Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is definitely good news.

Check this out---> Use the new Paypal (Philippines) to receive payments and transfers..


I used to love going out of the building every 4PM and treat myself to a round of fishballs, squidballs, Kikiam and down it with a round of Sago't Gulaman or Coke. Now, I consciously avoid having anything to do with it.

Why? Will explain Manana (tomorrow).

Friday, September 28, 2007

Japan's expertise in waste management

Japan is offering to help the Philippines manage its garbage through recycling technologies, among other things. This project will be facilitated through an agency called JICA. Japan's expertise in waste recycling is beyond question.

I remember reading about 15 years ago, that the Japanese have become so efficient in recycling that they were slowly becoming a victim of their own success. For instance, warehouses became over stacked with toilet paper made from recycled newspapers and discarded office documents. At that time, the Japanese were a a loss on what to do with all the recycled products.

Knowing how good they are, I am sure that they are way past that problem by now. I wouldn't even be surprised if all the paper products coming from Japan are now 100% made out of recycled products. If only the Philippines will attain 50% of Japan's success in recycling, people will undoubtedly be very happy.

However, since the Japanese are helping the country in waste management, it will probably be good if they will move a bit further and totally stop their dumping of hazardous waste to the Philippines. Within the past several years, the Philippine Customs officials have intercepted several container loads of hospital refuse and other toxic wastes sent from Japan.

Just a suggestion...

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


"LOS ANGELES -- Nothing wrong if you had to walk a mile for a Camel, explained an old lung cancer commercial.

But what’s wrong with voting and betting for a countryman in a forthcoming monumental boxing contest?

Out here Wednesday, and maybe in the weeks before, you could walk five or 10 miles and still find not a single Mexicano ready and willing to put his tequila and beer allowance on Marco Antonio Barrera.

Sorry to report this, but siding with Barrera in his forthcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao has also started to be treated here as a non-adventure, a blind gamble, if not outright financial suicide."

The same sportswriter also added that Barrera has two real chances against Pacquiao, "Slim and none" If that is true, this bout will lot be exciting to watch. But being a Pinoy, I hope Pacquiao wins this bout via a convincing knockout. I don't want it done in Round 1. Outclass him for three round then take him down on the fourth.

I also hope that the PAC's lavish lifestyle hasn't caught up with him The way he's been behaving lately, I can see the swagger of an arrogant man and that's far from the ways of a true warrior-- Live like a Spartan. Anyway, my hopes will be for the PAC.

Vamos a ver, Barrera!

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I blog hop almost everyday and post mostly positive comments to some articles. Like the Fortune Cookie and Francesca, I try to avoid talking if there's nothing good to say. However, there have been instances when I posted rebuttal comments to other people's articles. In those rare times, the comments were still mostly constructive.

However, within the past few months, there have been a couple of instances when my comments were erased simply because the blog owner didn't like what I wrote. Those comments were still fair and yet, they were taken down. I realize that some people can't take opinions other than their own, most especially if it is backed by facts (cited in the comments).

The second time that my comment was erased happened a couple of days ago and given that I feel a bit strongly about the issue. I will write the author and ask for a good explanation.

Sans a reasonable reply, that blogger shall see print in this page.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Neither king nor pauper...

"Estrada told reporters he would not accept pardon from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, his former vice-president who replaced him when he was ousted by a popular revolt in January 2001.

Estrada said pardons would be for those who were guilty. If pronounced guilty by the Sandiganbayan on Wednesday, Estrada said he would leave his Tanay estate and go to the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City."

Everybody’s talking about Erap’s demand for an amnesty (or is it pardon?) sans any admission of guilt.

Regarding Erap, if indeed he is innocent and the courts under GMA will not fail to indict him, a pardon is one of the options that he may use in order to escape a jail sentence. Another option will be for him to slug it out in the courts. The Supreme Court normally takes time to decide on heavy cases and by that time, the GMA might already be out of power and he may have better chances for an acquittal.

If Erap is innocent of the crimes being pointed at him, I do not blame him for exercising his option to ask for and receive pardon. Of course, he also cannot blame us if we start having a lower regard for him. After all, he proudly declared a few days ago, that he is ready to go to Muntinlupa and that he will not accept any pardon from GMA. But now, he is using the ailing and dying Mom justification in his call for a pardon. Of course, I do not believe in that. His Mom’s been ailing and old.. He knew that even before. Why he’s invoking that only now is beyond my comprehension.

