Escobar of the Cali Cartel and other crime bosses, justice caught up with them and it wasn’t a nice ending for them at all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

Politicians should get themselves term life insurance policies that will cover them campaign periods, recount and tenure. With so much violence being present all around, news politicians dying especially around the election periods are nothing new. Mind you, ninety percent of the passages were caused by violence. Assassinations are commonplace especially in warlord infested provinces and most probably, this situation will continue for several more years.

Friday, April 2, 2010

High Blood Moments

One high blood moment for me last week was a news report about a rape that took place on board a bus while on a RORO vessel. My blood pressure was so high upon reading the report that I couldn't work out on my treadmill.

The conductor asked the passengers to disembark when the bus was on board the RORO but restrained the female passenger who was identified as a domestic helper. The driver and the conductor took turns in the repeated assault. The victim pretended that nothing wrong happened so as to prevent further harm and this assured the suspects. She then texted her employers who alerted the police. The suspects were arrested upon reaching the bus terminal.


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