Thursday, December 20, 2007


As a young boy, I heard stories about abusive soldiers who were punished by being made to take the lead in a jungle patrol bearing nothing but a knife. The story goes that the punished one's knees shake uncontrollably and he breaks down like a scared little boy.

The sleaze bags, I think, should be made to patrol the innards of Quiapo or the scariest areas in Tondo at night, alone and with nothing but a batton.

Vamos a ver!

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hey JC, there is always this claim that only a few cops are assholes, the majority are actually good and truly implement the law. But its cops such as these that perpetuate the image of the rest as thugs and bandits, corrupt to the bone, foul mouthed, gun toting, belly bagged bully, sexual predator, among others.

In some cases I believe it cannot be helped. These guys are referred to as peace officers yet their jobs involve all sorts of violent crimes and situations. However, they should be mature enough to make clear distinctions about being in filth and creating the filth. They should police themselves and punish those that cross the line.

These 2 cops should be terminated. What other things could they do later if they get only a reprimand? The crux is in the hiring. If you know the type of people hired and the true nature of their documents, you'd give up. Recto University is alive and well. --Durano, done!


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