Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manny Pacquiao

Like a mold killer, he wiped out all the opposition in his weight categories. But despite lording the world known for its thugs and police characters, the man remains humble and grounded. After the humiliation and beating that he gave his biggest opponent, he humbly submitted himself by telling him, “..You are still my idol”- a line delivered with outmost sincerity that was accepted and returned, “No, you are now my idol”. Such a display of humility, generosity and genuine affection was also displayed in a previous fight when he tried to help a knocked out opponent get up. Yes, the man has class.

During his most recent birthday party, he spent close to a million dollars to treat 2,000 of his important guests and about 5,000 followers. Such a celebration was simultaneously held in a huge indoor coliseum and an open air public plaza. He also invited the same opponent that he tried to help get up and even sent business class tickets and accommodations to share with him the joy that he was feeling. Did I mention that he also invited a boxer who’s been openly taunting him for a fight for quite sometime? Such a party was so lavish that some may call it excessive. But to me, it was nothing more than an attempt to share some good times with people who admired him and rejoiced at his conquests. Such a good man indeed. Immanuel “Manny the Pacman” Pacquiao!

Man of the Year!

This guy lands among the top guys in all my books. Rising from poverty, he became the best Filipino boxer of all time by winning the lightweight boxing championship of the world. Armed with the desire to conquer greater heights, he challenged and defeated a much taller and bigger fighter who also happens to be one of the best boxers of all time, Oscar de la Hoya. It was not only a case of a small man beating much bigger guy. It was an epic story of a badly maligned and underestimated fighter outclassing the bigger name to a magnitude so big, that the bigger guy had to call in, “No Mas!”

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bayani Fernando's Posters are all over Luzon

Reporting from la Trinidad, Benguet.

Bayani Fernando's early campaign posters are all over the highway.

Contacting friends in Legazpi City, I was told the same story.

For everyone's information, Bayani's jurisdiction reaches only as far as the borders of Metro Manila. WIth his intention to run for presidency being known by even the smallest insect in the country, there is only one explanation to this massive effort by a Markina politician- early campaign.

Where is the money coming from?

Isn't this illegal?

Monday, December 15, 2008

WTF??? Lowly City Councilors now moving in official convoys!

Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja once hit MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando for claiming that the metropolis is free of traffic jams while travelling in huge convoys with plenty of siren bearing escorts. What's more, they also claimed that the chairman even uses this convoys in moving against the traffic (counter) flow.

A few months ago, I noticed City officials in a Metro Manila city who seemed to have been issued SUV's (Ford Everest). Just this morning, while I was caught in a slow traffic in that city, I was surprised to see an entire line being cleared by an advanced motorcyle escort with sirens on full volume. It turned out that the motorcycle was escorting a city official riding a Ford Everest. To make matters worse, the lane was for the opposite direction. The darn city councilor was doing a counterflow!

Hmnn.. How can a lowy city councilor be that busy? Is he headed to a debate, so crucial that he had to clear an entire lane? Is the councilor about to save the universe, that he had to have a motorcycle escort?

At that time, I wished that there were some street protesters with road spikes. His slashed tires would have made a lot of people happy!

The entire lane that should have been used by hundreds of other vehicles, was cleared because a lowly city official chose to be in the streets during rush hours.

Safe Supplements?

Passing by a store called GNC in one of our malls, I saw so many brands of weight loss supplements that I got into a temporary state of confusion. I asked the salesladies which of theirs stocks are the best diet pills and she showed a number of bottles and explained why. Apparently, diet supplements are not as bad as it was anymore, when a good number of banned substances where used as active ingredients. That to me, is good news. I have been battling with weight gain continuously for quite some time now and a little help would come in very handy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Addicted to Late Night News

I hope to be able to find a vendor of Zyporex soon. Staying up all night to monitor the breaking news is causing skin breakouts and it is starting to annoy me already. Political news is hardly encouraging, economic developments are alarming and peace and order is bad, as usual. Hoping for positive developments, round the clock monitoring of news updates had become a daily and unhealthy habit for me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why they don't like nursing homes

Some people thinks that nursing homes, with its professional care, is the best for our elderly. However, there are some truths behind this facade of professional care that are unknown to a lot of people. A few months ago, I posted a video of a medical professional manhandling an elderly patient. Today, we are being treated to news of teenaged lunatics working in nursing homes. Those kids spitted on the mouths of elderly patients, groped some of them and mocked them until the patients screamed.

The devil personified. That's what those kids are.

Other details of the news in this link.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What have you been teaching our kids?

- “Defective textbooks are exactly like contaminated milk,” Go says, referring to the melamine-tainted imports from China which has killed at least four babies and caused kidney ailments in more than 50,000 children.

He says that while melamine-tainted dairy products caused physical damage, error-filled textbooks created mental and emotional damage.

“Unlearning is even a more difficult process than teaching,” Go says.

- "One result of Go’s advocacy is the issuance of DepEd Order No. 39, which directs private schools to immediately stop using “Simply Science in the Next Century” and “Harnessing Arts for English Today” by Phoenix.
But the error-riddled textbooks remain in use.
Also, due to Go’s exposé of its errors, “Asya: Noon, Ngayon at sa Hinaharap,” a social studies textbook, was recalled by then Education Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad in 2004.

In June 2007, the DepEd issued a 21-page errata guide to correct the factual, grammatical and other errors in 11 newly released social studies textbooks and teacher’s manuals."

According to a Senate resolution, however, the guide “failed to substantially correct the errors found in the books.”


Monday, December 1, 2008

Today's schedule

After my dollar store shopping, I will probably be claiming my free acne treatment, courtesy of my spa membership. It allows me to get about 5 free facial treatment services every year. Having nobody to give it to and it is almost the end of the year, I might as well use the remaining certificates and avail of it myself. Going to the spa is kinda therapeutic for busy people like me. It makes me relax for abot an hour and feel the pampering of train hands. Work hard, play well!

Inexpensive Shopping

Just after posting this short article, I will drive to the nearest dollar store franchise to scout for good buys. There is no telling what you will find in such places. From personal items to handyman tools to personal tokens for the holidays. I hope that there will be a few more in the city. This everything for a dollar surely makes my day. Shopping has never been more fulfilling and yet very inexpensive.

Here's a good idea!

This Christmas, more than last year, I believe that storage devices such as the USB flash drive and/ or the wireless optical mouse will become well-appreciated promotional items. These items are inexpensive but are very handy. Let us not forget that people are very busy that they have no time to go out of their ways and buy these helpful items. By giving it to them these Christmas, the recipients will always remember the thoughtfulness of the one who gave it.

Be Clean, Look Clean!

So many of our politicians and government bureaucrats have excess fat, some of them really excessively obese. However, not all of them are fat from ill gotten money and some have had weight problems since childhood. One of my well loved professors is very overweight and was appointed to head a government agency. Some Leptorexin would have been good for creating a cleaner image of government officials but in his present state, I strongly recommend, more than ever, a doctor’s prescription. Government officials should not only be clean, they should look clean. However, weight loss should be properly managed and we have plenty of doctors who can make sure that it happens properly.


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