Sunday, September 21, 2008

Short post

The serious blogger should seriously consider the xd picture card. With their propensity to take photos of everything that they see, the XD picture card is a perfect companion. On to today’s topic. The government should take a closer look at the country’s oil industry. While we all know that a large number of players pushes market prices down to the lowest possible level, the price of petroleum in 6the country is very high. Do we have enough players in the market now? Or are the numbers hardly enough to make a difference?

Will continue when I get back...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Philippine Financial System and the Lehman Fiasco

The banking reforms that started a few years ago have produced good results. The financial crisis in the United states seems just like acne to the Philippines because of the numerous mergers and acquisitions of the different banks. Banks are now large enough to absorb their exposures to Lehman Brothers and AIG, something that was quite unimaginable during the past few years.

New Terminology

Have you heard of business jobs? Simply put, these are management positions in different companies. My first encounter with the terms left me wondering if people are now being given free rein to run their employers businesses but I am mistaken. There are now existing positions that are close to being that. Fund managers, for instance, are given large freedoms to invest and grow funds and for me, it is close to giving people the empowerment to become entrepreneurs using other people’s money. It’s close but still, not quite.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Contemporary Fashion

Just a bit of rambling.. Plenty of young people wearing cap, loose baggy pants, huge necklaces and sunglasses can nowadays can be seen hanging around in malls, gas stations (at night) and just about anywhere. My beef with these people is that they are trying to emulate the lifestyle of decadent western youth. These kind of outfits are normally associated with street gangs and drive by shootings. In one television show, a parent once called the attention of his son and informed him that these kind of fashion actually originated in prison, the swagger included. Why include the swagger? I surmise that the walk originated from prisoners who had to drag chains and metal balls while walking.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A man's best friend.

Images in the papers today remind me of the air tools, precision screws that I treat as miracle instruments whenever there is something that needs fixing or improving in the house. Come to think of it, the most sacred items in my house includes my 2 tool boxes. I keep it clean and orderly and I sternly remind everyone not to mess with it. Women have their jewelry, men have their toolboxes!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sloppy Police Work?

In the news today.

People from the NBI and the Customs, all armed with expensive sub machine guns, barged into a company selling petrol. The company owner complained that the guard who opened the gate was mauled by the raiding team.

The case? The company was supposedly smuggled oil into the country. The thing is, the company presented receipts coming from Chevron.

In another raid, two small and dilapidated shipping vessels were also apprehended and alleged to be being used in smuggling petrol. Another problem with it is, the petrol was shown to be contained in drums.

It makes me wonder.... Petrol is brought into the country in large tankers at quantities of no less than 10,000 MT (liters)/ transaction. Smuggling oil in small vessels is simply not profitable. With profits of only a few cents/ liter. Smuggling it in quantities of only a few tons is simply stupid. The owner also showed receipts that it brought the gas from Petron.

This early, I can already declare that this case will get nowhere.


Judging from the drums on board the ailing vessels, the sub machine guns of the raiders probably costs more. A lot more!

Antonio Trillanes IV: Senator, Freeloader, Disgraced Captain, Coward, Moses pretender, Big Mouth & Mini-Mi in Real Life.

Once upon a time, there was a man who thought of himself as Moses. He was christened Antonio Trillanes IV but after getting a good number of votes to become a senator, he thought that all he had to do is dip his stick into the water and the Red Sea will part in the middle and give him and his people a safe path to walk into.

But of course, the assumption is very wrong. First of all, he thought that people will follow him the way the Israelites did. They did not. And judging from his actions during the Peninsula, where he bragged all over while the police and military were just standing by, but trembled when the first shots were fired, there isn't much cojones in this man. Much more, his stick must be so short that "it" reaching the ground is nothing but an adolescent fantasy!

Who is Antonio Trillanes?

First of all, let us talk about him vis-a-vis leadership

This guy’s leadership experience is very little. The former chief of the armed forces say that Trillanes never had a combat assignment. If that's case, the closest leadership experience that he has is probably when he was reported to have led armed goons, barged in and took over a business from a defenseless businessman.

On thing is for sure. When the government assault of the Peninsula started, his knees trembled and he surrendered without a fight. This guy is nothing but deranged, a pretender and a copycat.

That's why I call him "Mini-me"

And how about moral ascendancy?

This foot soldier (he’s just a captain, remember) who supposedly earns very little, was reported to own a number of cars. Hmnn.. He is also said to officially reside in a coastal town but actually lives in a millionaire’s village. Remember that new Hyundai Starex used in bringing weapons and Magdalo armbands and in blocking Makati Avenue? It was recovered a few weeks, later with his wife and kids on board.


During a senate testimony, he testified that the President, in a meeting with him, kept on “yacking and yacking”… whatever it means. But one thing is for sure. Trillanes ,who loves taking over expensive hotels and not paying bills, does nothing but quack like a duck. Remember the Oakwood hotel (that had to change its name because of the bad image that he brought into it) and the Manila Peninsula? He even has a gold card because of his big expenses in those hotels (which he never paid for).

Big spender, huh? How about giant freeloader?

After the peninsula caper, he laid low but now, he is back to doing nothing but quack. He is marking his political comeback by calling for an investigation.. How about that?

Trillanes, what ever it is.. We don’t care about you. The country has enough troubles on its own. All you do is create more.


Check the term papers that he submitted in UP. It's published somewhere in the net. Sooo mediocre!!! A classmate also says the same. When asked why teachers say that Trillanes is a good student", the reply was, "No teacher will ever declare a student to be stupid"

By the way, he calls himself Sonny. I wonder if it's his real nickname or is it just an attempt to sound cute for the voters. It reminds me of another politician who christened himself a nickname for political purposes.

Get lost, Trillanes! F#$k Y%^!!!


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