Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manny Pacquiao

Like a mold killer, he wiped out all the opposition in his weight categories. But despite lording the world known for its thugs and police characters, the man remains humble and grounded. After the humiliation and beating that he gave his biggest opponent, he humbly submitted himself by telling him, “..You are still my idol”- a line delivered with outmost sincerity that was accepted and returned, “No, you are now my idol”. Such a display of humility, generosity and genuine affection was also displayed in a previous fight when he tried to help a knocked out opponent get up. Yes, the man has class.

During his most recent birthday party, he spent close to a million dollars to treat 2,000 of his important guests and about 5,000 followers. Such a celebration was simultaneously held in a huge indoor coliseum and an open air public plaza. He also invited the same opponent that he tried to help get up and even sent business class tickets and accommodations to share with him the joy that he was feeling. Did I mention that he also invited a boxer who’s been openly taunting him for a fight for quite sometime? Such a party was so lavish that some may call it excessive. But to me, it was nothing more than an attempt to share some good times with people who admired him and rejoiced at his conquests. Such a good man indeed. Immanuel “Manny the Pacman” Pacquiao!

Man of the Year!

This guy lands among the top guys in all my books. Rising from poverty, he became the best Filipino boxer of all time by winning the lightweight boxing championship of the world. Armed with the desire to conquer greater heights, he challenged and defeated a much taller and bigger fighter who also happens to be one of the best boxers of all time, Oscar de la Hoya. It was not only a case of a small man beating much bigger guy. It was an epic story of a badly maligned and underestimated fighter outclassing the bigger name to a magnitude so big, that the bigger guy had to call in, “No Mas!”

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bayani Fernando's Posters are all over Luzon

Reporting from la Trinidad, Benguet.

Bayani Fernando's early campaign posters are all over the highway.

Contacting friends in Legazpi City, I was told the same story.

For everyone's information, Bayani's jurisdiction reaches only as far as the borders of Metro Manila. WIth his intention to run for presidency being known by even the smallest insect in the country, there is only one explanation to this massive effort by a Markina politician- early campaign.

Where is the money coming from?

Isn't this illegal?

Monday, December 15, 2008

WTF??? Lowly City Councilors now moving in official convoys!

Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja once hit MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando for claiming that the metropolis is free of traffic jams while travelling in huge convoys with plenty of siren bearing escorts. What's more, they also claimed that the chairman even uses this convoys in moving against the traffic (counter) flow.

A few months ago, I noticed City officials in a Metro Manila city who seemed to have been issued SUV's (Ford Everest). Just this morning, while I was caught in a slow traffic in that city, I was surprised to see an entire line being cleared by an advanced motorcyle escort with sirens on full volume. It turned out that the motorcycle was escorting a city official riding a Ford Everest. To make matters worse, the lane was for the opposite direction. The darn city councilor was doing a counterflow!

Hmnn.. How can a lowy city councilor be that busy? Is he headed to a debate, so crucial that he had to clear an entire lane? Is the councilor about to save the universe, that he had to have a motorcycle escort?

At that time, I wished that there were some street protesters with road spikes. His slashed tires would have made a lot of people happy!

The entire lane that should have been used by hundreds of other vehicles, was cleared because a lowly city official chose to be in the streets during rush hours.

Safe Supplements?

Passing by a store called GNC in one of our malls, I saw so many brands of weight loss supplements that I got into a temporary state of confusion. I asked the salesladies which of theirs stocks are the best diet pills and she showed a number of bottles and explained why. Apparently, diet supplements are not as bad as it was anymore, when a good number of banned substances where used as active ingredients. That to me, is good news. I have been battling with weight gain continuously for quite some time now and a little help would come in very handy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Addicted to Late Night News

I hope to be able to find a vendor of Zyporex soon. Staying up all night to monitor the breaking news is causing skin breakouts and it is starting to annoy me already. Political news is hardly encouraging, economic developments are alarming and peace and order is bad, as usual. Hoping for positive developments, round the clock monitoring of news updates had become a daily and unhealthy habit for me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why they don't like nursing homes

Some people thinks that nursing homes, with its professional care, is the best for our elderly. However, there are some truths behind this facade of professional care that are unknown to a lot of people. A few months ago, I posted a video of a medical professional manhandling an elderly patient. Today, we are being treated to news of teenaged lunatics working in nursing homes. Those kids spitted on the mouths of elderly patients, groped some of them and mocked them until the patients screamed.

The devil personified. That's what those kids are.

Other details of the news in this link.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What have you been teaching our kids?

- “Defective textbooks are exactly like contaminated milk,” Go says, referring to the melamine-tainted imports from China which has killed at least four babies and caused kidney ailments in more than 50,000 children.

He says that while melamine-tainted dairy products caused physical damage, error-filled textbooks created mental and emotional damage.

“Unlearning is even a more difficult process than teaching,” Go says.

- "One result of Go’s advocacy is the issuance of DepEd Order No. 39, which directs private schools to immediately stop using “Simply Science in the Next Century” and “Harnessing Arts for English Today” by Phoenix.
But the error-riddled textbooks remain in use.
Also, due to Go’s exposé of its errors, “Asya: Noon, Ngayon at sa Hinaharap,” a social studies textbook, was recalled by then Education Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad in 2004.

In June 2007, the DepEd issued a 21-page errata guide to correct the factual, grammatical and other errors in 11 newly released social studies textbooks and teacher’s manuals."

According to a Senate resolution, however, the guide “failed to substantially correct the errors found in the books.”


Monday, December 1, 2008

Today's schedule

After my dollar store shopping, I will probably be claiming my free acne treatment, courtesy of my spa membership. It allows me to get about 5 free facial treatment services every year. Having nobody to give it to and it is almost the end of the year, I might as well use the remaining certificates and avail of it myself. Going to the spa is kinda therapeutic for busy people like me. It makes me relax for abot an hour and feel the pampering of train hands. Work hard, play well!

Inexpensive Shopping

Just after posting this short article, I will drive to the nearest dollar store franchise to scout for good buys. There is no telling what you will find in such places. From personal items to handyman tools to personal tokens for the holidays. I hope that there will be a few more in the city. This everything for a dollar surely makes my day. Shopping has never been more fulfilling and yet very inexpensive.

Here's a good idea!

This Christmas, more than last year, I believe that storage devices such as the USB flash drive and/ or the wireless optical mouse will become well-appreciated promotional items. These items are inexpensive but are very handy. Let us not forget that people are very busy that they have no time to go out of their ways and buy these helpful items. By giving it to them these Christmas, the recipients will always remember the thoughtfulness of the one who gave it.

Be Clean, Look Clean!

