Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hayden Kho Again..

The guy claims to have been influenced to take drugs by the victim of his illegal and pornographic homemade video. He also claims that he cannot disclose his supplier of illegal drugs for fear of his life. If I am to believe Mon Tulfo (an opinion writer of the Philippine daily Inquirer), Dr Hayden Kho is still alive because the dads of his sex partners chose not to fight for their daughters. With all the death threats being floated, I wonder if the high risk doctor is still illegible for Wholesale Insurance life insurance?

If I am the insurance company, I’ll insure him with a clause that requires him to be surrounded by armed guards all the time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yes, he's a doctor who specializes in making people look beautiful. His field of specialty does face lifts, organ repairs and enhancements, etc.. But with illegally obtained videos of naked women, I wonder if he should again be allowed to be in the company of women or men for that matter, again.

Dr. Hayden Kho may not have uploaded his illegally obtained sex videos on the internet but he has shown it to his fraternity brothers. At least, that's what Lolit Solis, his girlfriend's talent manager boldly claims.

Because of that, I think, he should be closely investigated for violating laws on public viewing of government unrated and pornographic material, on top of illegal wiretapping.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gay Vacations For Manila's Homosexuals

That guy should go to gay vacations where he can flaunt his homosexuality where there is little likelihood of him refused entry.

In Manila a once famous actor publicly announced his homosexuality. A few months further, he made a complete wardrobe change and christened himself a female. With the public humoring him, he publicly announced the demise of himself as a male and that he is now a complete she. A couple of weeks ago, she was invited by a friend to a bar. However, the restaurant manager refused him entry due to its policy of disallowing cross dressers. Many bars in Manila previously had troubles with males claiming to be females that adamantly demanded to be allowed to use the female restroom. Of course, no right thinking manager will expose vulnerable females to in comfort rooms. However, the issue had been blown to huge proportions by homosexuals and friends of the actor. Let’s see what else will happen.

In this time of plague

All these talk about the need for Medicare supplement insurance cannot be as timely as it is now. The dreaded flu that is threatening to infect a huge part of this planet’s population is simply horrendous. However, the thought that the survivors will be the ones left footing the bill makes it more horrifying. People need to have adequate access to health care so that their medical bills can be taken care of and the recovery to follow will likewise be smooth.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brouhaha over the Philippine National Anthem

"Mexicanos, al grito de guerra"....

In most of the Pacquiao bouts, the opposing fighters were Mexicans. Whilst the Mexican national anthem was sung the same way all the time, the Philiipine national anthem was done a variety of times.

In the Philippines, there is a law on how the song should be sung (check my earlier posts) but the stubborn artists of this land have used their artistic freedom to mangle it. Beautiful, as they claim their %^&* renditions may have been, the point remains the same. The law is intended to preserve the ways by which it is originally sung and to remind us that during difficult times, a group of people fought to make this country independent.

And while I may be in favor of making revisions to the song, I, and all of us, have no right to break the law. I will sing the anthem differently, as soon as the law has been ammended and never before any formal proposal had been made.

So Martin Nievera and the rest of you people who remains stubborn, I am strongly in favor of having you remain stubborn--- inside the Manila City Jail!

"Bayang Magiliw"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Asbestos Exposed People

In most parts of the world, including the Philippines, a lot of people were exposed to asbestos, a couple of decades ago. By this time, a number of those people are probably suffering from Mesothelioma cancer. God forbid but if there are actually people who in one way or another, was exposed to asbestos and are feeling at the very least, a bit abnormal, they should consult specialists. A good resource page can be found in this post, just click on it to find the symptoms and other information.


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