Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recalls & Recalls

With Toyota’s massive recall due to sticky pedals, bad floor mats and etc, car car insurance companies covering Toyotas should be very relieved. With the possibility of body bags piling up because of sudden accelerations, insurance claims from all risk policies can easily run into billions of dollars. It’s not only Toyota that had made recalls. Most major brands have done so over the years and before those recalls, insurance companies have bled unjustly.

Another Lazy Sunday

It’s Sunday and I am feeling a bit lazy that I realized that it’s a good time to visit my barber for a quick trim and a massage. Watching movies is another one in my agenda but I have just watched “From Paris with Love” two nights ago and enjoyed it for its raw humor and excessive violence. Hahaha! We rarely see humor and violence mixed together nowadays.

He also seemed to be balding

I wonder how he looks like nowadays but when he was arrested, he had a receding hairline, in addition to his acne marked face. Other than, acne prevention, we should probably be aware of lifestyle changes that help in hair loss prevention. Of course, there are severe balding problems for a number of people but there are people who lose hair because of bad hair care.

Noriega, still in a U.S. Jail

For a number of times, I think, I wrote about “Pineapple face”. Well, the guy is close to serving one of his sentences but his CIA moniker will probably remain. That’s the reason why we should be very careful with our kids. We should make sure that as they grow, they are constantly made aware of the existing remedies for acne that keep them safe from lifelong scars. Guten tag!

Bad Comments

A few pages ago, I wrote a short blog post entitled “fat politicians”. The thing is, the post already received 78 comments as of this writing and 98 percent of it is written in Japanese. I am no walking Glucomannan who can write with real authority in this issue so I do not think, my post should merit that many comments, in any language. However, I seriously think that those comments are 100% junk and deserves not to see print. How I wish blogger has a “select all” and “delete all comments” button .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vanity for the rich

Most people, when they have risen from relative poverty to somewhat comfortable success, tends to indulge in worldly pleasures. For most people, the order of the day would be the procurement of expensive gadgets, automobiles, luxury homes and vacations. After that, they tend to try to look good by buying clothes and later on try to correct imperfections in their physical attributes. There’s this leading presidential candidate who is being rumored to be taking botox treatment. If it is for me, I would go for acne scar removal followed by plenty of detox and natural slimming treatments. WHoha! We are vain, aren’t we all?

Let the Market Dictate

What do we care about the politicians running for public office? It’s been a few decades and I am yet to experience a president as consistent as Corazon Aquino. I therefore profess that we all continue to work for our own individual benefits while not running afoul with the law. Think of owning prime property like what can be seen at the Portland real estate website. DO not do anything foolish and/or stupid and you will be just fine. For the meantime, let the politicians beat each other on their way to perdition.


Last night, I watched an episode of reality TV inspired investigative show Imbestigador. Last night’s show was about a candidate who tries to lure people to campaign and vote for him by dangling promises of land and money. I hope that promise is true and it comes with a house and lot complete with a huge, top of the line led tv. Since I bought a 40 incher in my living room, I have increased my viewing time by a couple of hours each day and I love it.


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