Saturday, August 30, 2008

FREAKING OUTRAGE! Villar's Bodyguards May Not Face Raps!

Look at this scene. Bodyguards of a government official punched and kicked the memory out of a businessman. Yes, it was that bad. He now suffers memory loss because of what happened. The good thing is, the entire incident was caught on camera and witnessed by people who signed statements in the police headquarters.

The bodyguards refused to show up and simply sent their lawyers.

Now, it seems that they will go free. Not a pinch. Not a slap in the wrist.

Simply because the victim might not file a case in court. Isn't there GREAT INJUSTICE somewhere in this story?

The victim was said to have been drunk and unruly (and yes, powerless to fight back) .Does that justify the beating by the abled bodyguards?

What is the DILG doing about this? Are we paying taxes so that cops (and government employees) can gang up on us? !@#$%

The official, in an interview said that his security detail are all cops. WHOA! Aren't cops supposed to be experts in managing drunk INDIVIDUALS? There were a number of them and they had to beat the person so badly.

We all have seen this bodyguards of politicians and government officials. Most of them will never have the guts to slug it out with anyone on their own. But together and with arms, they bully their way around. These cowards.

They should be punished with 12 rounds/each in the ring in a Mixed Martial Arts bout on national television. Let's see how brave they will be.

Here is the story
Here is how it all started

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Olympic Response to the MILF attrocities

Whenever there is an atrocity, you attribute it to the lost command, which through CNN, you have now deemed more appropriately to be called Mujahedin. They burned entire villages, massacred women and children, stole cattle, etc..

When your commanders have been identified to be the ones in charge of the atrocities, you simply declare that you have told them to stop attacking but will fight back when attacked. Such double talk, don't you think so? And you warn, that if the government will not stop the military operations, it might lead to an all out war.

Let me remind you, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), that you were close to being wiped out when the government decided to meet with you and leave you in your camps. Take note that your biggest camps were taken so easily, despite your brags that you prepared for those battles for years. You were on the run, like scared goats.

But what did you do? While talking peace, you used the opportunity to re-arm. And when some villages decided that they will oppose the agreement that you forged with the government, when you realized that some of the areas that you claim will campaign against the ratification of that agreement, you raided and burned the villages, like the Mongols of long ago.

Actually, your actuation during the past couple of weeks remind us of what you did, a few centuries ago, when from Mindanao, you raided coastal villages in the Visayas and Luzon, plundered and took christian slaves to be sold in Borneo.

Warning that the government's scrapping of the agreement will lead to war is soooo out of this world. You should have refrained from raiding, looting and killing old men, children and women, in the first place.

In the spirit of the olympics, I am sending you, Comander Bravo and Umbra Kato an Olympic jersey each. It is a uniform of one the best soccer players in the world.
That, in my opinion, most appropriateley describes what you are.

Continue your line of talk, Eid Kabalu and Al Haj Murad and I shall also send you one set each.

Playing Witch

Passing by the dollhouses, I am tempted to create my own version of the promoter of atrocities in Mindanao. The terrorist leaders together with the manila politicians should be more than enough to create a blockbuster hit and of course, the pin factories will also have a heyday. A lot of people will be wanting to rush and buy the dolls and stick hundreds of pins on each

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where can we find good and legit sellers of unlocked cell phones in this country? I do not want to buy it from the brand owners themselves for the price is exorbitant. The sellers that I have encountered so far, must be buying it from some middle east distributors. The products are authentic but the manuals are in Arabic.

Que horror, don’t you think so?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spa Review: A Ton Ton Authentic Thai Massage Fiasco!

From time to time, may we play the role of a restaurant critic or a service ratings panel member.

Having been stressed by tons of paperwork and the long weekend that passed, I decided to get myself an hour’s worth of Thai massage instead of having lunch. I dialed the Ton-Ton Thai massage in Leviste street and reserved my favorite therapist.

As a spa veteran and massage critic, I feel that the kind of Thai massage here in the Philippines pales in comparison to the Filipino traditional hilot. The reason lies in the method used by both systems. Thai massage emphasizes the use of stretching and quick finger pressure while hilot uses deep thumb pressure through slow deliberate rubbing.

