Monday, November 17, 2008

The Motorcycle Menace

In this time where environmental concerns is supposed to be at an all time high and gas consumption should be kept at the barest minimum, the increased number of people using motorcycles is a welcome development.

However, if the Philippine government will not swiftly to increase the people's awareness for safe driving and proper maintenance of their machines, this bikes can actually become monsters compared to the menace that they are now.

Bikes are now occupying all lanes in all roads and have become road hazards. A lot of these bikers are probably not aware that they are not fast enough compared to regular vehicles and cars facing a slow bike after a round curve is tantamount to a roadkill.

Let the buyer beware. Bikes maybe wonderful but without any awareness training, it can become a cause of violent deaths.

Losing Weight

Let us look at it with an open mind. diet pills, which have been notorious in the past for its side effects, have significantly improved nowadays. Technological advances as well as newly breakthroughs in science, has made some of the diet medications safe for most people. One thing that I never fail to advice people though, always consult a physician. Anything beyond food and water should have your doctor’s approval.

Remembering Vegas

Whenever I look at my old copy of the las vegas strip map, I remember the good old days when we had family vacations in Las Vegas. The oldies played at the casinos while we, the kids, enjoyed everything that the wonderful buffet tables had to offer. I remember that the food was cheap too. Some people remember Las Vegas as a gambling capital but for a lot of us, it is a perfect place for recreation and good memories.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Good For Outsourcing?

Despite overwhelming claims to the contrary, the current US ambassador to the Philippines thinks otherwise. Is she being optimistic or simply lying?
Kenney said that based on Obama's historic speech after being elected by Americans to the White House on Tuesday, the president-elect has indicated his "global outlook" and promised to "reach out" to America's friends around the world.

"I as the president want us to move forward together," Kenney said, quoting the first black president of the US.

The US ambassador also pacified fears that the call center industry will be affected by the White House takeover of a Democrat, as feared by analysts in the Philippines.

She said American call center companies that have branched out in the Philippines would probably maintain their business here.

"If you heard him yesterday, [he mentioned] growing global prosperity. Call centers continue to be strong. Their successful because the Philippine work force is so talented," Kenney said.

There were speculations in the Philippines that Obama's administration might convince American call centers in the country to return to the US for more jobs for its citizens.

Analysts said the projected move is one way of preserving the falling US economy, which has triggered the global financial crisis.

Here's her statement.

Insuring Homes Worldwide

In this country, home owner insurance has always never been much of a priority for most people. It is therefore imperative that information drives be undertaken in order to increase people’s awareness of the benefits that insurance can bring especially to the working class which comprise majority of the country’s residents. As far as I know, only a handful of my friends have their homes insured and there are a handful of big businessmen who are whispered by some people to be good in converting their failed businesses into financial success by burning their factories and houses and collecting insurance payments. Of course, that is not a good way to live but I believe that some people actually use that method to make money.


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