So many of our politicians and government bureaucrats have excess fat, some of them really excessively obese. However, not all of them are fat from ill gotten money and some have had weight problems since childhood. One of my well loved professors is very overweight and was appointed to head a government agency. Some Leptorexin would have been good for creating a cleaner image of government officials but in his present state, I strongly recommend, more than ever, a doctor’s prescription. Government officials should not only be clean, they should look clean. However, weight loss should be properly managed and we have plenty of doctors who can make sure that it happens properly.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Motorcycle Menace

In this time where environmental concerns is supposed to be at an all time high and gas consumption should be kept at the barest minimum, the increased number of people using motorcycles is a welcome development.

However, if the Philippine government will not swiftly to increase the people's awareness for safe driving and proper maintenance of their machines, this bikes can actually become monsters compared to the menace that they are now.

Bikes are now occupying all lanes in all roads and have become road hazards. A lot of these bikers are probably not aware that they are not fast enough compared to regular vehicles and cars facing a slow bike after a round curve is tantamount to a roadkill.

Let the buyer beware. Bikes maybe wonderful but without any awareness training, it can become a cause of violent deaths.

Losing Weight

Let us look at it with an open mind. diet pills, which have been notorious in the past for its side effects, have significantly improved nowadays. Technological advances as well as newly breakthroughs in science, has made some of the diet medications safe for most people. One thing that I never fail to advice people though, always consult a physician. Anything beyond food and water should have your doctor’s approval.

Remembering Vegas

Whenever I look at my old copy of the las vegas strip map, I remember the good old days when we had family vacations in Las Vegas. The oldies played at the casinos while we, the kids, enjoyed everything that the wonderful buffet tables had to offer. I remember that the food was cheap too. Some people remember Las Vegas as a gambling capital but for a lot of us, it is a perfect place for recreation and good memories.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Good For Outsourcing?

Despite overwhelming claims to the contrary, the current US ambassador to the Philippines thinks otherwise. Is she being optimistic or simply lying?
Kenney said that based on Obama's historic speech after being elected by Americans to the White House on Tuesday, the president-elect has indicated his "global outlook" and promised to "reach out" to America's friends around the world.

"I as the president want us to move forward together," Kenney said, quoting the first black president of the US.

The US ambassador also pacified fears that the call center industry will be affected by the White House takeover of a Democrat, as feared by analysts in the Philippines.

She said American call center companies that have branched out in the Philippines would probably maintain their business here.

"If you heard him yesterday, [he mentioned] growing global prosperity. Call centers continue to be strong. Their successful because the Philippine work force is so talented," Kenney said.

There were speculations in the Philippines that Obama's administration might convince American call centers in the country to return to the US for more jobs for its citizens.

Analysts said the projected move is one way of preserving the falling US economy, which has triggered the global financial crisis.

Here's her statement.

Insuring Homes Worldwide

In this country, home owner insurance has always never been much of a priority for most people. It is therefore imperative that information drives be undertaken in order to increase people’s awareness of the benefits that insurance can bring especially to the working class which comprise majority of the country’s residents. As far as I know, only a handful of my friends have their homes insured and there are a handful of big businessmen who are whispered by some people to be good in converting their failed businesses into financial success by burning their factories and houses and collecting insurance payments. Of course, that is not a good way to live but I believe that some people actually use that method to make money.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Proper Economic Management

Most of the world’s current economic problems could have been avoided if the people that mattered only paid attention to Proper material handling. The term subprime, by itself, refers to loans that are delinquently served. The financial markets all over did not practice diligent handling of those accounts and did not implement measures that could have stopped it from growing to uncontrollable levels. Had experts in this matters been listened to, a few years ago, the global economy would have continued enjoying steady growth. Ces’t la vie.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hot Business During Crisis Years

Looking for a retirement business, I visited a entreprise expo in search for a good franchise opportunity. I saw food cart franchises that costs an arm and a leg but surprisingly low opportunities in the same industry also abound. And with gas prices becoming a big headache for most people nowadays, it was not surprising to see gas saving solutions among the hot businesses in the entire expo. I hope that people will take gas saving seriously. Most countries are dependent on oil imports and being able to control a country’s oil requirement is a good solution in the long term.

Monday, October 20, 2008

About Hemophilia

This video is worthwhile reviewing for most people who are unaware of this rare condition.

Divisoria and Raon Prices

The introduction of LCD HDTV has pushed down the prices of current television sets, DVD Players and other appliances. Factories realize that they have to be able to make the most out of their soon to become obsolete manufacturing equipments hence the bargain prices. In my opinion, it won’t be long before the prices of Blu rays and the most expensive gadgets to go down. Technology is now moving at a much faster rate and trying to keep up with the latest gadgets can be very costly.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some thoughts regarding "The Pinoy Dream Academy – Little Dreamers”

This “Pinoy Dream Academy – Little Dreamers” may have good intentions but the sight of a lot of little kids being voted out in front of a live audience on national television makes me surf the net for a portable oxygen concentrator. Kids getting a dose of life’s harsh realities is a little too much, at this point. I hope the organizers and dreaming parents should carefully consider such repercussions.

PDA - Little Dreamers

While having a late dinner with the person supervising my fence installation, I cannot help but look at the television from time to time. The program being played is the “Pinoy Dream Academy – Little Dreamers” It is a singing contest for aspirants aged 6 to 10 years old. Most of the kids are exceptionally good but their voices, of course, can still be expected to mature. The road to perfection is still long.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Short post

The serious blogger should seriously consider the xd picture card. With their propensity to take photos of everything that they see, the XD picture card is a perfect companion. On to today’s topic. The government should take a closer look at the country’s oil industry. While we all know that a large number of players pushes market prices down to the lowest possible level, the price of petroleum in 6the country is very high. Do we have enough players in the market now? Or are the numbers hardly enough to make a difference?

Will continue when I get back...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Philippine Financial System and the Lehman Fiasco

The banking reforms that started a few years ago have produced good results. The financial crisis in the United states seems just like acne to the Philippines because of the numerous mergers and acquisitions of the different banks. Banks are now large enough to absorb their exposures to Lehman Brothers and AIG, something that was quite unimaginable during the past few years.

New Terminology

Have you heard of business jobs? Simply put, these are management positions in different companies. My first encounter with the terms left me wondering if people are now being given free rein to run their employers businesses but I am mistaken. There are now existing positions that are close to being that. Fund managers, for instance, are given large freedoms to invest and grow funds and for me, it is close to giving people the empowerment to become entrepreneurs using other people’s money. It’s close but still, not quite.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Contemporary Fashion

Just a bit of rambling.. Plenty of young people wearing cap, loose baggy pants, huge necklaces and sunglasses can nowadays can be seen hanging around in malls, gas stations (at night) and just about anywhere. My beef with these people is that they are trying to emulate the lifestyle of decadent western youth. These kind of outfits are normally associated with street gangs and drive by shootings. In one television show, a parent once called the attention of his son and informed him that these kind of fashion actually originated in prison, the swagger included. Why include the swagger? I surmise that the walk originated from prisoners who had to drag chains and metal balls while walking.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A man's best friend.

