Thursday, June 7, 2012

Corona's Corona: The First & Only Impeached Official of the Philippines

After so many things were said. I am relieved that Renato Corona was impeached. I do not rejoice in his misery, if ever he is. The guy is temporarily down but most certainly, he is not out.

I do not condemn the man. I condemn his skillful manipulation of the Philippines. Together with his bosses, the former president. I saw from the beginning, an attempt to install thousands of road blocks for the new president of the country so that reforms and most especially prosecution of the Gloria Arroyo cases will not prosper.

People say stop kicking the man because he is already down. I do not subscribe to that. The man is not really down. He is still very much alive and can even kick the country further down. We need to continue this struggle to cleanse this country of corruption. Corona is only one obstacle. 

There are many more.

Salus Populi est Suprema Lex

Best Summer

Last summer, I went to a very nice beach resort in Batangas that was really nice. The theme was tropical Philippines but there were some Bali inspired decorations and architecture. I stayed at a small bungalow that had it's own private pool. It also had the best outdoor gazebo I've seen, it was directly facing the ocean. There were curtains around it for a bit of privacy specially when having a full body massage. Opening the curtains would give you a fantastic view of the beach. 

 The place was pricey but it was worth it. Best summer vacation I've had in years.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's Parteeeh!

My friend is offering brand new Gemini DJ mixers for sale. For the musically inclined who experienced the greatness of the international DJ’s who came some years ago, this brand is a good deal. Gemini is a legendary product that rocked the world of clubbing and gigs and being in possession of one is like having a good Montblanc pen or a Patek timepiece.

Remembering St. Patrick

There’s a sign in an Irish Pub saying; “Everyone’s Irish on March 17th”. For those who don’t know, March 17 is a day of festivities called for St. Patty's day in honor of the national Irish patron St. Patrick. 

Such a festivity is celebrated on the same date by the Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox and the Anglican Communion. The day is celebrated with lots of music, parades but most importantly, the wearing of green clothing.

We need zoning laws

The real estate industry here in the Philippines never slowed down. I still see a lot of high rise condos being built everywhere, even in Quezon City. 

I saw a jib crane being lifted by a big crane on top of a condo that's being constructed. That made me think, maybe someday people in Metro Manila would all be living in buildings. 

There wouldn't be houses and lots available for living anymore with close to 20% of the population now occupying the capital. The way things are going, the percentage might just go up within the next few years.


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