Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippine Presidentiables and Political Figures and their use of God

"Even the devil can use the scriptures for his purpose"

We've all been told that. Aren't our politicians aware that we know?

A relative not so long ago said; "Eddie Villanueva is joining the race and claims that he has spoken with God himself."

I am not so sure but I think, his competitor, Mike Vilarde has also said something similar in the past.

The relative continued,"Even Manny Pacquiao has been quoted as saying that he also spoke with God"

"My Golly, Ako na lang yata ang hindi kunakausap ng diyos! Lahat sila kinausap na!

It seems that I am the only one that God had not spoken with.


Anonymous said...
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eRLyN said...

Well said, i actually find Mr. Villanueva to be delusional in running for president again. Like all those politicians running for the same position, he blurted out all his plans for the country without explaining his concrete plans on how to carry out those plans.

Politics in this country is beyond hope. Hay!

off topic: you have a very interesting blog and I did link you up, hope you can link my blog as well. Thanks!


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