Images in the papers today remind me of the air tools, precision screws that I treat as miracle instruments whenever there is something that needs fixing or improving in the house. Come to think of it, the most sacred items in my house includes my 2 tool boxes. I keep it clean and orderly and I sternly remind everyone not to mess with it. Women have their jewelry, men have their toolboxes!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sloppy Police Work?

In the news today.

People from the NBI and the Customs, all armed with expensive sub machine guns, barged into a company selling petrol. The company owner complained that the guard who opened the gate was mauled by the raiding team.

The case? The company was supposedly smuggled oil into the country. The thing is, the company presented receipts coming from Chevron.

In another raid, two small and dilapidated shipping vessels were also apprehended and alleged to be being used in smuggling petrol. Another problem with it is, the petrol was shown to be contained in drums.

It makes me wonder.... Petrol is brought into the country in large tankers at quantities of no less than 10,000 MT (liters)/ transaction. Smuggling oil in small vessels is simply not profitable. With profits of only a few cents/ liter. Smuggling it in quantities of only a few tons is simply stupid. The owner also showed receipts that it brought the gas from Petron.

This early, I can already declare that this case will get nowhere.


Judging from the drums on board the ailing vessels, the sub machine guns of the raiders probably costs more. A lot more!

Antonio Trillanes IV: Senator, Freeloader, Disgraced Captain, Coward, Moses pretender, Big Mouth & Mini-Mi in Real Life.

Once upon a time, there was a man who thought of himself as Moses. He was christened Antonio Trillanes IV but after getting a good number of votes to become a senator, he thought that all he had to do is dip his stick into the water and the Red Sea will part in the middle and give him and his people a safe path to walk into.

But of course, the assumption is very wrong. First of all, he thought that people will follow him the way the Israelites did. They did not. And judging from his actions during the Peninsula, where he bragged all over while the police and military were just standing by, but trembled when the first shots were fired, there isn't much cojones in this man. Much more, his stick must be so short that "it" reaching the ground is nothing but an adolescent fantasy!

Who is Antonio Trillanes?

First of all, let us talk about him vis-a-vis leadership

This guy’s leadership experience is very little. The former chief of the armed forces say that Trillanes never had a combat assignment. If that's case, the closest leadership experience that he has is probably when he was reported to have led armed goons, barged in and took over a business from a defenseless businessman.

On thing is for sure. When the government assault of the Peninsula started, his knees trembled and he surrendered without a fight. This guy is nothing but deranged, a pretender and a copycat.

That's why I call him "Mini-me"

And how about moral ascendancy?

This foot soldier (he’s just a captain, remember) who supposedly earns very little, was reported to own a number of cars. Hmnn.. He is also said to officially reside in a coastal town but actually lives in a millionaire’s village. Remember that new Hyundai Starex used in bringing weapons and Magdalo armbands and in blocking Makati Avenue? It was recovered a few weeks, later with his wife and kids on board.


During a senate testimony, he testified that the President, in a meeting with him, kept on “yacking and yacking”… whatever it means. But one thing is for sure. Trillanes ,who loves taking over expensive hotels and not paying bills, does nothing but quack like a duck. Remember the Oakwood hotel (that had to change its name because of the bad image that he brought into it) and the Manila Peninsula? He even has a gold card because of his big expenses in those hotels (which he never paid for).

Big spender, huh? How about giant freeloader?

After the peninsula caper, he laid low but now, he is back to doing nothing but quack. He is marking his political comeback by calling for an investigation.. How about that?

Trillanes, what ever it is.. We don’t care about you. The country has enough troubles on its own. All you do is create more.


Check the term papers that he submitted in UP. It's published somewhere in the net. Sooo mediocre!!! A classmate also says the same. When asked why teachers say that Trillanes is a good student", the reply was, "No teacher will ever declare a student to be stupid"

By the way, he calls himself Sonny. I wonder if it's his real nickname or is it just an attempt to sound cute for the voters. It reminds me of another politician who christened himself a nickname for political purposes.

Get lost, Trillanes! F#$k Y%^!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

FREAKING OUTRAGE! Villar's Bodyguards May Not Face Raps!

Look at this scene. Bodyguards of a government official punched and kicked the memory out of a businessman. Yes, it was that bad. He now suffers memory loss because of what happened. The good thing is, the entire incident was caught on camera and witnessed by people who signed statements in the police headquarters.

The bodyguards refused to show up and simply sent their lawyers.

Now, it seems that they will go free. Not a pinch. Not a slap in the wrist.

Simply because the victim might not file a case in court. Isn't there GREAT INJUSTICE somewhere in this story?

The victim was said to have been drunk and unruly (and yes, powerless to fight back) .Does that justify the beating by the abled bodyguards?

What is the DILG doing about this? Are we paying taxes so that cops (and government employees) can gang up on us? !@#$%

The official, in an interview said that his security detail are all cops. WHOA! Aren't cops supposed to be experts in managing drunk INDIVIDUALS? There were a number of them and they had to beat the person so badly.

We all have seen this bodyguards of politicians and government officials. Most of them will never have the guts to slug it out with anyone on their own. But together and with arms, they bully their way around. These cowards.

They should be punished with 12 rounds/each in the ring in a Mixed Martial Arts bout on national television. Let's see how brave they will be.

Here is the story
Here is how it all started

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Olympic Response to the MILF attrocities

Whenever there is an atrocity, you attribute it to the lost command, which through CNN, you have now deemed more appropriately to be called Mujahedin. They burned entire villages, massacred women and children, stole cattle, etc..

When your commanders have been identified to be the ones in charge of the atrocities, you simply declare that you have told them to stop attacking but will fight back when attacked. Such double talk, don't you think so? And you warn, that if the government will not stop the military operations, it might lead to an all out war.

Let me remind you, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), that you were close to being wiped out when the government decided to meet with you and leave you in your camps. Take note that your biggest camps were taken so easily, despite your brags that you prepared for those battles for years. You were on the run, like scared goats.

But what did you do? While talking peace, you used the opportunity to re-arm. And when some villages decided that they will oppose the agreement that you forged with the government, when you realized that some of the areas that you claim will campaign against the ratification of that agreement, you raided and burned the villages, like the Mongols of long ago.

Actually, your actuation during the past couple of weeks remind us of what you did, a few centuries ago, when from Mindanao, you raided coastal villages in the Visayas and Luzon, plundered and took christian slaves to be sold in Borneo.

Warning that the government's scrapping of the agreement will lead to war is soooo out of this world. You should have refrained from raiding, looting and killing old men, children and women, in the first place.

In the spirit of the olympics, I am sending you, Comander Bravo and Umbra Kato an Olympic jersey each. It is a uniform of one the best soccer players in the world.
That, in my opinion, most appropriateley describes what you are.

Continue your line of talk, Eid Kabalu and Al Haj Murad and I shall also send you one set each.

