Friday, September 21, 2007

HINDI BA NAKAKAHIYA TO? (Isn't this shameful?)

A few decades ago, the Philippines was a major sugar and rice exporter to the rest of the world. Now, we have just resumed the exportation of sugar, simply because smuggled imports are coming in and we already have some surplus. Grrrr!

In regard to rice. Our country has sunk deeper into the mud as evidenced by this Reuters report;

"The Philippines, one of the largest rice importers in Asia, passed on previous tenders due to concerns about the presence of GMO rice in the U.S. supply."

The rest of the story is in this link.

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The Fortune Cookie said...

Nice blogs. I wanted to talk like this in my blog but then again, I just became a US citizen and I feel like I don't have that right anymore even though I'm as frustrated as you. Keep the voice going. :)

siu said...

very sad indeed. now our major goods are now replaced with Filipino labor as our no. 1 export to the world.
thanks for dropping by.

jc said...

Fortune Cookie: That was a comment that stuck to my mind. I will write about it this weekend. Thanks.

Siu: Nice blog. Nothing wrong with labor export but I get your point.. It's shameful how we neglected our traditional exports and now have to regularly spend a lot of money just to be able to acquire it. Thanks.

Francesca said...

fortune cookie,
As a newly US citizen, what can you say whats going to Iraq then?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and do you, fortune cookie, wears now a spark spangled banner brief?LOL

jc smith said...

Oops.. Thanks for the comments. Fortune Cookie: Please don't take the comments negatively. The anonymous poster is kidding.


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