Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’ve just realized that this blog is more than 3 years old and if I hosted this myself, I would have spent a lot of money by now. It’s a good thing that blogger is here and gave me this free space in the net for free. However, not everyone can follow my blueprint. People with websites or blogs intended for commercial use should use managed hosting services in order for them to have personal control of the site. Blogger has always been nice but it would be asking too much form them if they will host people’s site and make money from it while being a free loader to blogger’s generosity.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Oil in Pinas

In a regulatory filing, Nido Petroleum explained that based on the final results of the detailed geochemical analysis conducted earlier this year, the traces of liquid hydrocarbons detected in the cores have been derived from mature oil- and gas-prone source rocks similar to the nearby Malampaya field.

The liquid hydrocarbons were also found to be of a similar composition to those which are interpreted to have generated the hydrocarbons discovered in the shallower waters of the Northwest Palawan continental region.

More from the source..

So, it seems that we will be having more access to petroleum. I wonder, when will the country be self sufficient and avoid throwing lots of foreign currency just to buy oil from foreign suppliers. I hope that it will be very very soon.


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