Playing Witch

Passing by the dollhouses, I am tempted to create my own version of the promoter of atrocities in Mindanao. The terrorist leaders together with the manila politicians should be more than enough to create a blockbuster hit and of course, the pin factories will also have a heyday. A lot of people will be wanting to rush and buy the dolls and stick hundreds of pins on each

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where can we find good and legit sellers of unlocked cell phones in this country? I do not want to buy it from the brand owners themselves for the price is exorbitant. The sellers that I have encountered so far, must be buying it from some middle east distributors. The products are authentic but the manuals are in Arabic.

Que horror, don’t you think so?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spa Review: A Ton Ton Authentic Thai Massage Fiasco!

From time to time, may we play the role of a restaurant critic or a service ratings panel member.

Having been stressed by tons of paperwork and the long weekend that passed, I decided to get myself an hour’s worth of Thai massage instead of having lunch. I dialed the Ton-Ton Thai massage in Leviste street and reserved my favorite therapist.

As a spa veteran and massage critic, I feel that the kind of Thai massage here in the Philippines pales in comparison to the Filipino traditional hilot. The reason lies in the method used by both systems. Thai massage emphasizes the use of stretching and quick finger pressure while hilot uses deep thumb pressure through slow deliberate rubbing.

Stretching and point pressure system is good for relaxation but the hilot system enables the masseuse to find lymph nodes or “lamig” which are dealt with high pressure rubs. At the end of the hilot session, the patient or customer feels worn out, relieved, sleepy and very satisfied. In short, hilot is very much worth one’s money.

But since I do not know of any traditional hilot clinic in Makati, I decided to reserve a particular masseuse at Ton Ton for a lunch massage so that I'll be in shape for my 3 pm meeting. The reason why I asked for a particular therapist is that she has strong fingers, massages unhurriedly and knows how to deal with lymph nodes (due to previous sessions with moi’.)

The person who answered the phone confirmed that the therapist being sought is on duty and I told her that I am on my way. I passed by the ATM, walked under the mid day sun and reached the TonTon massage clinic with perspiration running on my back.

I introduced myself to the lady at the counter as the one who called and requested for a particular masseuse. Without any regard to my being a customer and sans the courteous tone of counter receptionists, she said, “Alas kuatro ang duty nya (she’s on duty by 4pm)!”

Taken aback, I replied, “I called up and was told that she’s here. I even confirmed that I’ll be coming now”

She said,”Oo nga, alas kuatro pa ang duty nya (Yes, I told you, she’s on duty by 4PM)”

@$%^^& ! What does this bitch expect me to do, wait for 4 f%4k^ng hours?!!! I left the air-conditioned office, walked under the sun and perspired only to be taken by these good for nothing ! @#%$%^?

Assessing the situation, I realized that the bitches (there were 2) simply trapped me into coming and since I was there already, expected me to simply choose one of them. In short, they wanted to serve me, themselves. This is a mother f#$% ng outrage!

Had they looked sincere to have committed a mistake, I could have done just that. But their close to being arrogant told me that they purposely misled me. Realizing that I will be spending money and probably be wasting one precious hour, I turned around and left.

Those people are not going to dupe me of any money. Not on that day and never in the future.

Imagine my disappointment. I made an appointment, left the office, withdrew money, walked under the sun and perspired heavily, all in anticipation of a good back rub. What I got are two unsympathetic people who seemed to have delighted in having pulled a fast one.

To the two readers of this blog. Never go to Ton-Ton in Salcedo Village. Instead, look for a spa that offers the Filipino traditional hilot. Communicate with your therapist by specifying the areas where you feel pain, tightness, etc.. In my more than 15 years of spa experience, the hilot is the best!! In fact, the really good therapists will find lymph nodes themselves and will not stop until it has been taken out.

No wonder, those people have their days fully booked with so many appointments.

They get their money by perfecting their craft, not by duping their clients!

By the way, look at the photo on top. It says they open at 11am. When I made my reservation at 11:30Am, they told me that they can only accommodate me starting at 12noon.

Lazy, scheming bastards!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just A Little More

Paul Getty, being a multi billionaire, was once asked how much money is enough. The reply was, "Just a little more!" If we will ask Tita Glo, how much term is enough, guess what her reply will be.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mindanao: What Promise Do You Really Bring?

Searching the net for movers New York reminds me of the plight of the civilians that are being displaced by the war in Mindanao. The MILF attacked and took over towns and are reported to have sniped farmers who were only out to harvest their crops. Farm animals were looted, houses were burned and people were terrorized. These atrocities against civilians are unacceptable and should be documented. I indict the perpetrators of these attacks, those who condone it and the MILF leadership who at the very least are unable to rein their people. It only took them a short moment to launch attacks but why are they asking for time to be able to complete a withdrawal. Is it because they have a lot of souvenirs to take back now?

Mayon Is Active Once More

Reading the news about the growls of the country’s world famous volcano reminds me of the overweight citizens of this land. Those who want to lose weight but could not for whatever reason, should leave within a close proximity with the Mayon Volcano. Its frequent threats of eruption should be enough to keep anybody fit even without trying. But if you can’t do it, some prescription diet pills should work.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Sellout?

I surely smell one.

This blog has been relatively quiet for sometime. But now, necessity dictates vigilance. The ultra secretive document that the government wants to bind the people points to something that the people will have none of.

If there is something that will require us to accept, isn't it but proper that our consent be sought first?

As the contents of the documents become known and as developments unfold, this blog will become more and more active.

Remain vigilant, my motherland!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PHILTRUST BANK : I Am Very Disappointed!

Remember that UAAP basketball star who was shot? Read this one..

Baracael, according to Inquirer sources, was attacked less than a year after he and another FEU player squealed on the existence of game cheats in the team.

Police on Monday requested for a copy of the security video of a bank near the crime scene, which may have recorded the shooting. But Chief Insp. Dominador Arevalo, head of the MPD homicide division which was tasked to help in the probe, claimed that the establishment, Philtrust Bank, has refused to cooperate.

[Philtrust] refused to provide us with a copy of the CCTV (closed-circuit television),” said Arevalo.

“One Roberto Mendoza, the bank’s assistant for security operations, was giving us a hard time, giving all sorts of alibis,” Arevalo added. “We told him that the request was based on an order of the city mayor, pero wala daw siyang pakialam (but he doesn’t care).Source

Monday, July 28, 2008

Remembering Noriega

All this talk about teenagers asking how to get rid of acne, I am reminded of a colorful political personality Manuel Noriega. The person who ruled Panama as its leader, was convicted in the US of drug trafficking and is serving a 17 year old jail sentence. After that, he is supposed to be extradited to France to serve another jail term for money laundering. But in line with the topic for the day, the former leader came into my mind for people in the US calls him pineapple face for his acne scars.

Representation for the Country's Poor

With so many legal cases being discussed in talk shows and television exposes, I hope that this country will have firms like the Chicago personal injury lawyers. With so many people in this country being unable to afford lawyers fees, contingency lawyers are a good solution especially if the battle is between the rich and the poor. The rich can afford legal representation can can afford to pay for justice while the poor cannot; I just hope that lawyers will not try to milk people simply for profits sake.

