Thursday, September 27, 2007


"LOS ANGELES -- Nothing wrong if you had to walk a mile for a Camel, explained an old lung cancer commercial.

But what’s wrong with voting and betting for a countryman in a forthcoming monumental boxing contest?

Out here Wednesday, and maybe in the weeks before, you could walk five or 10 miles and still find not a single Mexicano ready and willing to put his tequila and beer allowance on Marco Antonio Barrera.

Sorry to report this, but siding with Barrera in his forthcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao has also started to be treated here as a non-adventure, a blind gamble, if not outright financial suicide."

The same sportswriter also added that Barrera has two real chances against Pacquiao, "Slim and none" If that is true, this bout will lot be exciting to watch. But being a Pinoy, I hope Pacquiao wins this bout via a convincing knockout. I don't want it done in Round 1. Outclass him for three round then take him down on the fourth.

I also hope that the PAC's lavish lifestyle hasn't caught up with him The way he's been behaving lately, I can see the swagger of an arrogant man and that's far from the ways of a true warrior-- Live like a Spartan. Anyway, my hopes will be for the PAC.

Vamos a ver, Barrera!

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Sidney said...

Money spoils everything ! :-(


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