Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Notes: Hostage Taking In Manila

A lot of us in the Philippines are aware of a hostage taking incident involving a dismissed police captain (Rolando Mendoza) and a bus load of tourists from Hongkong. What most of us probably missed are the following items narrated by Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno:
  1. Their negotiations with the hostage taker was very peaceful with the ex cop being very polite and cooperative. In fact, the hostage taker released hostages after Moreno asked him to (as a sign of goodwill).
  2. The cop’s brother (Gregorio Mendoza) was eventually arrested when it turned out when the cops realized that he was actually conspiring with the hostage taker and even derailed the negotiations. Moreno even narrated that Gregorio at one point, even told his brother not to give in until his pistol (which was earlier confiscated) is returned by the police.
  3. That the police decided to move Gregorio (also a cop) to the police headquarters in order to remove him from the scene because he was observed to have been doing strange things when within reach of the media. He wasn’t handcuffed nor restrained but he ran away towards the media and became hysterical. It was at this point when the hostage taker, who was monitoring the news, started shooting the hostages.
If Moreno's statements are accurate, it seems that the chief agitator is the brother.

I will post a narrative, as I recall it, tomorrow.<--This topic had me very exhausted. I will post an update, only if it is still needed.

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