Monday, December 10, 2007


Call it brain drain or whatever you may want to. But since I was born, I've never really seen life improve in this country. So for those wanting to increase their success probabilities, go and find your fortune, my sons!

From its quota of 3,000 which was alloted on 2006, Italy has given the Philippines an additional 2,000 making the new total of 5,000 Pinoy OFW's that will be allowed for 2008. The employees which will be allowed covers
  1. Caregivers
  2. Construction
  3. Domestic helpers and
  4. Dependent work in general.
The ambassador to Italy says,:
"Filipinos can now enter other work sectors in Italy aside from domestic work as long as there are employers willing to hire them."

The PDI added,

"The application of the interested employees is done through the Internet.

Interested employers may use their own personal computers or avail of the services, for free, of the accredited employers associations, and labor unions in order to submit requests to accede to the established quota."


aCey said...

it's sad how limited the fields open to filipinos in other countries are, noh?

jc smith said...

Hi Acey!

It's actually an improvement already. Whereas they allowed mostly domestic helpers before, now we can send people from other fields. A lot of the domestic helpers are qualified in other areas so this is also a chance for them to slug it out with others. Thanks!


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