Sunday, July 15, 2012


My mother's late uncle had a safe where he stored all kinds of memorabilia, from old photographs to love letters from his past sweethearts. I saw a few dog tags and strange looking coins in his safe, they did not look like money. I did a bit of research and I found out they were challenge coins custom made for the group of service men who came to the Philippines. He worked closely with some of these men. I think the dog tags and the challenge coins were from his American

Highland Hideout

I accompanied a rich friend of mine to Baguio. He is having a mansion built there and wanted a fireplace in the living room. He ordered a fireplace insert straight from the US to have it installed in the fireplace of his mansion. He his mansion is being built on a big lot and had lots of trees planted in the compound. It was very peaceful and quiet inside his property. A good place to disappear for a few days to relax.


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