Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Contractor

As I drove through the South Luzon Toll way, I was greeted by the sight of portable toilets that lined the middle lane. It turned out that the Skyway contractor, DMCI was awarded the contract to build the Alabang extension and that was probably a smart government decision. DMCI’s construction sites are well kept and sanitary, from my point of view. This is in sharp contrast to the construction sites of a lot of other companies that gives me the impression of being very dirty and of poor quality. Good work, Sid Consunji!


Sidney said...

DMCI did a good job so far !

I am just very worried why they started narrowing the skyway lanes from Sucat on... from 6 lanes to four to two... did someone run out of money here?
They should have gone all the way with six lanes to Alabang...

jc smith said...

Hi Sidney, I didn't notice the lane reduction. I will check it out and post it here if it's something worthy of both our times. :-)


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