Friday, September 28, 2007

Japan's expertise in waste management

Japan is offering to help the Philippines manage its garbage through recycling technologies, among other things. This project will be facilitated through an agency called JICA. Japan's expertise in waste recycling is beyond question.

I remember reading about 15 years ago, that the Japanese have become so efficient in recycling that they were slowly becoming a victim of their own success. For instance, warehouses became over stacked with toilet paper made from recycled newspapers and discarded office documents. At that time, the Japanese were a a loss on what to do with all the recycled products.

Knowing how good they are, I am sure that they are way past that problem by now. I wouldn't even be surprised if all the paper products coming from Japan are now 100% made out of recycled products. If only the Philippines will attain 50% of Japan's success in recycling, people will undoubtedly be very happy.

However, since the Japanese are helping the country in waste management, it will probably be good if they will move a bit further and totally stop their dumping of hazardous waste to the Philippines. Within the past several years, the Philippine Customs officials have intercepted several container loads of hospital refuse and other toxic wastes sent from Japan.

Just a suggestion...

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Sidney said...

If there are no kickbacks involved then it is fine!

It is a shame that some countries export their toxic waste to other countries. It happens a lot in Africa. We all live on earth, don't we. Why spoil our "backyard".

Francesca said...

If lahat linis ng kanyang bakod, ok sana. di na babayad pa ng truck ng basura.

Sa Monaco, ang liit na bansa, sikip pa, kasing laki lang ng pateros, pero may agency sila to get rid of the rubbish every night and soap wash the street every 5am.
Kasi hindi lang sila desente mamuhay, kundi, may pera talaga sila to pay the costs...

jc smith said...

Never been to Monaco but I've always wanted to go there, have coffee and watch the F1. Haay!


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