As for GMA, she may strike a deal with ERAP so that there will be peace until the remaining days of her term. The deal may even cover her family beyond her tenure. How practical an option the pardon may be, I find it quite disgusting for the following reasons:

Remember that lady from the BIR who had the unfortunate distinction of being the first to get convicted for plunder? If memory serves me right, she was sentenced to 100 years in jail. Where is she now? If she is alive, she must still be behind bars.

And Erap? He was convicted but before seeing the insides of Muntinlupa, the prospect of pardon is already being floated. He is simply under guard in his own luxury estate. That is almost a call for everyone to commit plunder. Imagine, all that one can expect is nothing short of a VIP confinement? If you want so see a detailed aerial photo of the Tanay Estate, visit this link. Oh boy, that can hardly be called jail even by US standards.

Now, that is quite tasteless.

If Erap will be pardoned while the BIR lady continuous to rot, what kind of justice do we have?
Some are saying that Erap should be pardoned because he has suffered enough having been incarcerated for 6 years. Besides, he is a former President. I do not subscribe to such thinking for the same reason that Erap’s 6 years was spent in a rich man’s getaway which is far from the correctional facility that the BIR lady was sent to.

Erap has not served a day of his sentence. Furthermore, the people that were previously sentenced for the same offenses are yet to be pardoned. As for his being a former president, I believe that instead of it being a reason to be easy on him, it should even be a cause to give him a heavier penalty. His offenses are made heavier through betrayal of public trust. The government spent so much during his election and still, he squandered it.

If he’s innocent, let Erap get himself acquitted through the courts. No to Amnesty.

"Neither king nor pauper, master or slave, rich or poor.. No one is above the law!"

Monday, September 24, 2007


The Fortune Cookie wrote and mentioned that he’s been wanting to blog his views about the Philippines but there's this newly acquired US citizenship that makes him feel having lost the right to do so. I was tempted to immediately write back that his new citizenship should not hinder him from trashing what's wrong in this country. However, a few things made me rethink what I wanted to say.

Let me start by thanking him for being so considerate. The note speaks well of him and shows possession of something that a lot of people don't -- Class. Now, here is my take regarding the matter.

Is it legal for him to do so? Foreigners may be welcome in this land but are they allowed to participate in our political exercises? Pacquiao’s promoter is a Harvard educated lawyer and he did not endorse the Pacman’s candidacy because of restrictions that, being a lawyer, he knows so well. And even if Philippine laws allow such kind of participation, the US government may have something to say, on the contrary.

Besides, don’t we all get irritated/insulted when friends and/or relatives (who are in town for a visit) criticize our country as if there’s nothing good about it? I swear.. I wanted to throw some of them out of my car, a few times.

Therefore, this is my position, en este momento.

Holders of dual citizenships may criticize and say anything they want. After all, they are still half Filipinos. Foreigners may also say their piece. Their experiences with us will help us improve ourselves.

But may I gently and very humbly ask those who already gave up on their citizenship, those who have turned their backs, to please refrain from criticizing anything Filipino. A lot of us who are still here feel insulted when you talk trash about the traffic, our roads, the weather and anything else. You may have forgotten that we are a good race but we don't take intrusion too kindly.

We treat visitors very well, our excellent interpersonal relationship skills made us a sought after source of medical professionals, domestic helpers, etc. but never forget that you have ceased to become one of us. Besides, you have left us already. Others may even refer to your move as abandonment but I will not go that far.

Let me just ask you very gently, to please back off.

As liberal economists would have it, Laissez nous faire.” (leave us alone)

If I may borrow the words of a resurrected Jesus Christ and a novelist Jose Rizal, they said, “Noli me tangere” (Don’t touch me)

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


"...a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000) nor more than Twenty thousand pesos (P20,000), or by imprisonment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and imprisonment, at the discretion of the court:"

Watching "Jessica Soho Reports"(not Imbestigador, as I earlier wrote) and their feature today confirms what I have written in this site regarding the proper rendition of the Lupang Hinirang. It turns out that the composer, Don Julian Felipe got mad whenever people committed mistakes whenever they sing the National Anthem.

