Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sotto, A Victim? ...Puhlease!

The senator must be in his element when he said it.

That is, he was being a comedian!

First, he belittles blogs and denies copying from it.
"As headlined by the Inquirer:It’s just a blog and has no copyright, says Sotto"
“Why would I quote from a blogger? She is just a blogger,” Sotto said.
 And now that the internet world has rained him with cyber punches, he claims to be a victim of cyber bullying.

Please, Mr. Senator.. We are "Just bloggers". We don't have armed security 24/7. We don't have millions of dollars in government funds to back us up. As you said, we are "Just bloggers".

You know, Senator Sotto, you also said;
“Kilala ninyo kung saan ako nanggaling kung ano ang pinanggalingan ko, kung anong klaseng pagkatao ko. Itong mga naninira sa akin hindi ninyo kilala…eh bakit kayo maniniwala sa kanila,” Sotto said.
Directly  translated, he said; "You know where I come from and what kind of a person I am. These people trying to destroy my character, you don't know them. So, why will you believe them?

Well, Mr Senator Sotto, we forgive you now that you mentioned that.  We know where you come from and what you are.

Where do you come from?  TITO VIC & JOEY!
What kind of a person are you? A COMEDIAN!
And if you'll ask the person that you plagiarized, she would say that you are a "LYING THIEF"

By the way, we bloggers know how to use attribution. The borrowed lines here are all linked back to the source.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Facial Mask?

Plagiarists who refuse to acknowledge their mistake/s are like people walking around in a mud mask. One big difference though, is that mud masks are designed to cleanse the face and not to hide it. Mud packs are beautiful to most people but when worn by undeserving and crocodile faced people, can literally becomes dirty and wet soil. People of the world, please wear mud masks the way it is intended, to cleanse and purify facial skin.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Different Rules For Government Officials?

I don’t know what is happening with the sense of self of our high officials. In school, students are taught that copying the work of others is a big NO. Kids are penalized for copying the test answers of their classmates and in high school and even college; heavy penalties (expulsion even) are meted to those who copy without attribution, the work of others.

In the world of grownups, one of the country’s top businessmen had to resign his post in the board of a prestigious school after it was found out that his assistant plagiarized the work of another person. Overseas, heavy sanctions were imposed upon people who committed the same offenses.

But in our government,

  • A Supreme Court justice was found to have committed plagiarism but instead of being contrite, the group of lawyers who denounced him was made to explain why they should not be penalized by the high court. 
  • A senator was found to have plagiarized a blogger from overseas and instead of making a quick apology; he belittled the blogger and denied having committed the offense. And when it had become difficult to deny the plagiarism, he stressed that he will not apologize because it was hi staff who did it. 

Do the rules change for people in government? Do unacceptable behaviors become acceptable?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Connoisseur

I have a friend who has a fascination for probably anything connected with music. Needless to say, he has fine sets of sound systems, a kick ass speaker sitting on top of top of the line speaker stands

He spent a lot of money for all those electronic items and really takes pride in it. The problem is, he resides in Markina. His house was submerged in deep waters and he must be very sad, as I type this post. That’s life but as a friend, I will probably gift him a beautiful set of amplifiers as an advanced Christmas gift.

An Analysis of the Philippines (Part 3)

To continue this series of posts regarding the Philippine Economy, another factor that fueling the growth is the sudden expansion of the country’s Business Processing Industry. 

If the country’s internet providers will improve their services and lower the service costs being charged the consumers, Philippine talent will continue to be tapped by the rest of the world and that will mean increased employment and more disposable income. Of course, it will mean greater domestic consumption that will create additional employment for the country’s labor force.

Just like Multi-tasking

To be able to maintain my huge pool, I will need to get myself a reasonably priced and dependable robotic pool cleaner. Cleaning the pool is not my main task in this world and I need to be able to save time to be able to do other tasks like making money for my family. It’s a good thing that a lot of things are mechanized now and that enables people to accomplish more tasks in a shorter period.

An Analysis of the Philippines (Part 2)

As I posted in the first part of my analysis of the Philippines, the country is headed for greatness now, more than any other time. 

The country’s GDP is increasing at a good rate in the midst of declines of other big economies. It is also very worthwhile noting that a good percentage of the Philippine GDP is fueled by domestic spending. It means that consumption is high and it is fueling the growth of the economy.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Like Huge Discounts

A lot of discount perfume, discount cologne can be found in Quiapo or Divisora, mostly by peddlers on the streets. I don't buy those even if they have brand names showing. I'm pretty sure that the quality would be poor. Even if I bathe in cologne, the smell would disappear after a few minutes. Or the chemicals in the cologne could react to my skin and give me a rash or worse. I prefer getting the real deal than get anything that's imitation.

On the other hand, I am a fan of discounted colognes. The kind  that I always buy are branded kinds but being sold by reputable merchants at a huge discount.

An Analysis Of Philippines (Part 1)

The Philippines is bound for greatness if its leaders will continue with the good work and exercise caution in handling local and international issues. GDP is high but it remains dependent on Chinese products. The Philippines has also been a recipient of Chinese loans. In this time when the country’s economy seems to have started benefitting from sound economic policies, it is not good for it to be derailed because of careless pronouncements against China about certain territories.

Click --> Part 2 for the continuation.

Shipping Items

I found myself looking for wooden boxes and steel strapping because I wanted to send to the US some native wooden furniture and native sculptures. An American friend who visited the Philippines recently saw some really nice wooden furniture and sculptures in Laguna. He bought a lot of pieces but left them with me since he couldn't bring them with him and he didn't have the time to have them shipped door to door. The Internet helped me locate the materials I needed. Problem solved.


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