Sunday, August 29, 2010

Manila hostage taker's last interview

The disgruntled ex cop who held Hongkong residents hostage and killed a number of them, was interviewed moments before he shot the first victim. In fact, the first shots were even heard over the radio and the hostage taker claimed to have fired on two hostages. Here is the part

EX CAPT. ROLANDO MENDOZA: Basura to sakin, di ito ang kailangan ko. Ang kailangan ko ay desisyon nila, reversing or not reversing. Yun lang yung thank you for the effort of the mayor and the vice mayor, di ko kailangan yang sulat ng yan sir.

MICHAEL ROGAS (interviewer):: Ano po ang plano nyo ngayon, ano po ang gusto nyo?

MENDOZA: Walang nilalaman yan eh, walang ibig sabihin nun, wala walang ibig sabihin nyan sir. Ang sinasabi nya lang paiimbistiga nya, eh kung ganun din wala din mangyayari dyan, wala sir. Wala sa kin ang papel na yan kapag yung sinabi nya yan dismiss na talaga, walang mangyayari dyan sir.

MICHAEL: Kapitan, ano po ang plano nyo ngayon?

MENDOZA: Ito, sasampulan ko to sir, tabi, magsialis kayo... di ko kailangan yan sir, walang sinasabi yan ...ikaw abogado ka... walang nilalaman yan

Here's another portion of the interview, this is when he allegedly fired fired the first shots.

MENDOZA: Ayan, ayan. ’Pag umalis ’yang mobile na ’yan na kasama ang kapatid ko, babarilin ko ’yung nasa unahan.
MICHAEL: Sandali po.
MENDOZA: Babarilin ko na ’to lahat-lahat.
MICHAEL: Captain, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
(Nagpaputok ng baril, iyakan at sigawan)
MENDOZA: ’Yan ang sinasabi ko, kanina pa e.
MICHAEL: Kasamang Erwin, ’yun bang mga pulis, narinig ba nila ’yun?
ERWIN: Putang ina, itong mga operatiba rito e, kanina ko pa sinabi...
MICHAEL: Captain, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
(Walang sumasagot)
MICHAEL: Erwin, Erwin... Lapitan ano, anong ginagawa ngayon ng mga pulis?
ERWIN : Nagskrambulan na dito.
MICHAEL: Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza... Hindi na po hawak Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza ang telepono.
(Kinakausap ang mga reporter... Rod Vega at Silvestre Labay...)
MICHAEL: Kapitan, Capt. Rolando Mendoza...
MENDOZA: ’Wag n’yo ng palapitin dito… Paalisin na… Bakit n’yo hinuhuli wala naman kasalanan ’yan ako lang me kasalanan dito pagka hindi me binaril na ako dito dalawa ’pag hindi dadagdagan ko pa ito.
MICHAEL: Sandali po, sandali po, huminahon po tayo… ’Yun pong sinsabi n’yo binaril ano po ang ano nila

‘I’ll finish them off’
MENDOZA: Binaril ko ang dalawang Chinese pagka hindi nila binago ang sitwasyon pati maliit dito sa loob uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Sandali po ha, hinahon lang muna tayo Kapitan Mendoza.
MENDOZA: Uubusin ko ito ’pag ’di sila tumigil kakatakbo d’yan sa gilid... Uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Ah opo, kinakausap na po namin ang PNP para sa ganoon ay ’di na po matuloy ’yan... Ah OK, Kapitan Mendoza.
MENDOZA: Ah pakawalan nila ang kapatid ko… Bakit nila inaano, ako ang me ginagawa dito... Bakit sila ang hinuhuli samantalang ako ang gumagawa dito ng kasalanan ako ang hulihin nila.
MICHAEL: Opo... Kapitan Mendoza...
(Binaba na ang phone)
MICHAEL: Sandali po, sandali po huminahon po tayo…’Yung pong sinasabi n’yo binaril ano po ang ano nila.
MENDOZA: Binaril ko ang dalawang Chinese pagka hindi nila binago ang sitwasyon pati maliit dito sa loob uubusin ko ’to.
MICHAEL: Sandali po ha, hinahon lang muna tayo Kapitan, Captain Rolando Mendoza
MENDOZA: Uubusin ko ito ’pag ’di sila tumigil kakatakbo d’yan sa gilid... Uubusin ko ’to.

