Friday, August 27, 2010

To early for you to gang up on Robredo

Father Panlilio, Grace Padaca, Robredo... If one will be judged by the company he keeps...

Jesse Robredo is a good man. He performed very well as a mayor in Naga for so many terms. The people of Naga is one of the most critical people in the country. It is after all, a city with very good schools.  For sure, they know that Robredo has been in office for such a long time. However, the guy who does not operate a private army (at least, the people doesn't see any) has never failed to work wonders that they have not seen any viable alternative to him.

Should there be a group trying to gang up on a guy that is barely one month old in his job, it must be a group that has been operating at the DILG. These people must have felt threatened with their new boss that they are trying to get him out.
Leave Jesse Robredo alone, at least until he had time to show what he can. Do not throw roadblocks upon road blocks at him. Start caring for the country, at least for a change. 

Go Jessie Robredo! Clean up the local governments.

I like the idea of taking out the SK. That thing has done nothing but politicize and corrupt our youth.

Link: Who is Jesse Robredo?

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