Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here's a bit more about the messianic personality who thinks of himself as Moses, who only needs to walk in the streets and all God's children will follow. He also thinks that he can part the Red Sea, with a dip of his stick. -It's too short to reach the chest level waves, Sir!

The Trillanes apologists try to salvage his soiled reputation by calling him an idealist.


How much is his salary again?

I just had to ask because:

He is also said to have 8 cars listed under his name.

And now, he even has a new Starex
"a van that was allegedly used to transport rebel soldiers and firearms during the standoff at the Peninsula Manila hotel in Makati last Nov. 29.
...... said the black Hyundai Starex van with license plate ZBU-594 was intercepted with Arlene Trillanes, the wife of detained Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, and their four children on board."
There are TV footages that supports this claim:
"...the Starex van was found abandoned by police and military operatives near the Manila Peninsula hotel after the six-hour stand off.
This is how he used to live in prison,
"Trillanes and his fellow Magdalo mutineers were allegedly given VIP treatment.
Their privileges included: (1) being allowed to play badminton at the Isafp gym with players from outside brought in for them, (2) being allowed to have cellular phones inside their cells, (3) being allowed to have desktop computers, microwave ovens and refrigerators, (4) being allowed to have occasional passes to visit their families.
But still, they reportedly wanted more privileges."
But prior to all that, in an article entitled, "tantrums of the demigod",

"Dutchman Adriaan de Jager and his Filipina wife Ana Santarin who related the injustices they had to endure under Navy Lieutenant Trillanes.

They were evicted by Trillanes from their Novaliches property without any court order; Trillanes swooped down on the De Jager home with a gang of armed goons. He did not even introduce himself as a Navy lieutenant, but reportedly misrepresented himself as a businessman. Trillanes later used the basement of the house to store a cache of explosives and ammunitions. Because of that, De Jager languished in jail for 15 months."


MONACO said...

the masa called him their messiah, their robin he fought (daw) his oppressors but he didn't fool me from the start. there was arrogance in his face when I first laid eyes on him during the magdalo seige and I was right. and now that he's senator with 11 million votes to his name he thinks he is superman! f#$% you trillanes!

jc smith said...

In my profession, I need to be a good judge of character. This guy is someone that I saw for what he is, on the first day of Oakwood.

iamsorceress said...

Oh well, with Jamby Madrigal severing ties with the guy after having been identified as his biggest political campaign fund sponsor, I can now sing, It's All 'Bout the Money!

jc smith said...

it's all 'bout the Money!...


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