The full interview is in this link

Friday, August 27, 2010

To early for you to gang up on Robredo

Father Panlilio, Grace Padaca, Robredo... If one will be judged by the company he keeps...

Jesse Robredo is a good man. He performed very well as a mayor in Naga for so many terms. The people of Naga is one of the most critical people in the country. It is after all, a city with very good schools.  For sure, they know that Robredo has been in office for such a long time. However, the guy who does not operate a private army (at least, the people doesn't see any) has never failed to work wonders that they have not seen any viable alternative to him.

Should there be a group trying to gang up on a guy that is barely one month old in his job, it must be a group that has been operating at the DILG. These people must have felt threatened with their new boss that they are trying to get him out.
Leave Jesse Robredo alone, at least until he had time to show what he can. Do not throw roadblocks upon road blocks at him. Start caring for the country, at least for a change. 

Go Jessie Robredo! Clean up the local governments.

I like the idea of taking out the SK. That thing has done nothing but politicize and corrupt our youth.

Link: Who is Jesse Robredo?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Notes: Hostage Taking In Manila

A lot of us in the Philippines are aware of a hostage taking incident involving a dismissed police captain (Rolando Mendoza) and a bus load of tourists from Hongkong. What most of us probably missed are the following items narrated by Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno:
  1. Their negotiations with the hostage taker was very peaceful with the ex cop being very polite and cooperative. In fact, the hostage taker released hostages after Moreno asked him to (as a sign of goodwill).
  2. The cop’s brother (Gregorio Mendoza) was eventually arrested when it turned out when the cops realized that he was actually conspiring with the hostage taker and even derailed the negotiations. Moreno even narrated that Gregorio at one point, even told his brother not to give in until his pistol (which was earlier confiscated) is returned by the police.
  3. That the police decided to move Gregorio (also a cop) to the police headquarters in order to remove him from the scene because he was observed to have been doing strange things when within reach of the media. He wasn’t handcuffed nor restrained but he ran away towards the media and became hysterical. It was at this point when the hostage taker, who was monitoring the news, started shooting the hostages.
If Moreno's statements are accurate, it seems that the chief agitator is the brother.

I will post a narrative, as I recall it, tomorrow.<--This topic had me very exhausted. I will post an update, only if it is still needed.


As if it's their personal money that they spent in putting up the projects, congressmen are very insistent in spending government money in advertising their names in the government projects that were made possible through the people's money- their pork barrels.

As for me, I would only advertise my name provided that it's not the governments money spent in the advertisement and that the money to finance the project did not come from my own pork barrel . Otherwise, what is there to brag about?

Read this: Solons insist on putting pictures and names on gov’t projects, Says it is for ‘transparency’

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Justice for Ninoy, Justice for everyone!

How about giving President Noy Aquino or “P-Noy” an elegant briefcases to carry around. They guy has plenty of papers to read and sign everyday and there’s nothing better than a nice bag to make him look more businessman line and statesmanlike. Anyway, his family commemorated yesterday the late Ninoy’s murder that happened a couple of decades ago. In that incident, security forces that were supposed to have protected him were convicted of murder but most of them are either of of jail already or has died. When will the public learn the real story? I really don’t know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For Vengeance is ours

Lex Taliones, the law of equal reciprocity, states that punishment equivalent to the offense should be rendered. For every eye that one blinds, an equivalent eye should be taken from the offender. For recruiters who sell the poor unemployed to slavery, sex trade and other forms of abuse, equivalent harm should be rendered by the courts. 

I therefore urge that agencies that knowingly and/or repeatedly send our workers in harm’s way be charged with crimes that are classified as heinous.

As for those who actually abuse our women, let Islamic law deal with them. Gather enough evidence and send them to Saudi courts.

‘Recruiter sexually abused Filipina workers’ -

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh No!!!

While looking for suppliers of the new xerox phaser 8560, my mobile phone rang. It was my wifey and asked if I can take her out to a movie last night. I told her that it will be difficult to do it that night but we can go out later. Then came the real purpose of her call. She saw a nice and huge LCD TV that is on sale. Oh no!!! I had to pay for it…

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Competent Emergency Services

For the past few years, some of the people I know have had a travel emergency. A friend’s dad was out of town and had a heart attack. Another case was a friend who met a bad accident while in a skiing holiday. In both cases, the emergency was well handled because the patients were able to avail of competent service providers. I hope that such services become freely available everywhere. A lot of lives will be saved when that happens.


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