Well, Geneva Cruz, Regine Velasquez, Jenny Bautista and several of you who knowingly tried to be fancy with the National Anthem, it's your turn to apologize. Under the law, you deserve some jail time.

Watch "The Jessica Soho Reports"...

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Friday, September 21, 2007

HINDI BA NAKAKAHIYA TO? (Isn't this shameful?)

A few decades ago, the Philippines was a major sugar and rice exporter to the rest of the world. Now, we have just resumed the exportation of sugar, simply because smuggled imports are coming in and we already have some surplus. Grrrr!

In regard to rice. Our country has sunk deeper into the mud as evidenced by this Reuters report;

"The Philippines, one of the largest rice importers in Asia, passed on previous tenders due to concerns about the presence of GMO rice in the U.S. supply."

The rest of the story is in this link.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Postscript: Christian Bautista's small blunder

"This topic is something that I find very irritating because some of our good for nothing/copycat artists are doing nothing but copy the "Star Spangled Banner" for the whole world to see."

Christian Bautista's apology more than made up for his blunder of forgetting a couple of lines in the Philippine National Anthem. As I commented in another blog, forgetting some lines is nothing worth more than a few laughs. His apology (its probably on You Tube) spoke of his shame for having forgotten the lyrics of the anthem of his country (that he so much loves).

As for me, what is more serious and even criminal, is in attempting to be fancy with the Philippine National Anthem despite specific provisions in the law specifying how it should be sang. The National Anthem should be fast (a brisk march). After all, it's a marching song.

This topic is something that I find very irritating because some of our good for nothing and copycat artists are doing nothing but copy the "Star Spangled Banner" for the whole world to see.

Notice the way the Americans sing the last line? They stretch it sooo beautifully,

O'er the laaaaand of the freeeeeee, ....and the hooome of the braaaave!

Now, the Pinoy copycats have the nerve to copy it right before the Americans. Notice how they sing our last line..

"Ang mamatay naaaaaaang daaaaaaa hiiiiil saaaaaa yoooooo"

There's this one who failed miserably and even added, "Mabuhay Pacquiao!!"


Advocacy: Ban the use of plastic bags

The Los Banos community headed by UPLB has decided to campaign for the end of the use of plastic bags in their municipality. There is now a campaign, supported by the town mayor, to boycott department stores who refuse to stop using plastic bags.

These came after the students, in a clean up drive, realized that waterways (sewage, rivers, canals) are heavily clogged because of non biodegradable plastic bags.

Of course, should the campaign be successful, the cost of packaging can be expected to initially increase. Afterall, plastic is cheaper than paper.

Anyway, the overall costs brought about by the use of plastic bags far outweigh the cost of using paper and other biodegradable bags.

Kudos to the UPLB science community.

Whoever wrote this article has never been to Manila

Only 38 hours per year? And they call it newsworthy over there?



The linked CNN article reminds me of my days in another company. In that place, cunning and incompetent fools abound and flourish by being leeches, back stabbers, credit grabbers and everything else that one can think of. It was a long stressful flight and looking back, it was good that I resigned. It’s been several years now and I have made a lot more than what the company could have given me, had I stayed. I've also never been as close to being stressed.

I could have strangled my fag of a boss had I not left. With the intrigues and false stories that he fed the company owners, we all could have gotten fired and disgraced without any prior notice (actually, it happened to some employees). Ahh, those company owners, I have a suspicion that they were not being taken for a ride. They were probably playing with the theory of divide and conquer. Those stupid fools. If there's one thing that give me satisfaction, it is the knowledge that they may have attained financial wealth, but they miserably lack in class. For those of us who know them, they will forever be shunned as "Social Climbers!". Ahh, that's something that their parents and school failed to teach them.

Last I heard, my back stabbing boss miserably failed. was bound to happen.

First, he “Lost” a lot of company money to scammers (more than once). Hmmnn..

Secondly, a lot of his projects cost a lot of money and failed. When I left the company, I found out from industry sources that there is talk that he deliberately lost on some of his bids, in collusion with his competitors. Of course, word also went around that he was handsomely rewarded (by the competition) for it. Hmnn..

