Sunday, May 19, 2013

Learn To Smoke and Calmly Think

While smoking my favorite backwoods cigar, I reflect on the hottest issues of the land and conclude that all this brouhaha over the death of one fisherman is 90% hogwash. 

I agree that every life is sacred but for a country to trample a weaker neighbor in a warlike manner over a still unresolved issue is simply bullying. Let justice be served and punishment be meted to those responsible. However, Taiwan should not impose its own brand of supposedly speedy justice to another country. It should let the courts conduct the trials and if they are not satisfied with the outcome, then they should start thinking of something else. But for them to issue a fellow sovereign state an ultimatum the way they did, I wish that China would claim them back. I thought that Taiwan is the better part of China but it seems that they are not.

Taiwan's President Not Fit For Office

In the incident wherein a Chinese fisherman was shot by Philippine Coast Guard personnel, the President of Taiwan, who's approval rating is very very low, did the most statesmanlike act. Sans any complete report and only the testimony of the surviving fisherman, the President threatened the Philippines with war by ordering military exercises aimed at the smaller economy, banning the importation of Philippine labor, etc. etc. In incidences such as this, a leader is supposed to calm his people, call for the truth and stabilize the situation. Instead, Filipinos are now being harmed in Taiwan. No thanks to the hawkish government. When China comes to claim you back, I am not so sure I will sympathize with you... bullies!


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