Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PHILTRUST BANK : I Am Very Disappointed!

Remember that UAAP basketball star who was shot? Read this one..

Baracael, according to Inquirer sources, was attacked less than a year after he and another FEU player squealed on the existence of game cheats in the team.

Police on Monday requested for a copy of the security video of a bank near the crime scene, which may have recorded the shooting. But Chief Insp. Dominador Arevalo, head of the MPD homicide division which was tasked to help in the probe, claimed that the establishment, Philtrust Bank, has refused to cooperate.

[Philtrust] refused to provide us with a copy of the CCTV (closed-circuit television),” said Arevalo.

“One Roberto Mendoza, the bank’s assistant for security operations, was giving us a hard time, giving all sorts of alibis,” Arevalo added. “We told him that the request was based on an order of the city mayor, pero wala daw siyang pakialam (but he doesn’t care).Source

Monday, July 28, 2008

Remembering Noriega

All this talk about teenagers asking how to get rid of acne, I am reminded of a colorful political personality Manuel Noriega. The person who ruled Panama as its leader, was convicted in the US of drug trafficking and is serving a 17 year old jail sentence. After that, he is supposed to be extradited to France to serve another jail term for money laundering. But in line with the topic for the day, the former leader came into my mind for people in the US calls him pineapple face for his acne scars.

Representation for the Country's Poor

With so many legal cases being discussed in talk shows and television exposes, I hope that this country will have firms like the Chicago personal injury lawyers. With so many people in this country being unable to afford lawyers fees, contingency lawyers are a good solution especially if the battle is between the rich and the poor. The rich can afford legal representation can can afford to pay for justice while the poor cannot; I just hope that lawyers will not try to milk people simply for profits sake.

Boy Kuripot!

Those looking for promotional products and other freebies should visit Boy Kuripot’s blog at Common, it will not make anybody cheap by hunting down cheap items. If any, it will make them look wise for being able to optimize their enjoyment for free or huge discounts. Boy Kuripot is the first such website that I have encountered in the Philippines. Hopefully, there will be more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Advice To The Owners of Sulpicio

I have purposely refrained from discussing the Sulpicio incident for good reason. I felt that all my anger for what happened was more than reflected by the outpouring of hatred by the media and various bloggers and the country. I also felt that Sulpicio is badly managing the public relations aspect of the incident and may not be as bad as the whole world sees them. The latest PDI headline showing the more than 40 sinkings and thousands of dead in separate incidents however, makes me break this self imposed silence. To the owners, I urge you to get out of the business and give yourselves some rest from all of these. Play with your grandkids, walk them in the park in the Maclaren stroller and give yourselves some peace of mind. I myself, cannot live with the thought that people are dying en masse in my ships.

Price Increase, Price Increases, Price Increases

At this point, I am both relieved and worried. Relieved that the inflation has not peaked and caused chaos and worried about possible price increases. Until when will this end? The global oil situation remains volatile and the best that we can do is try to lessen our dependence to fossil fuel as fast as possible. All these crisis should be enough to keep people from overeating and relying upon Phentermine no prescription pills but not quite. A lot of people just won’t stop overeating.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gadget Review

The original Asus EEE came out with a price tag of P17~19,000 at the retail outlets. A small and lightweight gadget does not have a hard drive and runs on a system memory of 1 GB. Additional storage is possible using flash drives and that made the device a big hit at the start of the year. But for its price, I would say it’s not worth buring. The device is so small that it is just slighlty bigger than my outstretched palm. In contrast, a NEO Celeron laptop costs P20,000 and feature and capability wise, it is a much more superior piece of equipment.


Naval forces operating by the coast of Somalia are encouraged by the UN security council to act as franchisees of Ladybug steam cleaners and clean the waters of pirates. These bugs have been hindering humanitarian aid by attacking civilian cruise ships, tankers and almost any type of ocean vessel. Last March, a group of pirates got a taste of foreign weaponry when they were machine gunned by US forces after firing at an apprehending crew. Three were seriously injured and treated inside a US navy ship.

Home Network Security

I am looking for a new model Linksys router that will hopefully enable me to blog from the pool. All those advertisements of high powered routers are so attractive and I am now tempted to look for one myself. One of the disadvantages though is the possibility of intrusion from some naughty neighborhood kid. Increased reach also means that people outside the house will have access to it and no amount of inscription can make one’s computer truly safe.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Not Even in the House of Royalty are our Women Safe

The bottom line is beware of anything.

Only the paranoid survive.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Household Remedy to the Power Crisis

At this period where there seems to be no immediate end to the price increases, it will pay to start thinking of alternative sources, rather than simply passing on costs to customers. If memory serves me correctly, it will not take much to be able to harness the power of nature. National geographic documentaries have shown that individual households can create energy from falling water and light wind. I strongly believe that the responsibility of power generation should be taken down to the household level. By doing that, the entire economy will be freed from the burden of having to produce their own power.

Domestic Power Sources

Listening to radio and TV interviews of supermarket operators, I realized that these people are hard hit by the successive increases in the price of electricity. It turns out that a medium sized grocery store easily spends P1 million/month on electrical bills alone. If I may make my humble suggestion, they should produce their own electricity by operating their own generators that can be powered by a combination of solar and wind power. Most of the groceries and malls occupy a lot of space and have huge roofs that can be used for renewable power generation. They may also use alternative fuels in running their mini power plants.


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