Monday, May 11, 2015

My Opinion: No Bail For Carjackers

Just today, a major paper's editorial mentioned that congress is getting alarmed with the rise in carjacking cases and they see it as a pattern building up and will peak during next year's elections. Cars are badly needed during campaigns and with the value of vehicles being very high in this country, selling carjacked vehicles and parts is big business.

Now, there are people in the streets, radio stations and even in congress who thinks that stronger legislation is what's needed. Therefore, some are now calling that the crime of carjacking come with a no bail provision for all suspects. That may sound yummy but it is not. This country have a lot of laws already but enforcement, prosecution and the judicial system itself is seriously lacking.

What's the use of calling for no bail if no sizable arrests, indictment and convictions are being carried out? Of course, there is also the issue of our bad penal system but let's not talk about it now.

My fear is that this "No bail" provision will only be used as a tool for oppression. Crooked cops can threaten people with carjacking and hence, no bail, if no sizable grease money if given...

I humbly suggest that we spend more time cleansing the ranks of the police and helping them catch crooks.

Install CCTV's everywhere and post the criminal's faces on facebook. The cops would have no choice but to catch them.


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