Boy Kuripot!

Those looking for promotional products and other freebies should visit Boy Kuripot’s blog at Common, it will not make anybody cheap by hunting down cheap items. If any, it will make them look wise for being able to optimize their enjoyment for free or huge discounts. Boy Kuripot is the first such website that I have encountered in the Philippines. Hopefully, there will be more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Advice To The Owners of Sulpicio

I have purposely refrained from discussing the Sulpicio incident for good reason. I felt that all my anger for what happened was more than reflected by the outpouring of hatred by the media and various bloggers and the country. I also felt that Sulpicio is badly managing the public relations aspect of the incident and may not be as bad as the whole world sees them. The latest PDI headline showing the more than 40 sinkings and thousands of dead in separate incidents however, makes me break this self imposed silence. To the owners, I urge you to get out of the business and give yourselves some rest from all of these. Play with your grandkids, walk them in the park in the Maclaren stroller and give yourselves some peace of mind. I myself, cannot live with the thought that people are dying en masse in my ships.

Price Increase, Price Increases, Price Increases

At this point, I am both relieved and worried. Relieved that the inflation has not peaked and caused chaos and worried about possible price increases. Until when will this end? The global oil situation remains volatile and the best that we can do is try to lessen our dependence to fossil fuel as fast as possible. All these crisis should be enough to keep people from overeating and relying upon Phentermine no prescription pills but not quite. A lot of people just won’t stop overeating.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gadget Review

The original Asus EEE came out with a price tag of P17~19,000 at the retail outlets. A small and lightweight gadget does not have a hard drive and runs on a system memory of 1 GB. Additional storage is possible using flash drives and that made the device a big hit at the start of the year. But for its price, I would say it’s not worth buring. The device is so small that it is just slighlty bigger than my outstretched palm. In contrast, a NEO Celeron laptop costs P20,000 and feature and capability wise, it is a much more superior piece of equipment.


Naval forces operating by the coast of Somalia are encouraged by the UN security council to act as franchisees of Ladybug steam cleaners and clean the waters of pirates. These bugs have been hindering humanitarian aid by attacking civilian cruise ships, tankers and almost any type of ocean vessel. Last March, a group of pirates got a taste of foreign weaponry when they were machine gunned by US forces after firing at an apprehending crew. Three were seriously injured and treated inside a US navy ship.

Home Network Security

I am looking for a new model Linksys router that will hopefully enable me to blog from the pool. All those advertisements of high powered routers are so attractive and I am now tempted to look for one myself. One of the disadvantages though is the possibility of intrusion from some naughty neighborhood kid. Increased reach also means that people outside the house will have access to it and no amount of inscription can make one’s computer truly safe.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Not Even in the House of Royalty are our Women Safe

The bottom line is beware of anything.

Only the paranoid survive.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Household Remedy to the Power Crisis

At this period where there seems to be no immediate end to the price increases, it will pay to start thinking of alternative sources, rather than simply passing on costs to customers. If memory serves me correctly, it will not take much to be able to harness the power of nature. National geographic documentaries have shown that individual households can create energy from falling water and light wind. I strongly believe that the responsibility of power generation should be taken down to the household level. By doing that, the entire economy will be freed from the burden of having to produce their own power.

Domestic Power Sources

Listening to radio and TV interviews of supermarket operators, I realized that these people are hard hit by the successive increases in the price of electricity. It turns out that a medium sized grocery store easily spends P1 million/month on electrical bills alone. If I may make my humble suggestion, they should produce their own electricity by operating their own generators that can be powered by a combination of solar and wind power. Most of the groceries and malls occupy a lot of space and have huge roofs that can be used for renewable power generation. They may also use alternative fuels in running their mini power plants.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Now that Ces Drilon has been freed, it is time for the entire mass media to reflect on their past actions and determine changes that will be for the good of the people.

While THESE ARROGANT BASTARDS BULLIED THEIR WAY FOR STORIES to fill their papers and time slots, they exercised special care and sensitivity when it was Ces turn to become the story.

They imposed news blackouts for Ces while they feasted on the other kidnapping incidents.

They hid the family from public view for security’s sake while they all tried to create scoops by being the first and getting exclusive footages of the other victims family’s. These holds true for victims of all other crimes.

I remember a witness to a heinous crime who appeared on TV. A lowly street vendor, he told me that he did not agree to the interview but they GAY assistant badgered and threatened him. he was so afraid that he agreed to be seen on TV. Had the prime suspects gotten back at him, he would have been defenseless. THAT’S HOW ROTTEN THIS MEDIA PEOPLE ARE!

Ces is alive. I want to know if she will continue to bully her way to stories. Remember how arrogant she and the other media people were during the Peninsula caper? Refused to be handcuffed and investigated, even if she spent the most time with Trillanes from the start til the end of the incident. It's the same arrogance that got her kidnapped and had the country again mentioned negatively in the international press.

The mass media in this country is terrible. Public service? NO WAY!

They are out for scoops to be able to get high ratings and high paying advertisements.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and That is the whole truth to it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cheap But Usefull Eyeglasses for Poor Kids

I have not so recently realized that eyeglasses are not expensive but many needy people do not have it. The reason for such a situation is that a lot of the deprived ones are not actually aware of such need. What I found just recently are kids in public schools who are thought to be slow in absorbing class lessons. A close examination however, showed that the kids actually have weak eyesight and that made them unable to properly read what teachers are writing in the board. The kids then develop short attention spans and tend to daydream or simply play at the back of the overstuffed classrooms. It only took a small amount of money and hundreds of kids now have new eyeglasses. They can now study and hopefully, they will grow up better armed to face this cruel world.

Spend Thrifts!

Back to todays hi tech gadgets, compact flash memory devices and similar attachments reach obsolescence quite fast that a stores failure to unload inventories on time may be disastrous to business. That is where bargain hunters like me thrive. A memory card that is not top of the line may be next to worthless commercially but for the end users, it is as useful as it was when it first came out of the market. We buy these things in bulk at dirt-cheap prices and give it away to our clients as souvenirs. Cool, eh?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How a Business Creates More Income

The object of today’s angst is SM Hypermart’s foodcourt (Pasig). The first few times that we had lunch there, we found the place refreshing and roomier compared to its counterparts in Megamall and everywhere else. Because of that, we resolved to visit the place from time to time.
During my last visit however, things have gone bad and another visit a month after showed that things have not improved. The first fiasco could have been due to the birth pains associated with the use of new technology. However, with things still being done in exactly the same way a month thereafter, I would call it stupidity and insensitivity to the pains being suffered by customers and worse-- FINANCIAL OPPORTUNISM!

What am I talking about? Here it is.

