Thursday, September 9, 2010

LANI MERCADO and her Wang Wang!!!

In the beginning, they respect the boundaries.

Then, very slowly, they thread the fine lines that separate the good and evil.

Finding very little opposition, they take a little step beyond.

Before long, mankind had gone back to the dogs!

That's precisely what a neophyte congresswoman and wife of Senator Bong Revilla did. Lani Mercado's convoy started with short bursts of undeniable siren to bully her way in the roads.

They claim that it sounded like ordinary horns.

Do they think that the people are stupid? A siren is a f&(*k*n siren!

Even little kids would recognize a police siren in any form or volume!

But these politicians... My God!

Walang Wangwang, Walang blinker!!!!

LANI MERCADO???? Susmaryosep kayo!

Read the story HERE.

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