There’s also this talk that he was sleeping with some of the company drivers. In fact, some of them live in his company supplied residence. The drivers also gossiped (i was told) how he knelt down in front of them, in some occassions.. Ewww!

But what really made his bosses take him out of the privileged people’s list was totally something else...

What goes around..

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Mike Arroyo being the mystery man in the NBN deal

“An accused's flight is 'universally conceded' to be admissible as evidence of consciousness of guilt and thus of guilt itself.” State v. Jones, 292 N.C. 513, 525, 234 S.E.2d 555, 562 (1977) (citation omitted).

The rule in North Carolina is that flight of an accused may be admitted as some evidence of guilt. However, such evidence does not create a presumption of guilt, but may be considered with other facts and circumstances in determining whether all the circumstances amount to an admission of guilt or reflect a consciousness of guilt.

Proof of flight, standing alone, is not sufficient to amount to an admission of guilt. An accused may explain admitted evidence of flight by showing other reasons for his departure or that there, in fact, had been no departure."

We now know that the Philippines’ First Gentleman- Mike Arroyo left for Hongkong on the eve of the Senate testimony of Joey De Venecia. As widely speculated, De Venecia implicated the First gentleman in the $300 Million corruption scandal. Opposition Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. was quoted as saying, "Flight is a proof of guilt", referring to Arroyo's departure.

Moments after the explosive testimony, San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito was quoted saying that the President and her husband is being hit by Karma for supposedly having influenced the court, a few days ago, to convict his dad, ex-President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, for plunder.

As quoted above, “Flight alone is not an admission of guilt”. However, in this country rocked by successive scandals, the President and the First Gentleman is duty bound to address this issue head-on.

"Torna a Surriento..." Please come back immediately and face your accusers, Ahora!

As for JV Ejercito's staments, I beg to disagree. His dad was convicted by the court for having failed to demolish the testimonies of people like Clarissa Ocampo, among other things. On the other hand, Mike Arroyo, is yet to be convicted.

JV Ejercito's father, at this point, is a convicted criminal who’s yet to appeal the court decision. And besides, Mike Arroyo’s conviction, if ever it will happen, does not mean that his dad is innocent.

In the same manner that succeeding presidents in South Korea were convicted for corruption related offenses, and in the same manner that Jimmy Swaggart got caught after condemning his enemies Marvin Gorman and James Bakker for the same offense- immoral conduct, Mike Arroyo’s conviction does not, an innocent man his father make.

Justice for all.

To the gallows for them, criminals, all!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Note: Surfed the net for jeepneys and found this. $%#&#&. (DO NOT OPEN IF YOU'RE BELOW 18 OR IN PUBLIC).

Now, for the article.

Despite its colorful origin, from military jeeps to civilian transport, the jeepney is a big villain of this land. Its drivers are by large undisciplined and its organizations exist mainly to threaten the public with strikes and/or demand for concessions from the government. They've been in existence for a long time and yet, they have not taught their members how to drive and care for their vehicles responsively.

At this point, there are 500,000 registered and the same number of illegal Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ's) running amuck, terrorizing the streets and polluting the air with its dirty emissions, waste water and noise. That's a million rampaging vehicles.

These diesel powered vehicles that runs on old discarded engines are poorly maintained and whenever its engine oils are changed, the waste water are dumped directly on the ground and the city sewers. Yep, the non biodegradable engine oil heavily mixed with heavy metals from old engines contaminates our ground water.

Therefore, the idea of a jeepney that runs on batteries is a very noble idea that needs the public’s support. Not only does it eliminate dangerous emissions, it also takes out noise pollution, our economy’s dependence on fossil fuels, high cost of vehicle operation and many other negative contributors to the country’s problems.

A couple of months ago, the people of Makati were treated to a parade of jeepneys running quietly and without any vibration. These Hybrid vehicles that are being tested for operation in Makati and Bacolod runs at the cost of PhP150 per day, a huge savings for the drivers.