Before people can go around ordering food in SM Hypermart’s food court,
  1. They have to go to the cashier, deposit money and be given some kind of a prepaid card.
  2. After that, they may start going to the stalls and order their food where their card will be swiped and debited each time they make a purchase.
  3. If they make the mistake of going to the steak booth first, they will be delayed for a long time for the booth will hold on to their cards and swipe it after the steak has been grilled.
  4. When buying softdrinks, their card will not be honored and they will have to paycash.
  5. If by any chance, their initial load runs short of their order, they will have to GO BACK TO THE CASHIER and buy more credits.
  6. After they have gone around the booths, they will have to go back to the cashier, have their cards swiped and get their change.
Here are my observations
  1. Other than the extra three steps (1,5 & 6), there is the annoying step 4.
  2. What the $%^&* is with step 3?
  3. Of course, there is the possibility that the customers’ prepaid card will be lost at any time. There is also the real possibility that out of annoyance, the customers will forget to redeem their change after their meals. In both cases, the customer losses money which will either go to the unscrupulous thief, the lucky finder keeper or voila--- SM itself!!!!
  4. There is also this possibility that customers will find it more convenient to forget about a few pesos in unclaimed change than to line up and redeem it. Again, may we ask where the money will go?--- SM!!!!!
Now, more than a month after I have observed this annoying and inconvenient process, SM is yet to implement improvements.

I wonder, have they collected so much income that they have decided to continue with this process? In accounting, I believe that these extra money is called "extraordinary income". Has this been reported by SM to the BIR? Have they actually paid taxes for this?

This method of making money from unused/unredeemed/lost credits has been perfected by PLDT through its landline cards and followed by SMART and GLOBE. With SM's adaption of this wonderfully nice method, I wonder if they now have brilliant ex Telco employees who introduced them to this. Hmmnn.


A hope

I hope that the current lasik surgery will continue to improve and become more affordable to most people. Since Lasik treatment kind of “heal” the individual’s vision, the need for eyeglasses is eliminated. However, lasik surgery is still very expensive and is not economical to the average individual. Therefore, many people waits for the day when it will finally become affordable to the masses.

Amplifying Cell Signals

Surfing the web, I have realized that cell phone amplifiers are now commercially available and this is one piece of information worthy of dissemination. Despite technological advances, there are numerous areas that are not fully covered by cell sites for various reasons. An area may be covered by tall structures that weakens the reach of cell signals and home or mobile amplifiers help a lot in making communication possible.

Sunday Blogging

I find it so nice to have breakfast in a nice patio furniture and blog about events in the past week that made an impression to me. Blogging is such a beautiful way for ordinary people to express and broadcast their thoughts, which most often differs from what is being broadcasted by the traditional media. One of the main reasons for that difference is that most bloggers are not dependent upon corporate advertisers for their survival. Unlike the traditional press, which has salespeople going all over town to solicit paid ads, bloggers up to this point, do not have such.

RCBC problem

The recent massacre of bank employees underscored the need to strengthen the country’s drug rehab system. Bank robbers normally have no reason to kill bank employees en masse. In addition, murdering people who are not resisting is something that ordinary Filipinos do not have the gall of committing. At this point, conventional wisdom points to the country’s severe drug problem as the main cause of such murders. I agree.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today, the long awaited showdown at Meralco’s stockholders meeting is about to start. Already, vehicles with anti Garcia stickers and banners are being reported to be all over the compound’s parking lot. Meralco linemen and bill collectors are also all over the place carrying banners supporting the present leadership. This early, GSIS’s Garcia’s prediction of organized heckling, to counter his attempt to get reelected to the board and hopefully, effect a change in the leadership of the power company seems to be coming into fruition.

For a backgrounder, Garcia who controls a little more than 30% of the company through government shares in Meralco, is wanting to outseat the ruling Lopez family. This officially started when President GMA publicly asked for the support of big businesses in taking out the present leadership whom a lot of people accuse of cheating the public and charging exorbitant electric rates. On a personal level, Garcia has been feuding withthe present leadership since he took note of several matters which he perceive as inefficiencies and bad corporate governance. To begin with, Garcia raises hell over the fact that items to be taken up in monthly board meetings are only given to him on the Saturday prior to the Monday meet. Of course, such deprives him (and other board members) of sufficient time to study all matters and act accordingly. Another issue which caught his ire is the management’s refusal to give him copies of supply contracts entered into by Meralco.

On the public front, Meralco has been accused of passing its electrical costs on to its customers, something which is outrageous because all businesses do that. If a company will not make its customers pay for its costs, how will it profit? The real questions should be focused on sweetheart deals between the Lopez businesses and Meralco and if it is profiting outrageously.

On the profit side, Meralco is a monopoly and not subjected to the rigors of competition. Therefore, the government should see to it that it doesn’t overcharge the public. In regard to the sweetheart deals, The government should see to it that Meralco is not spending too much on shiploads of coal and fuel for its power plants and that it isn’t buying electricity at outrageous terms from the Lopez companies or any supplier for that matter. If it does, that’s where the Lopezes are making themselves fatter- by milking Meralco. The government should also make sure that Meralco is not charging the electrical consumption of its sister companies like ABS-CBN to the general public. The problem is, Meralco refuses to be transparent and that’s where its enemies are getting the ammunition in its war against the Lopezes.

If the government will succeed in taking out Meralco, is it automatic that the public will benefit in the long run? Maybe not. Its track record in running corporations is spotty at best. And besides, government ownership of Meralco is just an added opportunity for corrupt officials. With the Lopez companies out of the picture, the possibility that supply contracts will now be awarded as political favors is not at all remote.

Replacing the Lopezes may actually prove to be worse for the publc.

One thing though. I would like to know if the Meralco employees that are now in the stockholders’ meeting are on leave or drawing salaries (plus incentives) on this day. I believe that the linemen have a lot of areas to take care of today and it is not their business to be at the Meralco compound and take part in boardroom politics.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Personal Financial Advice for Filipinos

For those needing some badly wanted credit card debt relief, here are some possible options.
  • Get a low or zero interest salary loan from your office and pay off your loan. I have an officemate who borrowed the maximum allowable amount form the company and deposited the money in high interest paying accounts like the AFP savings and Loans. In a year, she was able to earn a lot.
  • Get a mortgage. A home mortgage allows people to pay their loans at comfortable repayment terms and lower interest rates.
  • Should the above two be inapplicable, get another credit card while your loans haven’t reached past due. Use the new credit card to pay off your exiting loan but this time, carefully plan the repayment of the new loan. Credit cards charge very high rates and repayment should be a top priority.
  • All the above should give you an idea of the other variants.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Strikers Stinking Sense of Logic

Following these people’s logic, I therefore recommend that the government start individually profiling and visiting them in their houses. I further recommend that the military bring heavy guns, send the ugliest and foul mouthed soldiers and talk them into not joining any protest from now on. After all, if we will follow the strikers’ logic. Intimidating them is simply part of the convincing process.

Hey GMA, I need a well deserved award for this. I’m so brilliant, Am I not?

