Monday, September 21, 2009

1988 Olympics

One of the first Korean brands to seriously infiltrate the western economy is Samsung. I remember the 1988 Seoul Olympics where Korean made television screens covered the events. Everywhere else, Samsung advertisements showcased Korean technology. I remember taekwondo competitions and demos being parts of the brands advertisements. I must admit that the televisions were good. It was priced lower than Japanese and US brands but the quality was close, very close.

Government Excesses

In this period of economic uncertainty, the government’s policy is to increase its spending in order to give life to the construction and related industries, provide jobs and many others. One thing that should also be emphasized is a burn fat policy. Different governments all over the world are known for being wasteful and during times when cash is scarce, trimming down those excesses is a very intelligent decision.

Laptops and pocketsized gadgets

Just this afternoon, I went out looking for new gadgets and found new netbooks that are on sale. Scanning the new gadgets in the store, I realized that the smaller (pocket sized) computers are mostly equipped with Atom processors while the normal sized ones operate on core duo processors. The main differences between the different models are in the RAM size and hard drive capacity. Other than that, there’s not much difference worth talking about.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Web Directories for the Philippines

In this country, the number of people with web access is steadily increasing. I would say that thanks to the numerous internet cafes that set up even in the most depressed areas, more people than the ones surveyed are actually online. Because of that, web directories catering to the Philippines should be set up. More and more people now turn to the internet for everything that they need and having a reliable directory is one good way to separate the junk sites from the good ones.

A look into our BPO Industry

The Philippines is now known as a major outsourcing destination and a lot of industry insiders argue that the country now ranks second to India for this distinction. Looking into the industry, I noticed that probably 90% of the monetary contributions of the industry to the local economy came from the call center sector. I noticed that software development, animation, film editing and other tasks that has the potential to generate more income per individual is not that dominant at this point. Perhaps, the country should invest in the development of those higher valued disciplines so that more money will come into the country. In addition, those who are not that good in verbal (English) communications may also benefit from the outsourcing boom that the country is experiencing.


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