Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manny Pacquiao

Like a mold killer, he wiped out all the opposition in his weight categories. But despite lording the world known for its thugs and police characters, the man remains humble and grounded. After the humiliation and beating that he gave his biggest opponent, he humbly submitted himself by telling him, “..You are still my idol”- a line delivered with outmost sincerity that was accepted and returned, “No, you are now my idol”. Such a display of humility, generosity and genuine affection was also displayed in a previous fight when he tried to help a knocked out opponent get up. Yes, the man has class.

During his most recent birthday party, he spent close to a million dollars to treat 2,000 of his important guests and about 5,000 followers. Such a celebration was simultaneously held in a huge indoor coliseum and an open air public plaza. He also invited the same opponent that he tried to help get up and even sent business class tickets and accommodations to share with him the joy that he was feeling. Did I mention that he also invited a boxer who’s been openly taunting him for a fight for quite sometime? Such a party was so lavish that some may call it excessive. But to me, it was nothing more than an attempt to share some good times with people who admired him and rejoiced at his conquests. Such a good man indeed. Immanuel “Manny the Pacman” Pacquiao!

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