For the past several years, strikers in this country have resorted to unlawful and highly unethical ways of getting their messages across. They use harassment and intimidation through the use of barricades, burning tires, metal spikes and even bodily harm to discourage public transport and even private vehicles from using the roads for the duration of transport and labor strikes. While this has not been very successful in Metro Manila within the last decade, the practice is very effective in the provinces where fear is easier to sow due to the lack of effective peace and order system.

The objective of transport paralysis, even through artificial means, is to project an image of strength to be able to force the government, whoever the president may be, to succumb to the demands of the strikers.

During one strike, a transport leader, when confronted over the radio about reports of intimidation, defends such move, calling it a part of their attempts to persuade drivers into joining them. If I may quote, he said something like, “Ang tingin naming dito ay bahagi sa proceso ng panghihikayat…”


Coming from the same people who cry against violence, this system of intimidation is very ironic at the very least. If one will examine these militant groups, it will be easy to identify which ones are allied with one another. If one will closely observe their marches, one will easily be able to separate and group them together based on their methods, banners and slogans. Yes, the harassers are the very same people who cry against military and government abuse, intimidation, “hamleting”, violence, etc.

Following these people’s logic, I therefore recommend that the government start individually profiling and visiting them in their houses. I further recommend that the military bring heavy guns, send the ugliest and foul mouthed soldiers and talk them into not joining any protest from now on. After all, if we will follow the strikers’ logic. Intimidating them is simply part of the convincing process.

Hey GMA, I need a well deserved award for this. I’m so brilliant, Am I not?

These people, for all the validity of their complaints are as guilty of committing the same sins to the masses.

Pinoy Home Office

This week, I discovered the beauty of having using my dining room furniture as my temporary office. The table itself is more than enough for the tons of documents that I have to examine and the chairs are just high enough for my hands to rest on top of the table. Even my laptop looks good in it. Whew! It looks like, I will like working from home. With internet, who needs the office?

Battle With the Bulge

For quite some time now, friends have been asking about the supposed diet pill that works. I do not have any opinion about it, being a true blue drill til you drop type of individual. However, there has been plenty of comments about certain products that are hot in the market now that I can’t help but start thinking about it. I have realized that the battle against the bulge gets harder each year and at a certain point, I may have to ask for some help.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cheap Medicines: At long last?

Perhaps, the biggest headline this week (other than the rice issue), is the passage of the cheaper medicines law. One important provision in this law is the parallel importation of certain brands of patented medicine in countries where it is cheaper.

A lot of congressmen claim that the new law is ineffective because of certain provisions that they proposed which failed to make it in the final draft. They are talking about the “generics only” provision which requires doctors to write only the generic names of the drugs that they will describe. The current law specifies that generic names of medicines be written by doctors in their prescriptions to give patients the option to shop around for cheaper brands.

Maybe they are correct but FOR NOW, this blog thinks that such provision is not needed. A comparison of prices of certain medicines shows that generic brands are also very expensive. This means that generics manufacturers, even without costly investments in Research and Development (R & D) are selling at the price that will cost patients their arms, in addition to their legs and their only necks!

Let’s take for example, the price of Ponstan (Mefenamic Acid), 500mg capsules. Quezon Vice Gov Suplico observed its retail price in India to be as low as P5.00. In contrast, generic brands (in tablet form) in the Philippines are selling at P5.50 while Ponstan itself can be bought at P25.00.

It means that generic brands are selling the tablet form higher than the original capsule while the manufacturer is trying to suck money from 80++ million Pinoys by selling it at 500% higher than their selling price in India. There are also observations that certain brands of generic medicine are ineffective. Perhaps, substandard meds have now penetrated the local pharmacies.

For the purpose of today’s post, let us make a price comparison of certain medicines:

NORVASC (Antihypertensive), 10mg tab , 2x10's
Philippine Government Retail Price : P29.90
Current Market Price (Philippines) : 74.75 ~ P80
Observed Retail price in INDIA : P8.00 <--Price difference = 1000% --- WHOA!

PONSTAN (Pain reliever), 500mg tab
Philippine Government Retail Price: P7.00
Current Market Price (Philippines): P25.50
Observed Retail price in INDIA: P5.00 <--Price difference = 500% --- WHOA!

Enclosed is the pricelist of the Government owned Botika ng Bayan. You will notice that a price difference of 100~150% is so common. What more if we are to buy it at retail prices in India? Please click the image to enlarge.

I will have a follow up post regarding this matter.


Wood is wood

With the current log ban in the Philippines, I found out just now that replacing my wood shutterswill be very costly. Friends suggest that I use the resin alternatives that are cheaper, look almost as good as natural wood and are much more durable. The suggestion is probably a good one but I will have to study it a bit. For a lot of people and that includes me. Wood is wood and there is something about it that is keeping me from shifting to other materials.

Summer Tourism

It’s summer in the Philippines and the advent of the same season in some other countries. By now, a lot of North Americans are desperately punching their keys in search for cheap flights. I hope that our Palawan, Tubataha, Boracay and a few other destinations get a surge in tourist arrivals and I hope that those vacationers will spend a lot of money that will provide the much needed income for our people. I am not talking exclusively about the expensive hotels. I wish that the lonely barbecue stands by the beach also makes good honest money this vacation.

A billionaire below the age of 40

At this point, Dell has gone a long way from the customized PC’s that Michael dell used to sell from his dormitory room. He has reached the top of the IT world by dominating the global supply market of computers. The company has become so sophisticated that there are now independent companies specializing in dell memory upgrades. That’s how the business had grown. A dealer can now prosper simply by dealing with those upgrades.

Recommendation of the week

For all the mp3 enthusiasts out there, this one is way too cool!

We all know about Limewire, Imesh, Kazaa and other music sharing sites but this one is the latest toast of the internet world. It functions in a way that is very similar to limewire but my experience says that it facilitates faster downloads. In addition, it also comes with TV, Radio, and Games channels that makes it a more comprehensive tool for most of the things that one needs online. MP3 Rocket is my current choice for free music downloads and more. By the way, don’t get scared by its name. One can search for and download all file types and not just MP3. I’m not really a frequent searcher of things to download but whenever I need one, this software is my current favorite.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Checking my page stats, I realized that there are posts that receive a surge in readers and provoke comments but there are some that hardly received any but gets quoted and even copied entirely in other blogs. However, readers of those posts stop coming after the issue had died down.

There is one post however that looks so simple and yet receives readers all the time. In fact, out of the last 500 visitors to this blog, more than 100 came to an old post about a corrupt cop.

Just to balance things, this blog is no cop hater. In fact, I have high respects for the men and women in uniform. A lot of my friends are economically depressed cops and soldiers who are without without a stain of corruption in their sleeves. Therefore, here is a short post in honor of the:

cop, auxiliary cop and volunteer who patiently directs traffic for expensive cars that he cannot afford,

the bomb technician who risks his life for those who hates people like him,

the lowly beat cop who walks the streets while in danger of sniper fire from the druggies of Quiapo, Taguig and Tondo,
the hostage negotiator who risks his life so that others may live

the special forces personnel who trains day and night to save the world from messianic personalities like David Koresh, Shoko Asahara and Antonio Trillanes.

the lowly paid womens desk personnel who braves psychological trauma by listening to tales of domestic violence over and over again,

the much maligned Mamang Pulis and all the men and women of the police forces all over the world.