Stretching and point pressure system is good for relaxation but the hilot system enables the masseuse to find lymph nodes or “lamig” which are dealt with high pressure rubs. At the end of the hilot session, the patient or customer feels worn out, relieved, sleepy and very satisfied. In short, hilot is very much worth one’s money.

But since I do not know of any traditional hilot clinic in Makati, I decided to reserve a particular masseuse at Ton Ton for a lunch massage so that I'll be in shape for my 3 pm meeting. The reason why I asked for a particular therapist is that she has strong fingers, massages unhurriedly and knows how to deal with lymph nodes (due to previous sessions with moi’.)

The person who answered the phone confirmed that the therapist being sought is on duty and I told her that I am on my way. I passed by the ATM, walked under the mid day sun and reached the TonTon massage clinic with perspiration running on my back.

I introduced myself to the lady at the counter as the one who called and requested for a particular masseuse. Without any regard to my being a customer and sans the courteous tone of counter receptionists, she said, “Alas kuatro ang duty nya (she’s on duty by 4pm)!”

Taken aback, I replied, “I called up and was told that she’s here. I even confirmed that I’ll be coming now”

She said,”Oo nga, alas kuatro pa ang duty nya (Yes, I told you, she’s on duty by 4PM)”

@$%^^& ! What does this bitch expect me to do, wait for 4 f%4k^ng hours?!!! I left the air-conditioned office, walked under the sun and perspired only to be taken by these good for nothing ! @#%$%^?

Assessing the situation, I realized that the bitches (there were 2) simply trapped me into coming and since I was there already, expected me to simply choose one of them. In short, they wanted to serve me, themselves. This is a mother f#$% ng outrage!

Had they looked sincere to have committed a mistake, I could have done just that. But their close to being arrogant told me that they purposely misled me. Realizing that I will be spending money and probably be wasting one precious hour, I turned around and left.

Those people are not going to dupe me of any money. Not on that day and never in the future.

Imagine my disappointment. I made an appointment, left the office, withdrew money, walked under the sun and perspired heavily, all in anticipation of a good back rub. What I got are two unsympathetic people who seemed to have delighted in having pulled a fast one.

To the two readers of this blog. Never go to Ton-Ton in Salcedo Village. Instead, look for a spa that offers the Filipino traditional hilot. Communicate with your therapist by specifying the areas where you feel pain, tightness, etc.. In my more than 15 years of spa experience, the hilot is the best!! In fact, the really good therapists will find lymph nodes themselves and will not stop until it has been taken out.

No wonder, those people have their days fully booked with so many appointments.

They get their money by perfecting their craft, not by duping their clients!

By the way, look at the photo on top. It says they open at 11am. When I made my reservation at 11:30Am, they told me that they can only accommodate me starting at 12noon.

Lazy, scheming bastards!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just A Little More

Paul Getty, being a multi billionaire, was once asked how much money is enough. The reply was, "Just a little more!" If we will ask Tita Glo, how much term is enough, guess what her reply will be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mindanao: What Promise Do You Really Bring?

Searching the net for movers New York reminds me of the plight of the civilians that are being displaced by the war in Mindanao. The MILF attacked and took over towns and are reported to have sniped farmers who were only out to harvest their crops. Farm animals were looted, houses were burned and people were terrorized. These atrocities against civilians are unacceptable and should be documented. I indict the perpetrators of these attacks, those who condone it and the MILF leadership who at the very least are unable to rein their people. It only took them a short moment to launch attacks but why are they asking for time to be able to complete a withdrawal. Is it because they have a lot of souvenirs to take back now?

Mayon Is Active Once More

Reading the news about the growls of the country’s world famous volcano reminds me of the overweight citizens of this land. Those who want to lose weight but could not for whatever reason, should leave within a close proximity with the Mayon Volcano. Its frequent threats of eruption should be enough to keep anybody fit even without trying. But if you can’t do it, some prescription diet pills should work.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Sellout?

I surely smell one.

This blog has been relatively quiet for sometime. But now, necessity dictates vigilance. The ultra secretive document that the government wants to bind the people points to something that the people will have none of.

If there is something that will require us to accept, isn't it but proper that our consent be sought first?

As the contents of the documents become known and as developments unfold, this blog will become more and more active.

Remain vigilant, my motherland!


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