Monday, November 23, 2009

Increasing Premium

Now that flooding has taken with it thousands of vehicles in various cities, the rush is for the remaining vehicles as well as brand new models to get insurance quotes that has force majeure or so called “Acts of God” included in the policy. Of course, if ever insurers would cover such previous exclusions, the premium rates can be expected to go up. I think, initial feedback has placed the new premiums to be 25% higher than the previous. Whoa!

Mad Scramble for "For Rent" Homes

The flood that recently hit town resulted in a panic search for homes for rent. With most of their belongings gone and the house still submerged in flood waters, those who can afford frantically searched for fully or semi furnished houses for short term leases. The intention is to stay in these rented homes while contemplating on what to do next.

Increasing Social Security Coverage

I hope that my government will give better social security disability benefits. The working class is so poorly paid that any medical emergency will undoubtedly create a financial crisis for their families. Life in my country is not easy, for the ordinary employee and much more difficult for the poor. At this point, I would say that social security had improved. But I believe that there is much more left to be desired.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sad Auto Stories

The recent flooding greatly increased the need for Mopar parts as well as other vital automotive hardware. It is such a pity that people who are still starting or barely halfway through their amortization, have to deal with more massive expenses just si they can use their automobiles again. These floods, though referred to in the injsurance parlance as an “Act of God” is actually, man made.

Fat Politicians

Most of these country’s politicians are badly in need of fat burners. Even those who seem to be fit were caught like lard in a freezer when massive flooding struck home. Only a handful of rescue boats and land vehicles were available and most local governments did not know what to do. And of course, there were also those who did nothing until it was time to give interviews. Election time is near…


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