Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Political analysis as a part time job

While listening to radio coverage of the ongoing congressional committee hearings, I will probably be lying in a nice clinic and getting some blackhead removal treatments. After that, I will be in the coffee shop with my friends who sideline as political analysts and chat with them for an hour or two. By the way, have I mentioned that their main jobs are in the haircutting and jeepney driving industry? Political analysis is just their part time job.

Special Supplements

Have you ever tried specific vitamins for men? Apparently the needs of men differ a bit from that of women and therefore, special vitamin formulas have to be formulated for men and women. That’s a new revelation as far as I am concerned and I am very curious and interested to look into this. I will probably be spending money in buying those supplements so I hope, it will work. Wish me luck!

Weightloss Info

Having mentioned Puno’s seemingly being weight a few times, may I inform everyone about a website called People looking for related information may check that site and who knows, they might find very useful information. Losing weight is a big part of being healthy for most people and the journey towards a healthier and slimmer body is never easy. That’s the reason why overweight people need the support of everybody and the internet search engines.

Puno and Robredo

I have written several times in this blog that the most effective weight loss diet pills are intrigues in government service. In the Philippines now, I have this theory that enemies of the President are trying to isolate him by kicking out of the government his closest friends. They started with Jesse Robredo and now, it’s Puno. I know that Jesse Robredo is corruption's biggest obstacle but they are probably afraid of making Puno very powerful because he is such a a good shot. 


Puno and Jueteng 2

Oh yeah, USEC Puno must not have that much need for best diet pills in order to lose weight. The political intrigues should be more than enough for him. Anyway, the Jueteng witnesses claim that they pay him P5 Million every month and P2 Million/month if the business isn’t that good. I find the statement funny because it came out when Puno was just two months old in his post. Get it?

Rico and Jueteng?

Whenever I think of weight loss supplements, I used to remember the guy who played the character “Jaws” in a James Bond movie. I think, it was in Moonraker. Nowadays, the name that enters my mind is the embattled USEC Rico Puno OF DILG. I agree with people when they say that government people are on the take when it comes to Jueteng. But somehow, I find the witness accusations against Puno a bit unbelievable. I will explain it in my next posts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Relaxation Idea

Enjoying my all cigars, I read the newspapers to enjoy the Saturday morning. However, I realized that the way to enjoy a quiet day does not at all require newspaper reading. News is mostly about chaos in all parts of the world and having to read it is not at all a good relaxation idea. So tomorrow, my plan is to drink coffee, work on my facebook account and enjoy a fine cigar.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

LANI MERCADO and her Wang Wang!!!

In the beginning, they respect the boundaries.

Then, very slowly, they thread the fine lines that separate the good and evil.

Finding very little opposition, they take a little step beyond.

Before long, mankind had gone back to the dogs!

That's precisely what a neophyte congresswoman and wife of Senator Bong Revilla did. Lani Mercado's convoy started with short bursts of undeniable siren to bully her way in the roads.

They claim that it sounded like ordinary horns.

Do they think that the people are stupid? A siren is a f&(*k*n siren!

Even little kids would recognize a police siren in any form or volume!

But these politicians... My God!

Walang Wangwang, Walang blinker!!!!

LANI MERCADO???? Susmaryosep kayo!

Read the story HERE.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upcoming Holloween Costumes

Halloween costumes will very soon be a hot item in the stores and I wonder what type of costume will be popular this year. Will it be masks that look like the distorted faces of politicians that people dislike or will it be entirely different? In the U.S., they have masks that spoof every American president and people think its fun. I don’t know if that will be cool for the general public in the Philippines.

Rico's School

I have read in the papers that DILG USEC Rico E. Puno is a graduate of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. I remember that campus for the beautiful mosaic tiles that adorns the guard house in the school’s main entrance. I think that such d├ęcor has been there for several decades but up this time, it still looks very new. Go Rico Puno! I know that you are a good man and that DILG is an easy post for you. Rid it of the corrupt employees who have lorded the government for years. Shoot ‘em all! :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Contractor

As I drove through the South Luzon Toll way, I was greeted by the sight of portable toilets that lined the middle lane. It turned out that the Skyway contractor, DMCI was awarded the contract to build the Alabang extension and that was probably a smart government decision. DMCI’s construction sites are well kept and sanitary, from my point of view. This is in sharp contrast to the construction sites of a lot of other companies that gives me the impression of being very dirty and of poor quality. Good work, Sid Consunji!


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