Thursday, March 18, 2010

National Hangers

With so many people in the group, I will not be surprised if some of them try to be useful by acting as human door hangers.

National hero Manny Pacquiao is said to go around like Puff Daddy these days. His entourage during the fight with Clotto revealed that a lot of people are actually paid a few thousand dollars just by hanging with him. Mannee the Pacman-- Paquiaaaoo!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Electronic Smoke

Hey Pinoy smokers, have you heard about the e cigarette? This one is designed to make smokers enjoy the process, sans the smoke, ashes and foul smell. There is no fire needed to operate these things. I also heard about a similar thingie that aids in making people quit. I am not very sure though if it works. If this guys can make something sans the tar and and addictive substance, it will be great. People will still stick those sticks into their mouths but there will be no ill effects.

Portable Surveillance

These days, graft and corruption in government offices are a bit more intricate because the ready availability of digital cameras. Digital surveillance had become a lot easier for most people because of these low cost devices that make a lot of things easier for a lot of people. Just the other day, I even spotted an MMDA operative using one, while monitoring road traffic. I hope they go a step further by intensifying the use of more mounted surveillance cameras.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Insure Thyself

People of all countries should seriously consider availing themselves of whole life insurance policies. There is nothing like a fund, separate from your own savings account, that will take care of you in the event of emergencies. In my country, especially, road accidents are quite huge in number compared to other places and people should always be ready. Hospital bills cost a lot.


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