Thank you!
It's all that this ungrateful world can possibly give you.


Just now, I am reminded of stories that Davaoeneos narrated during the mid 80’s. With Davao being referred to as Nicaragdao because of widespread insurgency and criminality, the mayor embarked on a serious campaign to cleanse the city. Unfortunately, such included the disciplining of young people with potential to become trouble makers. At that time when male body piercings were exclusively criminal traits, parents discouraged their male off springs from wearing even clip on earrings. Had I been a parent in that area, at that time, I would have done the same. Those were not normal days and people had to be extra careful…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can't believe that this guy had the gall to remove beautiful billboards like that of Cindy Kurleto and replace it with his own. Now, it's turning out that he has been refusing to answer queries about his department's advertising and other expenses.

Senor Bayani, we find logic in your office's position that billboards are possible "fatal distractions" in our highways.

But why did you have to take it all down only to replace it with your own?

Who do you think you are? Aga Muhlach? Give us a break!

As a tenor pretender, you should start singing.... kamuka ko si Panchitoooo! nung siya ay bata pa!!!!

We'd rather meet accidents staring at Cindy Kurleto than die of heart attacks after seeing your face in the dark highway.

Grown ups, we may be. But still, we are afraid of ghosts!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


NOTE: The complete story can be found in the article before this post.

With the operating room being so crowded and more than four cameras observed in the Youtube video, ONLY 4 individuals were identified and deemed as (ONLY) administratively liable by the hospital. NO SUSPENSION is being recommended because the hospital is short of manpower.

Browsing through Google, I chanced upon a February article in a Cebu daily suggesting that we search Google using the search terms "cebu black suede". I did just that and found the video. Since the hospital seems to be having a hard time identifying the suspects, we are going by posting screenshots that will probably make the public identify who those animals are.

Here it goes:

If you are able to identify these people, please inform the Department of Health or the police.

Shamefully World Class

While we take pride in our medical professionals, even declaring their supposed topnotch quality, as proven by their high demand overseas, a recent event made me reflect upon the merits of that claim.

Now, I wonder, Are we being sought after because we are good, or is it because there’s nobody else out there? Are we dominating the scene simply because there’s a lot of us in the field? Is this like boxing, which is dominated by Mexicans simply because there’s too many of them?

It is a fact, that despite the high salaries being offered to medical professionals in the US and other western countries, not many locals are taking up those courses in college. Being short in domestic supply, they are forced to import. Hence, the Pinoy nurses, PT’s, docs, technicians, etc.

What created the doubt is the recent incident in Cebu that brought back a lot of other incidents that piled up through the years.

Despite our claims that our medical professionals are being hailed elsewhere, aren’t we all familiar of horror stories involving most of our local hospitals? Aren’t we all familiar with stories involving neglect, abuse, and incompetence? Check out the files of XXX, Imbestigador, Bitag, radio stations and everywhere else and you’ll find it well documented there. I can go to specifics of a lot of cases but let us talk about the latest scandal- the one involving a video showcasing, blatant, arrogance, bad leadership, malice, incompetence and many other things in one of our hospitals.

There is this dirty fag who contracted a man for cheap sex (P100). He took him home and played a portion in a play called Sodom and Gemorra . In his drunken stupor, he teased Deuce for being so small below. Badly insulted, the man with small privates rammed a can of Avon black Suede Body Spray way past his well stretched sphincter. After a few days, the man who likes P100 sex paid higher for the immediate consequence – a rectal operation to remove the can.
Little did he know that he has yet to pay a higher fee in terms of a free starring role in a well documented indie film. The operating room which normally requires a maximum of eight people during surgical procedures was jam-packed with people reminiscent of a UP enrollment scene in the 90’s. A lot of people were taking shots with their cellphone cams in addition to the hospital’s own production crew. Making the lover of cheap sex pay more, a video of the entire procedure was posted on youtube. The long clip also showed a number of giggling and cheering hospital personnel together punctuated with lewd remarks, shouts and boisterous laughter.

With the sleazy lover of cheap sex becoming a reverse image of John Wayne Bobbit, the hospital conducted a probe that until now is yet to produce a result. Mga punyeta kayo!!!! Is it taking that long to white wash the investigation?

Who are those guys inside the room? Maybe, it's time that they are given a dose of blogger justice!

Writing a serious post

Please come back after an hour.


I have Spartan tastes, hehehe!

Having worked so hard the past few years, I am thinking of a gift that I should buy for myself. The plan is to choose one, work hard to be able to afford it, and then buy! The item of choice for next Christmas is a Patek Nautilus. It is said to be the best watch in the world and will probably make me feel like Vladimir Putin who wears a more expensive model. Hehehe!

My beautiful and nice smelling friends.

They will be visiting this blog, hence this post. Ladies, this is about you!

I had coffee with rich friends who never needs to work even for a day in their entire lives. These perpetually sexy beings devote their waking hours to staying beautiful and being on a diet.

Yesterday, the conversation revolved around the latest prescription weight loss pills. Despite the topic which I deem to be worthless in my case, I was happy that at least, they are into prescribed medication nowadays. At the height of the popularity of Bangkok pills and other dangerous things to hit town, these people, together with their moms, were heavily into it. I swear, they heard more than a mouthful from me. From that time on, they started calling me Daddy JC for straightening them like naughty kids.

Being with them can be irritating at times so I try to make myself scarce. But whenever I need to unwind, party or simply smell fragrance, all I need to do is visit them. They're always home with their parents during daytime and attending parties at night. By the way, I also see them whenever I need free meals! Here's to you, my babies. Stay beautiful. I love you all!


I have been negligent in daily updating this blog and that might continue for a few more weeks. I am very busy with current responsibilities and my lighting fixtures in my computer room, remains unfixed. I just don’t entrust electronic items with the househelps. They might be duped into buying substandard lighting that will burn the house when I am not there or get electrocuted while replacing it. Well, I hope this weekend will spare me some time so I can buy those items and be able to blog from home.

Blog comments

Blog comments that simply says, click here or visit here and similar variants are very dangerous, if I may warn blog readers. Clicking on those links sometimes lead you to pages that automatically initiates downloads. Those downloads are viruses that slows your PC and disables its ability to finish a scan and cleanup.

Install anti virus and anti spyware programs and if possible have them automatically scan anything that tries to sneak into your system. At this point, Kapersky is well known for that. I also heard that Faronics Deep Freeze is also very good. It allows downloads but deletes all of it when you reboot your PC.

Search for reviews before buying one. There are also free versions of good programs like Kapersky. I recommend that you try it out before choosing the program that suits you best.



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