Sunday, January 31, 2010

Imagine a Campaign Headquarters

With the presidential elections coming to a close, candidates should stack up on air filter. So many people will be coming to ask for financial help in their headquarters and for sure, the air around would be a bit.. not so good. During election campaigns, spending is at an all time high in this country and a lot of people actually make money.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippine Presidentiables and Political Figures and their use of God

"Even the devil can use the scriptures for his purpose"

We've all been told that. Aren't our politicians aware that we know?

A relative not so long ago said; "Eddie Villanueva is joining the race and claims that he has spoken with God himself."

I am not so sure but I think, his competitor, Mike Vilarde has also said something similar in the past.

The relative continued,"Even Manny Pacquiao has been quoted as saying that he also spoke with God"

"My Golly, Ako na lang yata ang hindi kunakausap ng diyos! Lahat sila kinausap na!

It seems that I am the only one that God had not spoken with.

Personal Finance

While sipping coffee in one of the best coffee shops in town, I thought of surfing the web for good and affordable personal budget software. I need something like that in order for me to properly plan, implement and monitor my plan to become financially very viable within ten years. That should therefore mean being much disciplined in my expenses and being very faithful to the plan in the software.

Her Again

She also needs to regularly get some exposed skin care. She likes to show a lot of skin in her website and she seems to enjoy meeting the press, appearing on television and getting publicity for her work. She also likes to promote herself, even claiming very recently on TV that she has above average IQ. Whether it’s true or false, she better keep herself looking youthful and beautiful. Her legal problems are not at all light and she needs more than her IQ to keep herself out of jail.

Looking Young

I hope Marlene is taking anti aging face face creams or anything to take decades from her looks. It’s not that she looks old but with a grown up son, it is not difficult to determine that she’s hardly young. She likes being photographed and shown on video while wearing sexy garments and as the saying goes; “We all must age with grace”.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marlene Aguilar

Marlene Aguilar has overly dramatic videos of her publicly addressing her missing son, asking him to come out. Just by the setting of the video, it more looked like the Grammy awards than a press conference. I also remember her once claiming that the son is probably in Hawaii. My golly, she could have also declared that he was enjoying one of the disney world vacations and it would not have sounded any more hilarious. The NBI perhaps, took their cue from such unusual theatrics and intensified their search for the hiding Jason Ivler and paid more attention to the family residence. Yesterday, they finally caught him after a gun fight, in a secret room in the family residence. It turned out that he was there all along.


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