Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Habits

This Christmas, I intend to start getting healthy by eating the right foods, doing exercises regularly and taking msm supplement whenever needed. We are not getting any younger and the health effects of ageing will start o hit us very soon. There is no turning back the clock but perhaps, we can do something about our future. Live right and live longer, ..happier!

Dr. Shulze

I use psyllium husk as my daily supplement for colon cleansing and I feel good about it. However, I am not really sure how effective it is in cleansing my colons. I heard that there is such thing as a Dr. Schulze program that is effective in cleansing colons and I would like to read more about it. Perhaps, I will even schedule a doctor’s appointment for it.

Take Care of Him!

With her making sure that the President continuously looks good, I wonder if she also tells him to get adult acne treatment creams, injections or anything else. I’ve noticed that he’s looking very presidential nowadays but I am not sure if stress is getting into his skin. The president has plenty of things to worry about and the least the people around him can do is make sure that he has no personal problems.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tracking People and Equipment

Looking at the website of Garmin GPS, I am reminded of our trucks that are fitted with one. I hope all the public utility and government vehicles are also equipped with GPS trackers. Passengers can be tracked, more missing persons can be found and the government will save a lot of gas money from people who use government property for personal gain. Oh, yeah! It will also catch cops who make illegal left, right and U turns.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Retirement Haven?

In an article that I read just now, Chang Mai, Thailand is listed as one of the top retirement destinations in the world because of the adventures that the place follow and its affordability. The Philippines is very near Thailand and we have similar places like Tagaytay, Bagiuo, Ilocos and Palawan that can very well compete with Chang Mai in terms of all the nice things written about it.

I hope that the DOT seriously does something in order for our country to be elevated as a nice place to visit, invest in and retire.

Article Source--> Yahoo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diet and Energy

During the last bout of the great Pacman, there were talks about possible attempts to let his great opponent take Ephedra. I’m not sure if the allegations were accurate but what I heard is, ephedra diet pills are quite popular for the burst of energy that it can provide. Well, if the doctor says it is good for me, I might take it. I’ll ask him later..

My Boss!

I am not sure if my president, P-Noy, has been reading weight loss supplement reviews and following the recommendations. One thing is sure though, he seems to be looking better. He used to have a huge belly but now, it seems to have been reduced significantly. I hope that the weight loss is a positive thing. It can be a result of too much stress and unhealthy lifestyle as well.

God Save The King!

What Men Want

This Christmas, it will be quite a joy for any man to be in the receiving end of high tech gifts for men. While women fancies jewelry, clothing and many other costly items, males settle for simple but sometimes expensive gadgets. These are normally items that tickle their “James Bond” dreams, as if it will make them more appealing to women. Ha!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Petite & Fashinable

I thought my daughter would have problems looking for petite clothing. She was growing taller and taller every year but it seems that she is hardly gaining any weight. The sound same was her mom’s story during her teenage years but this time, my daughter has found a way to continue looking fashionable. There’s the internet that has a vast list of just about anything that man needs and there is this site that she likes best.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MISsed LANG's...

Beautiful ladies in fine evening dresses, refined movements, quiet banter & happy diplomatic atmosphere.. it was after all a state dinner. One single lady however, had her fingers in her hi tech phone. She was single and available but quite disappointed. In jest, she twittered; “Wine Sucks!”, Oh no.. She was also quoted to have posted something like; “there are no good looking men in this country”. 

Whatever the president did to bolster foreign relations and better friendship between the people of both countries was covered by the fiasco. What a waste of time and money.

Fast Cars in a Poor Country

It is quite surprising to find out that there are a lot of expensive cars in this poor country. Luxury car business seems to be so good that I can make money selling Ferrari parts.

I once read a foreigner’s letter to a newspaper editor wherein he observed that there seem to be more Mercedes Benz sedans in Manila compared to New York but there seemed to be more beggars in the Philippine capital compared to Calcutta, India.


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