However, some of the problems that can probably hamper its success and acceptability to the present 1 million jeepney drivers in the country include:

  1. RECHARGE/REFUELING TIME: 10 hours is quite long. A lot of Public Utility Vehicles (PUV’s) are now being operated for 24 hours/day and a downtime of 10 hours will probably be not acceptable. This leads to another problem which is..
  2. DISTANCE: the vehicle can run only for 100 kilometers then it requires a recharge.
  3. DURABILITY: The country’s roads are counted among the world’s worst. Let’s hope that the batteries will be durable enough to withstand the bumps and potholes.
Nonetheless, this project needs a lot of support, for the country’s sake. More funds for research should be allocated by the government and the public sector should aggressively pursue the commercial benefits aspect of this undertaking.

This is a big chance to rid the country of the dirty jeepneys, let's take it.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rape of Sorority Neophytes

I have been seeing this video for the past few days but since my laptop has lousy speakers, I never had the chance to play and listen to what Senator Mirriam Defensor-Santiago was saying. Now, it's quite clear to me. The senator is claiming that sorority neophytes in UP Los Banos are getting drugged and rape during initiations.

With so much attention being given on the Mendez alleged hazing death, I hope that the media will also investigate this cases.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is where the full text of the two Erap (Estrada) cases can be found:

1) Full text of Sandiganbayan decision on Estrada plunder case
Criminal Case No. 26558
> Concurring Opinion

2) Full text of Sandiganbayan decision on Estrada perjury case
Criminal Case No. 26905

Also available at the following Mirror Sites:

Por favor: Please read it and tell us what your opinion is.


Dear Abe,

You have just announced that you are resigning.

Well, it was only a matter of time after your political party’s electoral defeat. There’s turmoil in your house (party), you lost the majority in the upper house, four of your party mates went down due to scandals and now, your popularity is down to 30%. Last year, I never thought that this would happen to you. But good riddance, it did.

As a non Japanese, I SHOULD NOT REALLY CARE but I DO.

Our problems are bigger and your affairs are supposed to be separate from ours. However, SUCH WAS NOT THE CASE and much of it is BECAUSE OF YOU. You are the willing leader and poster boy of historical revision. HOW DARE YOU OFFICIALLY DENY THAT OUR COMFORT WOMEN EXISTED? After the sufferings brought upon the innocents by your soldiers, you dare proclaim that there is no evidence that your soldiers systematically enslaved and raped women in your “Comfort HousesIt’s a good thing that you went down.

Is this your first time to see this types of photos, Abe? Your guy beheaded a Pinoy boy. he could have become a great President of this country, who knows?

Perhaps, now that you are leaving, the healing can begin anew. After you disrupted it with your !@#$% declaration. I hope, your children's textbooks will start talking about your real role in the war. I also hope that your successor will have a better stance regarding this issue.

Real reconciliation starts with an acceptance and a humble request for pardon. It is followed by forgiveness and reconciliation. After that, all parties can start to move forward. Your predecessors did just that, but you reversed it Good riddance you’re out.


Monday, September 10, 2007


The news that a woman wearing a micro mini was asked to disembark a plane for being too provocative reminded me of a Sunday service that I attended two weeks ago. I was on my knees with eyes closed. When I came to my senses, there is this long butt crack in my face. The young chick seated in front of me was wearing low cut denims and it revealed a couple of inches (or more) of her butt.

It being a church, I was tempted to ask, "Lord, is this a blessing or a temptation?" Hehehe!

A few years ago, a bishop once asked those getting married not to make a fashion trend out of wedding dresses that are too revealing. He had to remind people that priests are humans too. In such instances, instead of saying "Body of Christ", they are tempted to utter,

"Christ, What a body!!!!"

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Provincial Kids Outclass NCR Grade Schoolers in Academics

Despite the higher incidence of poverty in the province, kids from the rural areas were able to dominate the top 20 slots in the National Achievement Test for public grade school students. This year’s result showed that only one kid from the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) made it in the topnotchers list (No 2). The average scores also showed that that the provincial lasses outclassed the city boys. I don’t really know the situation in Manila’s grade schools but if it is similar to the situation in its high schools, the outcome was not surprising at all.

