Monday, December 15, 2008

WTF??? Lowly City Councilors now moving in official convoys!

Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja once hit MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando for claiming that the metropolis is free of traffic jams while travelling in huge convoys with plenty of siren bearing escorts. What's more, they also claimed that the chairman even uses this convoys in moving against the traffic (counter) flow.

A few months ago, I noticed City officials in a Metro Manila city who seemed to have been issued SUV's (Ford Everest). Just this morning, while I was caught in a slow traffic in that city, I was surprised to see an entire line being cleared by an advanced motorcyle escort with sirens on full volume. It turned out that the motorcycle was escorting a city official riding a Ford Everest. To make matters worse, the lane was for the opposite direction. The darn city councilor was doing a counterflow!

Hmnn.. How can a lowy city councilor be that busy? Is he headed to a debate, so crucial that he had to clear an entire lane? Is the councilor about to save the universe, that he had to have a motorcycle escort?

At that time, I wished that there were some street protesters with road spikes. His slashed tires would have made a lot of people happy!

The entire lane that should have been used by hundreds of other vehicles, was cleared because a lowly city official chose to be in the streets during rush hours.

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