Monday, September 24, 2007


The Fortune Cookie wrote and mentioned that he’s been wanting to blog his views about the Philippines but there's this newly acquired US citizenship that makes him feel having lost the right to do so. I was tempted to immediately write back that his new citizenship should not hinder him from trashing what's wrong in this country. However, a few things made me rethink what I wanted to say.

Let me start by thanking him for being so considerate. The note speaks well of him and shows possession of something that a lot of people don't -- Class. Now, here is my take regarding the matter.

Is it legal for him to do so? Foreigners may be welcome in this land but are they allowed to participate in our political exercises? Pacquiao’s promoter is a Harvard educated lawyer and he did not endorse the Pacman’s candidacy because of restrictions that, being a lawyer, he knows so well. And even if Philippine laws allow such kind of participation, the US government may have something to say, on the contrary.

Besides, don’t we all get irritated/insulted when friends and/or relatives (who are in town for a visit) criticize our country as if there’s nothing good about it? I swear.. I wanted to throw some of them out of my car, a few times.

Therefore, this is my position, en este momento.

Holders of dual citizenships may criticize and say anything they want. After all, they are still half Filipinos. Foreigners may also say their piece. Their experiences with us will help us improve ourselves.

But may I gently and very humbly ask those who already gave up on their citizenship, those who have turned their backs, to please refrain from criticizing anything Filipino. A lot of us who are still here feel insulted when you talk trash about the traffic, our roads, the weather and anything else. You may have forgotten that we are a good race but we don't take intrusion too kindly.

We treat visitors very well, our excellent interpersonal relationship skills made us a sought after source of medical professionals, domestic helpers, etc. but never forget that you have ceased to become one of us. Besides, you have left us already. Others may even refer to your move as abandonment but I will not go that far.

Let me just ask you very gently, to please back off.

As liberal economists would have it, Laissez nous faire.” (leave us alone)

If I may borrow the words of a resurrected Jesus Christ and a novelist Jose Rizal, they said, “Noli me tangere” (Don’t touch me)

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Francesca said...

ganun na ba sila basta naka dual cit? mama mia?

My realistic view:

marami ako ireklamo sa bansa natin, pero,whats the point, I cant change the culture and life in Phils anyway.di ba?its not in my hands, so i better be quiet, hehe

But in this world, we can complain here and there, but things do not change anyway...

I like your french language speaking.At least you try.
Barok din ako minsan sa pag "français".
hirap, buti pa ata mag chinese na lang, lol

Mas grammaristic and polite kung ganito:
laissez nous tranquil...
(leave us in peace)
or degage!(yan, rough meaning ng leave us alone haha)

And i agree with you, leave us alone if one dont suggest better. Di ba?
ty sa visit in my blog.

Francesca said...

Pwede dagdag comment?
I read the comment of fortune cookie, lol

and i "could see", she was really "sad" that she cannot comment anymore...
Due to newly acquired US citizenship...haha!

Poor thing.

jc said...

A comment from a blog superstar like you humbles me. An old blog survey puts you among the most read Filipino bloggers. I like the way you write. It's so spontaneous and from the heart. As for my French, I studied a bit in Switzerland but it was an English speaking class. Foreign lectures and comments were translated to English-- demmit! Never learned much Francais. The phrase "Laissez nous faire" did not come from me. It's the origin of the economic doctrine "Laisez Faire", meaning "walang pakialaman"-- That's probably the reason why it doesn't have a polite undertone. It's probably meant to be harsh-- bastos kumbaga. Speaking of which, I just remembered "Boy Bastos"- I haven't been to his site and it was closed already. That guy is not even famous until Loren took him down-- sus! Actually, sayang-- di ko pa nakikita yung mga hubad na larawan--- hek hek hek!

Dalaw ka lagi!

The Fortune Cookie said...

JC, thanks for the nice words regarding the comments I left on airing my views with regards to the Philippines. It's nice to know that there are still people out there that knows the difference between wanting and needing.

Francesca, I have to say that I am not a "she". I would like to clarify something though. I want to air my grievances regarding the Philippines since like it or not, it's still my home. I still have family over there. In fact, Im the only one out here and my being here in the US was not handed on a silver platter. I worked hard for this. Deciding on getting the citizenship was not made on a whim. It was carefully thought about. My decision to not comment anymore (publicly anyway) was because I would come out as "pakialamero" when all who knew me also knows about my citizenship. And I said not publicly anyway because I still air out some grievances every now and then to people close to me. Maybe it will provide some betterment in their lives in the future, maybe not. But who knows? I may decide to go back and retake my citizenship and retire in the Philippines.

But my mother always reminded me that if you don't have anything good to say about anything, it's best not to say it eloquently.

Francesca said...

Well, sometimes, with bloggers who can spot "things", the motivation of the mind is evident if it is to povoke or just for the sake of commenting on a topic.

Maybe I just made a fool of myself.
Mia culpa.
I shoot myself later...wink

jc said...

Hi Francesca, No way did that make a fool out of yourself, Mon amie. -- ayos ba?


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