Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Again, yours truly is so busy today. However, I hope to be able to post at least one more article tonight. Please stay tuned.


Listening to the news reports, I found out that the Senator Jinggoy Estrada, the son of deposed president and convicted plunderer Joseph Ejercito Estrada, complained over the appointment to the Supreme Court of the judge who found his dad guilty.

He claims that the appointment looks like his dad's enemy's (President Arroyo) thank you gift to the judge. This claim is echoed by Senate President Villar who adds that the appointment is ill timed.

Looking at it in another way, the appointment also looks like a well deserved promotion, considering the fact that the judge resisted the pressures to free a guilty plunderer. It is not easy to deliver a guilty verdict to a powerful man.


Despite his tough talk and consistent denial, Atty. Maceda, Law dean of one of the prestigious colleges in Manila (and son of ERAP ally ex-senator Maceda), confirmed in a TV interview that according to the law, Erap's withdrawal of his appeal (of the court ruling that convicted him of plunder), is in effect an admission of guilt.

As I wrote several pages back, if Erap really believe in his innocence, should slug it out in the courts and refuse pardon. It now turns out that despite the absence of any admission (in his letter requesting for a presidential pardon), the withdrawal of his appeal already constituted an admission of guilt.

With so many senior lawyers in Estrada's defense team, the fact should have been known to them, early on.

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