Monday, July 27, 2009

Stop Piracy!

Like a good Plano Dentist about to start a delicate tooth procedure, it seems that hi tech pirates in Somalia are eyeing new ships to capture and hold for ransom. With most of ship crews being Filipinos, these pirates are in fact damaging the shipping industry and depriving thousands of Filipinos to find maritime jobs. As people that are directly affected by these evil deeds, it is but time for people of this country to act and stop this problem. Bloggers can keep the interest going and write letters to their legislators. With the clamor becoming so widespread and loud, let’s hope that governments will act and come up with a long term solution.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joseph and Hayden

This month’s hottest issues remind me of a lot of people’s unending search for the best diet supplement. Joseph Estrada, the former president was so overweight that his knees were hard up in supporting his upper body. Today, he is strongly being rumored to be running for the top office once more. The other issue involves Hayden Kho, a doctor who makes people look good. Both personalities deal with health issues but their biggest involvement in the newspapers are about something else. Whoa!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goodyear Manila Closes due to "Bad Year"

Not so goodyear after all. The tire company is closing it's manufacturing operation in the country in the light of "uncompetitiveness" compared to its other branches in other countries. The Philippine branch plans to sell tires imported from its other branches.

Let's hope that the imported tires are better than what they are manufacturing locally.


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