Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The ATM machines registered record breaking transactions over the weekend and resulted to long lines, slow services and of course, erroneous transactions..

Last night, I watched on television, the chairman of one of the country's atm networks asking people to start using their ATM cards as debit cards, meaning, they pay for their purchases by having their ATN cards swiped at the shopping establishments' paying counters. That way, long lines will be prevented and instances of erroneous debits will be avoided.

I think, the suggestion is right. It just came terribly late. So many Filipinos are are unaware of such ATM card feature that they will probably be skeptical the first time they hear about it. they should have embarked on a good information dissemination campaign several months ago..


Francesca said...

alam ko sa pinas, if use a debit card, dami pa ek ek sa cashier, ask ng id.
Once bili kami ni Michel sa robinsons ng washing machine, 6000pesos.
Bigay card ko.
Saan daw id ko.
sinagot ko, hindi ba approved?
Approved naman daw, kaya lang baka daw di akin yungcard.
Sarap sipain, lol
anyway, sabi ko, I dont bring any ID, if di pwede yung card, wag na lang. Balik na lang kami bukas.
Inaprove naman, buti na lang.
Takot ata mawalan ng sales...hehe.

Ikaw, jc, kano na spend mo this Xmas?

jc smith said...

marami na. puro sa airforce 1, mahal kasi dun. pag uwi ni nyo ni michel, punta kami dun, ha? :D -- :joke:


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