Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brouhaha over the Philippine National Anthem

"Mexicanos, al grito de guerra"....

In most of the Pacquiao bouts, the opposing fighters were Mexicans. Whilst the Mexican national anthem was sung the same way all the time, the Philiipine national anthem was done a variety of times.

In the Philippines, there is a law on how the song should be sung (check my earlier posts) but the stubborn artists of this land have used their artistic freedom to mangle it. Beautiful, as they claim their %^&* renditions may have been, the point remains the same. The law is intended to preserve the ways by which it is originally sung and to remind us that during difficult times, a group of people fought to make this country independent.

And while I may be in favor of making revisions to the song, I, and all of us, have no right to break the law. I will sing the anthem differently, as soon as the law has been ammended and never before any formal proposal had been made.

So Martin Nievera and the rest of you people who remains stubborn, I am strongly in favor of having you remain stubborn--- inside the Manila City Jail!

"Bayang Magiliw"

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