I have seen a couple of Manila high schools and the situation is very dire. It is not unusual to see 50 students in every classroom. And it is also not unusual to hear stories about higher student to teacher ratios. I was also told that drug dealers have also penetrated the schools. As kids in the province, our classrooms were never jam-packed and we had whole day classes (7am ~ 4pm), from grade 1 to high school. In Manila, the high schools that I saw were mostly crowded and the student population is divided into morning, afternoon and evening classes. For that to have been made possible, some subjects were probably scrapped or sessions were shortened. That was probably a major reason.

Despite the perceived better access to books, funds, technology and other advantages, the Manila kids fell very short.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Despite my spartan origins (and I haven't really changed), I quietly count myself as an avid admirer of Luciano Pavarotti. I say this because, I know that those who understand and are in awe of his music mostly comes from the "Cultured few".

His rendition of "Torna Sorrento" is my all time favorite. But to most people, he is best known for "Nessun Dorma" - A very powerful song whose direct translation of the Italian title is said to be a command--- "NOBODY SLEEPS!"

I admired his voice that became so powerful at an early age. I read somewhere that as a kid, he lived in a tenement style medium rise apartment and always sang "La Donna Mobile" at the top of his lungs. The result would be all the residents in all the buildings shouting for him to keep quiet. As a fan, I became disgusted as his drinking (and perhaps smoking) interfered with his singing. In a concert (in Italy, I think), fans rained the stage with water bottles when his voiced twice faltered. In a Manila concert, he was observed to have sung a couple of notes lower than his best. To cap it all, he was photographed by the paparazzi in compromising situations with his secretary. As a result, his wife divorced him and he married his young lady.

After that, I saw several other concert videos that showed him in back in great form. I was once again, very happy for the maestro. Now, he is gone and his name will forever be kept in the annals of the entertainment industry, as a legend, together with the other greats like Mario Lanza.

For Luciano Pavarotti-- VIA CON DIOS!

Here it is, from You Tube-- NESSUN DORMA!

I remember recognizing portions of that song being used in a lot of movies, the most vivid of which is the closing scene of Tom Clancy's "Sum of all Fears". In the movie, a CIA assassin slit the throat of an arms dealer who hoodwinked a Bedouin tribesman into handing over an Israeli War era atomic bomb for $500. The bomb was later sold to terrorists who detonated it in the Super Bowl, with the US President in attendance.

In the closing scene, the arms smuggler was in his living room and relaxing to a symphony playing Nessun Dorma while the CIA operative quietly approached. As the song closed, the assassin slipped a K-Bar around his throat and sliced horizontally.

What a way to end a movie.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


In regard to the previous article, I have noticed a growing trend of witnesses being interviewed on national television. In some instances, their figurers are darkened, faces are blurred, shown from behind and/or their voices are distorted. However, since most of crime witnesses are known to the suspects or the people around the crime scene, it is not really difficult for the people involved to get an idea who the witnesses are.

In several past instances, supposedly anonymous witnesses have been exposed because of the sloppy media. For instance, a police general who spoke against the then PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson was exposed, a few minutes after being interviewed. It didn’t take long to figure out who the shadow (being interviewed) belongs to. Several rogue soldiers who anonymously read statements against the government were identified in the same manner. In regard to the witness in the hazing incident, I hope that nothing bad will happen to his family. This matter is of outmost concern since there is virtually nothing that can protect him, at this point. The witness is a poor and powerless citizen and the family members of the victim that he is helping are themselves poor and lives in a far province.

I’m telling you, I really won’t be surprised if he fails to identify those who brought the victim to the hospital or suddenly change his story. I won’t even be surprised if he ends up missing.

For the undue exposure of the witnesses, the blame exclusively belongs to the TV networks. In pursuit of that elusive scoop, they disregard the safety of their sources. I even suspect that the news people don’t really care what happens to the witnesses. All they are after is something that they can use to fill their airtime.
In fact should something happen to the witnesses, there will now be new material to show on air. The show continues.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Watching tonight's news, I can't believe that TV networks would actually televise the face and broadcast the full name of the security guard-- the one who can identify the prime suspects in the violent death of an alleged hazing victim.

I won't be surprised if the guard will change his story or "Fail" to identify the suspects in the crime. The networks should review their policy, in this regard.. Will sleep now and elaborate on this manana...

OK, no need to click on the "Read More" link for now. This post ends here.


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