Thursday, September 27, 2007


I blog hop almost everyday and post mostly positive comments to some articles. Like the Fortune Cookie and Francesca, I try to avoid talking if there's nothing good to say. However, there have been instances when I posted rebuttal comments to other people's articles. In those rare times, the comments were still mostly constructive.

However, within the past few months, there have been a couple of instances when my comments were erased simply because the blog owner didn't like what I wrote. Those comments were still fair and yet, they were taken down. I realize that some people can't take opinions other than their own, most especially if it is backed by facts (cited in the comments).

The second time that my comment was erased happened a couple of days ago and given that I feel a bit strongly about the issue. I will write the author and ask for a good explanation.

Sans a reasonable reply, that blogger shall see print in this page.

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Sidney said...

Fine example of free speech ! ;-)

jc said...

Oui' Monsieur!

categorically imperative said...

'Yer not talking about Malu Fernandez, are you?

jc smith said...

Nein, not Malu.. abangan!!!!

Francesca said...

"I realize that some people can't take opinions other than their own"

I agree.

What makes blogging interesting comments that are diverse.
If everyone gets same "I agree" comments, it would be a boring blogging world.
Uy, na link kita, in case di mo alam, oks ba?
Once I post a comment: its a poison gift, careful!

nainis ata yung blogger, lol

jc said...

Uy, tenks! Link din kita.. :D

uy, galing ng comments mo, ah!


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