Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Travellers Idea

I travel frequently and I notice that my bags don’t last very long of course, the airport staff simply tosses it to the trailers from the conveyor belts. Therefore, I am planning to design my heavy duty own travel luggage. I have somebody who can fashion any design from polymer so I won’t have many problems with the shape of my bags but I will probably have to look for a reliable supplier of durable plastic hinges.I remember this guy in the Philippines who built his own cars but realized that he cannot fashion a car door from his backyard. He also said that car door hinges are a huge challenge to design. I wonder why.

Dan Lemon on Assualt Weapons Ban

Just now, CNN anchor Dan Lemon had a panel of guests that includes a guy who is a film maker, columbine massacre survivor and who's best friend was killed in the Batman premiere theater shooting last year. Dan Lemon again mentioned his opposition to the existence of assault weapons saying that he would have better chances against a man with a knife or a baseball bat. The Columbine survivor replied that that may not be necessarily the case. He could freeze or trip and hit his head.

The massacre survivor is actually not against a gun ban!

Old Trunks Can Actually Cost So Much!

I plan to take long vacations with my family starting this year. I will therefore need to invest in good Camp Trunks. At History Channel, I once watched a feature about this guy who found a set of old trunks in his attic. The trunks were in perfect condition and had the original receipt of purchase. He sold the trunks to a pawn shop who bought it for more than $200,000. Wow!


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