Monday, May 31, 2010

Noy's GF

Presumptive President elect Noynoy Aquino’s girlfriend was featured in a magazine interview this weekend. In the article, she proclaimed that she needed no weight loss supplements to be able to lose weight. All she did was join the hectic campaign, hers and Noynoy’s and that was it- she lost weight. For the rest of us probably, we need plenty of exercise, diet and perhaps, more pills.

Diet Pill Reviews

One of the bloggers that I visit from time to time once wrote that she doesn’t believe that diet pills work. That writer will therefore be happy to find out that is here. The site features various brands and types of diet pills that are being offered in the market today. The effective ones will be identified and the not so good brands and types will probably be exposed. Review sites are mostly good for as long as the reviewers are truthful and knowledgeable.

We need more homes

There are no used motorhomes yet that are being marketed in this country. Brand new ones, yes, it’s starting to come out. Just tonight, the televisions reported outgoing Vice President Noli de Castro’s pronouncement that the agency that he leads – PAG IBIG Fund, has turned over a million housing units to the people since the year 2001. The fact remains, however, that the rising population has overtaken the government’s efforts to provide housing to most people.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aircon = Exercise

The summer heat that people in this country is experiencing is so bad that I am forced to use my air conditioning every night. That also means that I have to pay more attention to my exercise equipment. I noticed that whenever I use the house aircon for a few months at a time, my body weight increases. It is probably a result of my body not losing anything to perspiration and I absorb most fluids. I am now ten pounds heavier than before.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Call Center Campaign Strategy

People thought that it was simply the masses admiration that propelled Erap to Victory.
After the polls, it was revealed that he had the most modern nerve center that occupied the entire Byron EDSA hotel.

Now, they are revealing it, as well. Noynoy had a call center group that aided his campaign to victory.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haggard and Zombie Looking People

For those involved in the recent electoral campaign, I am sure that the combination of stress, physical exhaustion and lack of sleep contributed greatly to quick weight loss. In my estimates, a 20 lbs decrease is nothing but normal if one is to make a survey of all of those that were involved in the campaign. But though weight loss may have been attained by everyone, I doubt if those people now looks better compared to their appearances before the campaign.

Campaign's Over

For those who spent the past two months in the midst of the grueling election campaign, it’s time to get some wrinkle and adult acne treatment. Election campaigns are stressful to one’s physique, mental health as well as financial well being. And the bad news is, most of the people involved in it losses. In an election, there are many contenders but only one winner.


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