Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sotto, A Victim? ...Puhlease!

The senator must be in his element when he said it.

That is, he was being a comedian!

First, he belittles blogs and denies copying from it.
"As headlined by the Inquirer:It’s just a blog and has no copyright, says Sotto"
“Why would I quote from a blogger? She is just a blogger,” Sotto said.
 And now that the internet world has rained him with cyber punches, he claims to be a victim of cyber bullying.

Please, Mr. Senator.. We are "Just bloggers". We don't have armed security 24/7. We don't have millions of dollars in government funds to back us up. As you said, we are "Just bloggers".

You know, Senator Sotto, you also said;
“Kilala ninyo kung saan ako nanggaling kung ano ang pinanggalingan ko, kung anong klaseng pagkatao ko. Itong mga naninira sa akin hindi ninyo kilala…eh bakit kayo maniniwala sa kanila,” Sotto said.
Directly  translated, he said; "You know where I come from and what kind of a person I am. These people trying to destroy my character, you don't know them. So, why will you believe them?

Well, Mr Senator Sotto, we forgive you now that you mentioned that.  We know where you come from and what you are.

Where do you come from?  TITO VIC & JOEY!
What kind of a person are you? A COMEDIAN!
And if you'll ask the person that you plagiarized, she would say that you are a "LYING THIEF"

By the way, we bloggers know how to use attribution. The borrowed lines here are all linked back to the source.

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