Thursday, December 6, 2007


Most notably, fellow military academy graduate and senator Lacson..
"..said he gave his detained colleague the book, The Art of War,” by Sun Tzu and that Trillanes was happy to receive the gift and had lots of time for reading."

As a military officer, being given a copy of the book is an insult, especially if you spent four years in a school for warfare. All military leaders are supposed to be experts in the Art of War. So, if a fellow soldier gives you that book after a failed coup, it's like being told that you are a louse!
I would not be surprised if Trillanes, being the free loader in expensive hotels that he is, would be happy to receive the gold members' card.


But with the Art of War, hmmnn..
Who knows, with the book, he might be inspired to mount another coup.

Compliments of the Philippine Commedian


BURAOT said...

yup. it was an insult. sun tzu is considered a basic read but quite a classic. even small time activists read it.

fionski said...

When I first read that someone from the military has not read Sun Tzu's The Art of War, I thought it was a joke. Trillanes really hasn't read the book and doesn't even know the existence of the book? My Dad worships Sun Tzu. Since I was a teenager he kept telling me to read the book. Kaso the book he has had a lot of footnotes which really confused me, so I was not able to finish the book.
I wonder what Trillanes' excuse is.

jc smith said...

Sad to say, a lot of generals haven't.

But ask them about golf and the entire ball room will become noisy..


MONACO said...

yup that's an insult alright. was trillanes to dense to notice that?

that pic on the other hand is a riot. "hindi ka nag-iisip" ha ha ha. just like ninoy eh? only, trillanes is the moron version! ha ha ha.

jc smith said...

Got it exactly right, Monaco! :D


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