Monday, June 28, 2010

May the Wind be with you, P-NOY!!!

Congratulations P-NOY!!!

I had my ideal president in mind and sad to say, I didn’t find that in any of those who filed their candidacies. However, that is not surprising for I know that I had set the bar quite high. Despite that, I chose you. I only had a few reasons for choosing you. You had good parents and being the eldest child, you were quite exposed to them. I haven’t heard you steal anything from anyone and I hope you won’t.

I also haven’t heard you killing anybody and I hope you won’t kill anyone for a bad reason. I do hope though, that the bad eggs in this society will be eliminated by our courts, swiftly.

Good Luck, President Noy!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A new laptop

As I type today’s post, I a dream of a new Asus that will serve as the replacement of this thingie that has served me well for two years. Though this device is very useful to this day, I am aware of the fact that laptops have the lifespan of only two years. I made some queries and the most common recommendation that I get is an ASUS.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Admiring Mar

No amount of phentremine will rival the slimming effects of a grueling election campaign. However, the pain of losing a close fight may be too much for a person who was leading all the surveys until crunch time. That will probably cause most people to lose more. Senator Roxas, as we all understand is hurting from the election upset. He was beaten by somebody who was not even figuring in the surveys as late as a few months ago. Despite that, I admire his indomitable spirit for until now, we still see him with his running mate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Own Financial Scams

Last night, I was talking about investment scams when I remembered a high profile scheme that shocked the banking community. It involved sexy costumes worn by very proportionate women, seduction and other things that you will naturally think of and more than a billion pesos. To think that the scam was supposedly perpetrated by only a handful of suspects and more than a decade ago, the amount was really huge.
To be continued.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yep, let's ask them to stay away

Rather than make them run in political exercises, I would rather that they just exercise their fats away, go on a diet or take the best diet pills for women. Women are too nice and and pure to be exposed and corrupted by the stinking political system that most countries seem to have. I’d rather that women lead away from the congress where nothing good seems to come out most of the time.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPDATE: Cebu Black Suede Scandal

Remember the incident at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital (2008). There's this drunk guy who picked and brought home a man for sex. He remembered insulting the Cebuano Deuce Bigalow for being "Not so big below" and fell asleep. In the Morning, he already had a canister in his rectum.
He had that "Thingie" removed in the hospital and went home. After a few days, he was surprised to see videos of the operation accented by laughing hospital employees that jampacked the operating room.
Just now, television news reports an Ombudsman report recommending 6 months of suspension for each hospital employee involved in the scandal. The victim, interviewed and shown behind dark glasses, was very discontented with the ruling.

For the original stories and photos, please click here and here.


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